Apr 08

Which Services Are Given to USHEALTH Group Members?

USHEALTH Group Inc provides a range of healthcare coverage options for individuals and families. Customers are given the option to create custom plans that fit their budget and medical needs. For more than 50 years, USHEALTH Group insurance has worked as a top-level healthcare company that provides different types of coverage plans.Find them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ushealthdirect/

Family Insurance

Coverage for you and all members of your family is provided through USHEALTH Group family insurance. As an USHEALTH member, find tips to save money on treatments and prescription drugs. Review the list of full benefits online, and determine the eligibility of you and family members.

Specified Disease Insurance

Also known as critical illness insurance, recipients are covered for specific diseases, such as cancer, stroke and HIV/AIDS. The payments are distributed in a lump sum or as monthly income.

Sickness and Accident Insurance

Cover the expenses that result from sudden illnesses or accidents. In addition to medical bills, you have the standard home and transportation costs to pay. To become eligible, complete specific diagnostic tests and show your inability to keep long-term employment.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance services are provided separately to eligible members. Choose the right plan based on the cost and duration of coverage. Also, choose from a network of local, qualified dentists and eye doctors.

Disability Insurance

Short-term accident disability income insurance from USHEALTH covers you for lost income, transportation and medical bills. Receive monthly disability benefits and a maximum period that varies from 3 to 12 months.

Find Quotes Online

A free quote tool is available to anyone who is unsure about the costs of USHEALTH insurance. Type in your zip code and choose from a list of agents in the area. Once you become a group member, review information about your personal account that includes your full benefits and current treatments.USHEALTH Group Inc has healthcare options for children, families and disabled or unemployed individuals. Apply for coverage without worrying about the open enrollment period. If you have further questions, speak to an insurance agent near you, and learn more about customizing a short-term or long-term plan.

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Apr 01

John Goullet’s participation at Diversant LLC

When trying to identify the most outstanding and visionary personalities in the IT staffing industry one must come across John Goullet. John has been establishing himself in the tech industry to the point of being viewed by many as a tech guru. His career has been long and eventful something that has led him to act as inspiration and motivation to younger inspiring tech gurus. For him to succeed, John had to begin from somewhere which was the Ursinus College where he gained his theoretical knowledge. After graduating, he decided it was time to put his skills to the test, and this is when he became an IT consultant. After some time, He decided to advance his career and joined the It staffing team something that motivated him to open his own company. His firm was majorly aimed at bringing change into the market and finding ways by which he could offer IT solutions to his clients.

Info Technologies was able to make and establish a reputation for itself considering it offered It solutions to the Fortune 500 organizations across the state. The mere fact that the Fortune 500 firms looked upon the Info Technologies acted as motivation for the business to continue offering quality services. Out of five hundred fast-growing startup companies, Info Technologies acquired the eighth position something that proved that indeed it was growing considering it had only operated for nearly five years. In 2010, John decided it was time to take his firm to the next level, and this was through merging with Diversant Inc to bring about Diversant LLC. John became the new firm’s executive principal with his primary job was to focus on the company’s growth through identifying the numerous opportunities present.

Diversant LLC offers numerous choices by which IT professionals can choose from as compared to other IT staffing companies. It ensures that professionals recruited to come work in the enterprise are well qualified and equipped to handle any problem the client might be having. With John’s expertise and experience, Diversant LLC is sure of going places and developing as the years pass. With a strong clientele base, John believes that he will be able to offer his services to appease his clients.

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Mar 24

How Customers Feel About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the largest provider in North America of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Their products and services are used by almost 3,500 law enforcement and correctional facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Their many products and services includes among other monitoring, investigative technologies, public safety, and prevention.

Securus Technologies solicits feedback from the clients they serve on how they feel about Securus Technologies and in which ways their products and services have been helpful. The comments were received from those officials who prevent crimes as well as solve them, and those in correctional facilities who are tasked with making their environment safer and more superior for both staff and prisoners.

In a comment about the release of these comments the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Richard A. Smith, said that his company releases a new product almost once a week that is designed to help enforce the law as well as prevent and solve crimes when they do occur. His company receives thousands of emails from clients every year.

One official wrote in thank the company for their tools that help him take proactive measures so that he can monitor and deter contraband entering his facility. A detective wrote in to say that he had a question about a covert alert feature on one of the products and a customer service rep was able to help him; this lead to him taking a suspect into custody.

Another detective wrote in to say that Securus Technologies LBS software is a great tool. He has used this software along with other resources in order to recover millions of dollars worth of illegal assets including cash and drugs. He went on to say that without this software solving some of the crimes would be very difficult if not impossible.


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Mar 12

Clay Siegall Leads the Fight Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. He is a scientist’s scientist having dedicated his life to finding cures for cancers. From his college studying Zoology until he earned his Ph.d. in genetics, he has been single-minded in his dedication to fighting his chosen adversary, cancer. His company Seattle Genetics has one possible pivotal drug being used in Asia today and will soon be allowed for treatment in the United States of America.

The viewer will find various stories dealing with the realm of the sciences. Siegall has made available numerous radio broadcasts from National Public Radio to allow researchers and those curious to follow some of the cutting edge discoveries taking place today in science. There is something for everyone in these NPR broadcasts from the taste of oranges after being soaked in nature’s rain to the ophthalmic problems facing astronauts in space.

Siegall is a man of this intense and dedicated makeup who is on the forefront of cancer research. While his treatments of cancer-fighting medications are difficult for normal patients to understand, the offers for help combating their illnesses are greatly appreciated. Siegall’s company, Seattle Genetics has received sufficient funding to continue with its research into the discovery about how cancers can be stopped or slowed. Seattle Genetics will be relentless as a leader in the field of cancer research under the able leadership of Clay Siegall. For more on Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics visit the website.

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Mar 11

Gold for Troy at the Planet One Professional Awards

This year’s Planet One professional awards were held a few weeks back and they drew a few winners from the business community and beyond. One of the winners of the first prize is the current CEO of the US Health Group, Troy McQuagge. Troy was awarded gold for being this year CEO of the year. He has been at the leadership of US Health group since 2013 and has made many changes in policy which have led to the current success of the company. He was thrilled to learn that he had been awarded.

He stated that receiving the award was a reflection on the overall success of the company. He was deeply honored to receive the award and stated that he would do even more to make sure that the company delivered better services to their customers. When he joined the company, one of the first things that he did was make sure that their somehow disorganized functions were composed. This is something that he achieved by creating a redistribution agency that harmonized all the actions of the group. It is the success of the move that made the management board realizes that he was the best person to lead the group as a whole.

The aim of the award is to appreciate people that are leading their businesses well and award them. There are also categories for businesses that are succeeding. The awards look out for public, private, profit and non-profit organizations and award the ones that are successfully achieving the goals and objectives that they have set out to accomplish.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy has been at the helm of the group for close to seven years now. One of the things that he has achieved is transforming the manner in which business is carried out by the company. Prior to the appointment, he had many other related experiences in the field. These are the experiences that he draws from when he is leading and making decisions for the company. He states that even though there have been rough patches here and there, he is still happy about the success of the group so far.

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Mar 10

3 Ways Eric Pulier Uses Software To Change The World

A Modern Day Renaissance Man

Eric Pulier has the talent to work with just about every category of software out there. He has done remote desktop, application programming interfaces, and other important areas of software development. This has allowed him to generate at least a few patents every year to his name. Naturally, the companies he creates are just as successful. He can easily sell a company for hundreds of millions of dollars without trying.

The First Private Social Network

One of the best examples of Eric Pulier’s innovation was the creation of Starbright World. This stands out for two reasons. First, it was the world’s first private social network. Prior to Starbright World there simply wasn’t much to talk about involving social networks. Additionally, Starbright World stands out as an example of how Eric Pulier helps people in need. Thanks to the Starbright World the children living in the Starbright Foundation’s hospitals are able to talk to others who share their interests and who understand how it feels to deal with chronic illnesses.

When His Country Needed Him

One of the most important examples of his philanthropy is the work he has done for Bill Clinton under the Clinton Global Initiative. After Clinton stepped out of office he wanted to continue his work and try to make the world a better place for everyone. This is why he wanted the help of Eric Pulier. Pulier uses his software aptitude to help improve the work that the Clinton Global Initiative receives.

About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a software developer and philanthropist known for his long and storied career. He has dabbled in just about every subject you can imagine for software and continues to find ways to create new patents and promote entirely new software ideas. His companies, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, have made him one of the wealthiest men in the tech industry. Outside of work, Pulier is the devoted father to 4 children who uses his talents to leave a better world for them than the one he inherited.

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Mar 09

How Norman Pattiz Uses Content Consumption as a Tool for Analyzing the Growth of Broadcasting Networks

Norman Pattiz was confident that his career would change after he met Kit Gray. He had left Westwood One and had relocated to Marina Del Rey at that time. He brainstormed ideas with Kit about founding a podcast network that would draw a large following. Pattiz created PodcastOne as a result of the brainstorming process. Pattiz officially launched PodcastOne as a producer and distributor of audio programming in 2012. Media personalities such as Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’Neal, and Steve Austin made the podcast network successful. Other figures, such as Dr. Drew, Heather Dubrow, and Larry King, were also hosts for shows released by PodcastOne.


As the chief executive officer of PodcastOne, Pattiz usually handles advert sales, talent acquisition, and strategic planning initiatives. He believes that implementation is the most brilliant way of bringing ideas to life. Based on the current trends, Pattiz usually pays attention to content consumption. As a broadcasting network executive, he believes that content consumption governs ways in which information reaches the public.


He urges entrepreneurs to be updated with their trades. They should know the actual happenings of the business sector they have invested in and who the real players are. Pattiz also advises entrepreneurs to be tech savvy because most trades are conducted online. He attributes PodcastOne’s success to his efforts and dedication. His advice to media executives is that they should stay engaged, excited, and busy.


Norman Pattiz’s Career Background


Norman Pattiz is a successful podcast executive who founded PodcastOne. He spent most of his professional career in the radio industry. His work involved developing programs for broadcasting corporations such as NCAA Basketball, CNN Radio, NBC Radio Networks, and March Madness. Pattiz was also the host of syndicated talk and music shows as he worked in the radio sector. Besides being the brains behind PodcastOne, Pattiz also founded Westwood One. He served as an executive for Westwood One and enabled the broadcasting corporation to lead in entertainment, sports, and news programming.


Courtside Entertainment Group also attributed its success to Norman Pattiz. The broadcasting company was launched and founded by him in 2010. Since its creation, Courtside Entertainment Group has excelled in producing and distributing quality broadcasts. One of Pattiz’s professional achievements is being elected to serve as a board member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the U.S. Pattiz is also recognized as the brains behind Arabic language TV and radio services with over 40 million listeners in the United Arab Emirates.



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Mar 09

Kim Dao’s Korean Clothing Haul

Kim Dao shows off her fabulous new finds in the video titled “Korean Clothing Haul.” Kim Dao starts off by mentioning that Korean fashion isn’t as pricey as Japanese fashion. Kim Dao even jokingly says that Sunny, her best friend, was a bad influence and that she spent a lot of money on this recent shopping trip. The first piece that Kim Dao highlights is this beautiful off the shoulder top that she is modeling in a split screen view on the video. She paired the top with a nice light peach colored skirt. Kim Dao has this top in two colors, white and light blue. This was under the advising of Sunny who told Kim that if she really likes something that she should buy it in every color. Kim Dao shares another off the shoulder top, but it’s in a much different style than the previous ones featured. The middle of this topped is cinched at the waist, and it is has a lovely pale pink color that would be perfect for the spring time. Kim Dao pairs this with a pair of denim shorts for a more casual, yet romantic look. The clothing that Kim Dao has chosen all looks amazing, and they all have an element of versatility that makes them easy to switch up for different occasions.


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Mar 08

Hussain Sajwani Is An Intelligent Business Man With Philanthropic Charities In Dubai.

Real estate Chairperson Mr. Hussain Sajwani is greatly appreciated as the owner and also the CEO of the remarkably beneficial group recognized as DAMAC Properties. Hussain‘s business enterprise is situated in Dubai which is found situated in the desert nation of the Middle East. The metropolis of Dubai is a city that is well-known as having a huge populace and is ready for gainful realty undertakings. Mr. Sajwani formed his worthwhile Realty project in the year 2002. This project, DAMAC Properties is permissible within Dubai from a declaration announced by the legislative Dubai authority which make it known that any non-native Dubai citizen may own properties within the grand city of Dubai as well as all of the United Arab Emirates.


Particularly popular for the philanthropic events which Hussain has his chief focus, Mr. Sajwani has extended the authority of his group, DAMAC Properties, for charitably supplying two million Arab Emirates Dollars, for charities that are devoted to children. His generous gifts are delivered with the intent that 50,000 poor and deprived kids regardless of where they live, would be warm and kept clothed.


One of the principal facets of the prized DAMAC Properties business enterprise would be their segment, DAMAC Maison. The segment of the company is for the most part responsible for providing a diversity of hospitality offerings. These offerings are exclusively personalized to fill the needs of the people who reside within their 8,000 units. In less then one year’s time, an extra 2,810 units are planned to be created.


Mr. Trump is excellent friends with Mr. Sajwani. This companionship was useful to found Trump branded golf courses in Dubai. This close involvement helped Hussain to allow Trump a $2 million real estate contract inside of Dubai. However, Trump having been elected the US President, was obligated to decline, because it placed Trump into legal conflict.


Sajwani had dinner with the Trumps. During this dinner Hussain mentioned the viewpoint of writing up the Dubai agreement using Trump’s wife, under the Trump company brand, which permits Trump to have trade inside Dubai, using his wife.




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Mar 04

How Cotermar has established itself to offer Offshore Services

Cotemar is a successful company that is located in Campeche, Mexico. The enterprise has majored in providing a wide array of solutions to the energy sector in the country. It has specialized in shipping specific commodities, handling oil, maritime services, as well as development and maintenance of facilities that are based in the sea. Cotermar’s services have been hired by various firms that require marine transportation and one of them is Petroleos Mexicanos.


The company’s staff comprises of professionals who are skilled in different fields. It offers a lucrative salary and has always been dedicated to ensuring that they have an excellent working environment. Cotemar has established exceptional standards and safety regulations that it uses in running its operations. They make sure that the workers are comfortable, and therefore, increases their productivity. The employees also receive top-notch treatment and privileges. They are offered a place to sleep, delicious cuisine, cleaning services, and laundry. The managers of the enterprise are friendly, and they interact well with the junior staff.


The business has made significant progress since it was founded in 1979. The primary services that it offered when it was established were catering and lodging. Cotermar was different from other enterprises that provided similar services since it was based offshore. The scope of solutions that the company currently offers to the clients has significantly grown. Its success has been supported by its excellent values, vision, and mission.


Cotermar presently owns and manages a fleet of vessels that are designed to transport both solid and liquid commodities. Some its unique boats are used in processing oil. The ships of the company primarily offer access to energy facilities that have been established in the sea. The firm first purchased its fleet of ships in 1981. At that time, it had specialized in transporting people offshore and offering accommodation. It grew gradually, and by 1985, it owned a floating hotel that had all the facilities that a person would need when they away from land. The firm started acquiring it customized boats in the 1990s, and it currently has a fleet of 40 vessels. It also has more than 8000 workers.


The firm caters for food and accommodation needs of the people who are on its vessels. It has several small cabins that can house 2-4 individuals. Cotermar also offers recreational amenities that assist its employees in relaxing after work. These facilities include common areas, movie theaters, basketball courts, and TV rooms. The food courts on Cotermar’s boats can feed more than 4000 people.

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