Sep 30

Lip Balm Is Not Just For Health

While a lot of people like to say that they do everything for their health, the truth is that a lot of what people do is for the appearance anyway. It is very rare to find someone that does not want to look good. One of the motivations that people have for taking care of themselves is that they get compliments from others. Therefore, they take the time to get themselves as well put together as they can. This includes taking care of their lips. For people with chapped lips, there is lip balm. Lip balm makes it possible for people have moist and healthy lips.
One of the top choices in the lip balm market is Evolution of Smooth. EOS lip balm makes sure that the lip condition is well treated. This makes it better for the person who is struggling with chapped lips. For one thing, there are a few ingredients in EOS lip balm that is not found in other brands of lip balm. Another important thing to know about lip balm is that a lot of other products not only lack some of the needed ingredients in order for it to be effective, but also try to make up for with ingredients that are artificial. As a result, more harm than good is done with the other lip balm products.

Evolution of Smooth lip balm provides people with naturally rejuvenating ingredients that will help people either maintain the health of their lips or restore their lips to an earlier healthier state. Therefore, people who use this lip balm will have smooth and healthy looking lips. There will be no peeling, no red spots, no soreness or any other problems that come with chapped lips. Evolution of Smooth products could be ordered online via or ebay . There are a wide variety of lip balm to choose from with Evolution of Smooth.


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Sep 09

Online Reputation Management: Where It Starts

For those that are wondering where reputation management starts, it does not start where one would think. It doesn’t start at social media, or the search engines. Where online Reputation Defender starts is with the individual. The individual is the one who has the greatest influence on his own reputation. Therefore, it is important for him to think about his behavior before he gets started with his business. A well thought out attempt at building a successful enterprise is going to go a lot further than a business started by someone who has jumped in head first without much thought.

There are a lot of things that the individual business owner is going to have to think about. Among these things are social media profile, platforms for releasing content, whether or not to do press releases and plenty of other aspects of online reputation management. An individual that thinks things through will be more likely to think about ways that he could provide online reputation management for himself so that he could protect his own reputation.

Someone who has thought through his business plan will have a plan that includes every tool for marketing. He will use his social media profile for marketing. He will also encourage good reviews and not just let things fall where they may. In many cases, people are more likely to complain than give thanks for the services they have received. Therefore, it is better for business owners to get some good reviews in before any negative reviews come in.

With online reputation management, it is better to do everything possible to maintain a good image than to let it get destroyed.


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Sep 02

How InnovaCare Health Can Assist Medicare Patients

Those looking for managed care for Medicare benefits can now utilize the services of InnovaCare Health to help them find the right plan. Medicare policies can be confusing, but with the help of a managed care company like InnovaCare, the guesswork can be taken out of the entire process. Those who are retiring or are already retired know that it can be daunting to think about the most important expense they will have going forward. That expense is healthcare.

The healthcare industry follows what they know as healthcare models. These models are applicable to healthcare for any age group, but most importantly senior citizens and those that are of retired age. The President and CEO, Dr. Rick Shinto, brings more than 20 years experience to the healthcare arena, both on the clinical and operational fronts. With his vast experience, Dr. Shinto is passionate about continuing to look for ways to make InnovaCare Health an innovative partner in managed care for Medicare Advantage Plans.

Read more: SieMMMpre Saludable

Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer, and worked for some of the same companies that Dr. Shinto was a part of previously. Having experience as both a CAO and a COO, Penelope’s experience is broad enough to bring positive change in the healthcare industry. Medical expenses are so much more than what an individual sees when it comes to using their Medicare Advantage Plans. These leaders recognize that there is a need for change as well as true guidance and counseling for those who are in need of these long-term plans. With so many changes in the healthcare industry, Medicare is often overwhelming for those who have had a plan for several years.

Medicare Advantage Plans do offer some additional benefits outside of the traditional Part A and B policies. These plans must offer the same benefits as Part A and B, but they also offer additional benefits. These Health Maintenance Organizations often limit the benefits one can receive at a specific office, even if the patient is able to choose the doctor they want. If you have Medicare A and B, you can choose from these plans as long as you don’t have end-stage-renal disease.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health:

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Aug 25

A FreedomPop Review For The Masses

People might not have ever heard of the company before, but they will learn that it is the only really affordable option they have for a cell phone. Cell phones come with plans that can be really expensive, but FreedomPop is cutting into that issue with better funding. FreedomPop recognizes that people need to get better service where they are, and they are trying to bring that service to everyone.

They started out with free plans that people could pay for more if they needed to, but now the FreedomPop review writers are saying that FreedomPop is offering the unlimited plan for all calling, texting and data for $20 a month. The plans are going to turn out to be very helpful for people who want a basic plan that will help them use their phones when they need to. FreedomPop wants to stop people from checking data, but they also want to be sure that they are going to have a plan that people would actually want to use. That is why the price is so low, and it is why the plan has been created for all FreedomPop networks. Read more:

The company is also trying to raise as much money as they can to be sure they can keep expanding the plan. They are using their funding to make their plans cheaper, and they might be able to give people more services for less money if they are allowed to keep raising money. The company has been through several rounds of funding, but they are not finished yet.

Everyone who wants a more affordable and more exciting plan for their cell phones will get what they need when they are shopping with FreedomPop. They will spend less and get more. FreedomPop still has its free plans and wifi plans, but they are making sure they appeal to the unlimited market at the same time.

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Aug 19

Superior Banking Services For Busy Professionals

College is hard enough for many students and their parents without the worry of how you’re going to pay for school. However, NexBank offers over 529+ college saving opportunities through acquiring College Savings Bank. Now more than ever before NexBank members have superior college’s saving features. NexBank says that College savings will continue under their current name and brand. You don’t have to worry about having a reliable interest bearing account for college. Your future is stabilized and you can rest easy knowing your college fund is in a secure account with NexBank. You get the account that offers a high quality of excellency.

NexBank Acquires College Savings Bank
NexBank is a reliable banking institution that listens to their customers and offers features that work best for them. NexBank works hard to cater to to busy professionals, students, parents, and small business owners. They want you to know that your money is FDIC insured. You get 24 hour customer service 7 days a week. If you open up an account today you have access to your account right away. NexBank offers mortgage accounts that will give you low interest rates and monthly payments. You can live in your dream home knowing NexBank is there to back you. You won’t be disappointed with their services because you can read their online disclosure for each service. NexBank is committed to a high level of excellency extended throughout all their institutions and online banking services. Your friends and family can join from your referral and you can get additional options. You can pay your bills easily online or have your bills automatically debited from your account from your current balance.

NexBank Features

– Direct deposit
– Online bill pay
– IRA account
– Mortgage account
and much more…

Your invited to join NexBank today by visiting their website for more information or details.

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Aug 17

A Customized Weight Loss Program with Nutrimost

Nutrimost has become popular in the weight loss market and is often called the Ultimate Fat Loss System. Currently, though Nutrimost has lodged a suit against a competitor called Healthy Living for stealing their marketing video. Nutrimost has a video that showcases the success of the weight loss program, including client testimonials. The video advertises how the Nutrimost Resonance Frequency technology helps people lose between 20 and 45 pounds in 40 days. Healthy Living posted the same promotional video on their website and only inserted the words “Can’t lose diet” where Nutrimost is referenced. According to the suit, Healthy Living even used some of the testimonials from Nutrimost’s customers.

Losing Weight and feeling great with NutriMost

Tailor Made Programs

Weight loss programs are notorious for being unreliable if not picked appropriately. People have different weight loss goals; and therefore, programs should cater to individual needs. Nutrimost has been successful because it is tailor-made for individual requirements. Not only is the program safe and easy but the technology allows measurements of the body’s needs to create a program that works. Nutrimost resonance frequency technology allows communication of body health issues and requirements through galvanic skin response. The physiochemical responses received during this communications are used to customize a weight loss program.

Being overweight comes with its set of health problems, mostly caused by the accumulation of visceral fat in the body. One mistake that people make is to treat this diseases rather than its root, which is what Nutrimost does.

It Works

There have been positive reports about the effectiveness of Nutrimost with some being from medical professionals. One case is Dr Rob Vasquez from Nutrimost San Antonio who dealt with weight loss issues for years. He started using Nutrimost and within 40 days, had lost 35 pounds. In addition to using Nutrimost, a healthier lifestyle is advised, and that can be achieved by understanding sugar intake, including more vegetables in diets, knowing about weight loss foods, analyzing body composition, and eating organics. The Nutrimost weight loss program is supervised by a doctor and negates the need to have extreme diets, aggressive workouts, drugs, or hormones.

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Aug 14

The Beauty Of Lip Balm

Most people now by know that “Lip Balm” is used to moisturize, sooth and refresh lips. This helps to keep them from getting dry, while will lead to making them chapped. The main ingredient is beeswax or carnauba wax(commonly know as Brazilian wax). They may also contain camphor, lanolin, petrolatum along with other ingredients. There are some that are made just plain, while others may have dyes, added fragrances and, most noticeably some are even popping up with sunscreen.

People tend to protect the body when venturing out into the sun, while neglecting to protect their lips. Lip Balms are use to hold in moisture and to safeguard the lips from from dry air, wind, sun, and cold. The skin on the lips are not as thick as the skin that covers the body so one has to remember to shield them before venturing out. No matter what time of day.

There are so many different versions of Lip Balms on the market today. They range in prices from the most expensive to the most affordable. You will also find that some are much better than others by trial and error. Also, remember the most expensive is not always the best. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm seems to be one of the best. This product not only help cracked, chapped lips, it is also made to heal them. It is made of beeswax, Vitamin E Oil and Peppermint Oil for soothing. Just plain and simple. The prices are very affordable.

Evolution Smooth/EOS is another company that is having great success. They were founded in 2009 by Craig Dubitsky and now have corned the market as the best selling lip balm. Their packages are designed to catch the customer eyes with their array of flavors and are reasonable priced. They company says they are 95% organic, paraben free, made with loads of Vitamins and Jojoba Oil and has that healing Shea Butter.

Customers are raving about all the different eye catching flavors. Evolution Smooth has now become the top pick on Social Media for lip balms. You can find advertisement for the company in fashion magazines or music videos, they claim they are big fans of the music industry. EOS lip balm products are available on Amazon and on your local Walmart stores. Visit their website


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Aug 13

JustFab’s Don Ressler And His Trendsetting Activewear, Fabletics

Don Ressler is a serial entrepreneur behind numerous successful start-ups that comprises of Intelligent Beauty as well as its subsidiaries. In 2001, his first company was acquired by Intermix Media. He went on to team up with Adam Goldenberg who worked as the COO for Intermix Media. Adam was 19 years old during that period. Goldenberg and Ressler created Alena Media, an advertising and ecommerce unit. The division was Intermix Media’s only profit making center. It generated hundreds of millions in revenue. In 2005, Intermix was acquired by News Corp. The new firm did not give Don Ressler and Adam’s business the attention it required. After being frustrated, Don and Adam quit in search of better opportunities.

Don Ressler and his partner knew they had the necessary skills to succeed in the area of online performance advertising. They decided to create a new independent venture. Ressler and Adam gathered a group from the Alema team and after a short while, Intelligent Beauty was established. The initial creation of Intelligent Beauty was DERMSTORE, an online cosmetics as well as skincare market place. Subsequently, they started SENSA, a weight loss system.

A third company, JustFab was established in 2010. It is an e-commerce fashion retailer that works via subscription. Within two years, JustFab had exceeded 6 million members and carried out two rounds of funding that were highly successful. In the first round, the firm received $33 million from Matrix Partners. The firm also contributed in the second round that raised $76 million. Other participants of the second round were Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty, which is the parent company at

Following the success it had in two years, JustFab started searching for new opportunities to capitalize on and expand into new markets. It acquired a number of firms including FabKids and The Fab Shoes that brought more members from Europe. In 2013, JustFab launched Fabletics. It is an athletic wear website. Fabletics was created in collaboration with Kate Hudson.

Fabletics capitalizes on the Athleisure trend that is now turning into a lifestyle. It makes fitness fashionable. Fabletics has made it much simpler to integrate activewear into the normal daily life as well as the corporate life. Known for his ability to instantly spot trends, Don Ressler saw an opportunity to create a fashion forward athletic wear. His goal was to offer comfortable athletic wear that makes people look good. The brand offers yoga pants. It recently launched FL2, a line for men.

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Aug 05

How Securus Technologies is Addressing Integrity Breaches in the Inmate Communications Sector

Securus Technologies, an established provider for criminal and civil justice technology solutions, recently announced a release of several reports that will highlight wrongdoings and integrity breaches on Global Tel Link (GTL). The reports will focus on findings, facts and articles related to wrongdoings of GTL.

In a press release statement, the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Richard A. Smith, expressed that he is offended by the integrity of most inmate communications providers. Smith noted how he loves serving law enforcement, corrections centers and inmates together with their family members. He pointed out that Global Tel Link (GTL) lacks professional integrity. Smith added that Securus Technologies’ mission is to serve clients diligently. Along these lines, Securus will point out all malpractices of GTL in the next six months. This initiative is supposed to shame GTL hence forcing them to work with better integrity.

The first report includes an official 17 pages Order No. U-20784-B issued by the Louisiana Public Service Commission (PSC). This report discusses GTL’s integrity breach when they offered communications solutions to Louisiana Department of Corrections’ inmates. The Louisiana PSC conducted thorough investigations and discovered the following:

Global Tel Link programmed their telephone clocks at the corrections facility by adding 15 to 38 seconds to the call durations. This practice is considered unlawful and unauthorized.

Global Tel Link programmed their phone call rates to higher rates above those permitted by the PSC rate caps and its tariffs. This practice was also wholly unauthorized.

Global Tel Link engaged in billing single calls more than once. According to their service charter, no authorization is allowed for double billing.

In many occasions, these integrity breaches were practiced deliberately and with intent of overcharging their clients.

Based on the above four integrity breaches, Louisiana taxpayers were overcharged by Global Tel Link a total amount of $1,243,000.

Smith stated that the PSC Order was dated January 21, 1998. He also noted that, even though The Order was released 18 years ago, GTL’s wrongdoings have continued.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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Jul 19

An Inside Look At Lovaganza

What Is Lovaganza?

So what is Lovaganza? It is an entertainment brand that show cases unique cultures from around the world via entertainment and the arts. This includes showcasing music, dance, film and movies from different cultures around the globe.

Lovaganza has numerous projects currently being developed. A major tour is scheduled to take place in 2020. This tour will begin in May and last until September. During this tour, the Lovaganza brand will visit 50 cities across the world and showcase art, film, dance, exhibitions and performances from a myriad of cultures. The tour will be a culminating of many years of preparation, production and planning.

The 2020 tour will also be an event promoting world peace and understand between people of different faiths, races, languages and cultures. In an increasingly global world, this is a message that needs to be gotten across and Lovaganza’s 2020 world tour is helping to bring this message to millions of people in the world.

A number of films will be shown during Lovaganza’s major world tour. This will include films from a sampling of different cultures. Staying true to its authentic nature, Lovaganza’s film producers aim to film on the site of the cultures they are covering. For example Indian movie scenes and documentaries will be filmed directly in India and incorporate Indian actors and locals.

Authentic and unique locations have also been selected in the films set to be released during Lovaganza. Locations include the barren Mojave Desert and famous isolated churches in the state of California. Where filming on site is not possible or feasible, the famous Golden Ranch of Disney Studios will be used to recreate settings and backdrops in the films.

One of the major projects of Lovaganza now is the Sunshine Project which is nearing completion. This is a series of films that showcase history and bring a message or hope and inspiration. One of the major themes of the Sunshine Project is to never give up hope or lose faith. Some of the films in the Sunshine Project have a strong Christian faith element to them. They tell the message through faith in God and each other that we must not give up on our goals but always move forward.

Lovaganza also supports a foundation called the Lovaganza Foundation. This is a foundation that aims to ensure that all children have access to clean water, an education, safety and healthcare.

Learn more about Lovaganza:

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