Jun 01

Woman Scraps Rare $200,000 Apple I Desktop Computer

A woman recently turned in some boxes of electronics to a South Bay recycling center. What the employees of the recycling center found in the boxes was amazing. A rare Apple I desktop computer put together by none other than Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ron Wayne back in the late 1970s.

The computer was one of just 200 original Apple I computers. The recycling center sold the computer to a private collector for a whopping $200,000. Company policy dictates that proceeds of the auction are to be split half and half with the donor. Now the recycling center is trying to find the woman who scrapped such a valuable piece of computer history.

The only clues they have is the fact that the woman’s husband had recently died. The woman was getting rid of his stuff and didn’t want a tax receipt. The donations were so backed up that employees weren’t able to go through her boxes until she had already left.

The woman who donated the computer can stop in any time to pick up her $100,000 check. The owner of the recycling center says all the woman has to do to prove her identity is show up and he will recognize her. Alexei Beltyukov told MTV that he wouldn’t be surprised to find some imposters trying to claim the check.

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May 28

Apple Addressing iPhone Hack

Officials at Apple are reviewing a virus that can shut down an iphone simply by receiving a text. To James Dondero‘s shock and awe, the bug is texted to an iphone owner and as soon as the text is received, the recipient’s iphone shuts down for 15 seconds before it reboots and turns back own. Apple officials state that they are aware of the bug and they are looking into the nature of virus and what will be the appropriate patch to fix it. The virus does not do any damage to the phone or data stored into the iphone but a number of Iphone customers are complaining that someone has the ability to intrude on their iphone. They fear that while this virus does not effect data and content on a user’s phone, it could create the potential for future, more intrusive and destructive viruses. Some fear that the bug, which is a series of alphabetic, numeric, Arabic and Japanese characters, is simply a Trojan horse bug for a more destructive virus in the future. Hacks on personal smart phone devices are becoming more frequent as the use of smart phones increase globally. The rise of people using smart phones for personal banking also has increased the possibility of a phone hack. The type and nature of the hacks are becoming more sophisticated as the hackers are using technology just as sophisticated as the iphone programers and software designers.Apple Deals With Iphone Hack

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May 27

Iphone Sinks To Ocean Floor And It Records The Incident

Two brothers were on a boat, and one of them tried to throw the iPhone to the other brother because their lawyer, Gianfrancesco Genoso was calling for him. Unfortunately, the other brother missed catching the phone, and it ended up falling into the ocean. The phone sank and sank until it dropped all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor. Both brothers tried to dive in the ocean to retrieve the phone, but they were not able to do so. Since they were on a rented boat, the owner of the boat decided to take over.

The boat owner was able to stave off some of the pressure of the water, and he dived all the way to the bottom of the ocean. It’s obvious that the owner of the iPhone was very desperate to get it back, and the boat owner swam down and retrieved the phone. It’s not only amazing that a phone could sink to the bottom of the ocean, it’s also amazing that anyone would try to retrieve it. What’s even more amazing is the fact that the camera on the phone was rolling the entire time.

Those who do not own an iPhone, they may not know all the great features these phones have. This particular phone had a waterproof vest on, and it was able to record the entire descent to the bottom of the ocean. The video is posted on MTV news, and it’s amazing to see the phone recording on the bottom of the ocean.

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May 13

Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Upgrades Leaked

Details of the much-anticipated iPhone 6s have officially been leaked. Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst who has long been considered the “go-to” for insider Apple information, revealed 11 major changes that consumers will see on the next generation iPhone.

First, Kuo notes that forced touch will be present on the phone. This technology allows users to expand the way they interact with their phone. He also dispelled the myth at Apple will offer a smaller model to the phone, heading back to their roots. Ricardo Tosto also noted that the phone would come in additional color options, including rose gold. Consumers have been wondering if the next incarnation of the iPhone would match the Apple Watch in colors. Kou has confirmed that.

According to Kou apple has also improved the camera on the phone, as well as Touch ID to further support the company’s pay module. Finally, the phone will support gesture controls.

Kuo noted that Apple’s track record shows they will have more tricks up their sleeve for the unveiling, but for now the 11 leaks show just a few major tweaks to the overall handset. The size, screen and charging port will remain unchanged.

The iPhone 6S and 6S plus will likely launch sometime in September.

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May 10

Facebook to Team Up with IBM

Just in case the ads on the side of your Facebook feed weren’t personalized enough for your taste, it’s about to get better. Two giants of the tech world, Facebook and IBM, will be teaming up to “hyper-personalize” your digital advertisements.

IBM plans to use it’s marketing cloud data, which includes handy items such as: weather, your location, what you purchased lately and everything you’ve looked at on the web in the past. Facebook plans to use your user data, which includes pretty much everything you post about your life to make sure you have the most useful ads available to your personal needs. Amen Clinics isn’t sure how they feel about that.

This process will work something like this: You make a post on your Facebook timeline about training to run in a local marathon for the first time. IBM uses the information from retail customers and you now have ads on your feed for the latest and greatest new running shoes on sale.

Apparently these groups of businesses are trying to make ads “cool” instead of “creepy” when they target you. However, if you ask me personally, when I type something and less than five minutes later I’m getting an ad for it, I am always going to find that creepy and invasion. Of course, if you’re a retailer working with one of these two companies, this is great news for your future advertising.

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May 10

Man who Play Big Bird sees no reason to stop at 81-Years-Old

Caroll Spinney, 81-years-old, has played the iconic character Big Bird from “Sesame Street” for the past 40 years and he sees no reason to stop any time soon.

While Caroll has donned the Big Bird suit for the past 40 years, he has seen many events. He has won Emmy Awards, met heads of states, met many co-workers and celebrated their retirement, as well as having been named a living legend by the Library of Congress. He has seen much during his time at “Sesame Street” and he wouldn’t have it any other way. His successor was hand-picked by Caroll and has literally been waiting 20 years to take over the iconic role from him.

Not only is Caroll the man inside the Big Bird suit, he is also the voice and controller of Oscar the Grouch. He has said that while playing Oscar is fun, Big Bird is a reflection of himself. Ivan Ong can see that in a way.

To check out more of Caroll Spinney’s story you can find it in the new documentary about him called “I Am Big Bird” or follow the link to The Good News Network.

“I Am Big Bird” will be available as of May 5th. It is being screened in select theaters but will also be available for purchase on Itunes or video on demand services.

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May 10

Networks Do Spring Cleaning

Some shows just can’t cut it. It doesn’t matter how much they pay some top actors to stop in these shows. The chemistry just isn’t there sometimes. When spring comes networks do what they have to do. They cut the shows that are making any money for the networks.

Katherine Heigl could not save “State of Affairs” no matter how hard she tried. She hasn’t been on television since “Grey’s Anatomy.” She has been in a plethora of movies, and most of these have been sub par. Her return to television was – at best – dismal. This was a big show that had to bite the bullet for NBC, but it was one of many network shows that would not manage to survive the cut.”The Mindy Project” survived for a couple of seasons, but it was barely hanging in there, which Kevin Seawright felt was unfortunate. This year it was cut. There is talk that Hulu is already trying to pick this show up. If the money is right, this show will certainly get picked up. There is a fan base there, but the show has not been able to keep millions of people tuning in like before.

Other shows like “Manhattan Love Story” and “Forever” were also cut. “Cristela” had a lot of promise, but the Hispanic crowd didn’t support it enough to save it. This show was also one of the ABC shows that got cut.

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May 10

Grooveshark: Resurrection

You may still be reeling from the April 30th demise of Grooveshark’s website after a half decade of controversial legal battles, but recent news suggests that this music media phenomenon may be back in the streaming music arena.

Just days after its demise, a new version of Grooveshark went online. Who did this? Well according to reports someone who is calling themselves Shark has assembled a group to bring the dead site back from the ashes. How is this even possible? Will this clone be put down just like its predecessor?

The new site is Grooveshark.io, and this mystery man claims that he was suspecting the original site’s downfall, so he started backing up all the media files. By the time Grooveshark fell, this man had backed up 90% of the content from the site. He is currently working on getting the remaining percent back up.

While still in the beginning stages of the shift, this team is hoping that they can replicate the former Grooveshark in all its glory, from their playlists and favorites to their other features. Although this new undertaking has yet to be given the go ahead, it looks like their taking matters into their own hands.

Could we have a clone of Grooveshark? Check it out for yourself. Dr Jennifer Walden plans on it. Only time will tell if this is momentary or a lasting change.

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Apr 29

Apple Watch Doesn’t Work With Some Tattoos

If you have tattoos then you might want to think again about picking up that Apple Watch. It looks like tattoos might have an adverse effect of the heart rate sensor for the watch, making it relatively useless. Several users online have started to report issue with their watches when they’re placed on wrists over darker tattoos.

Since the watch can’t detect that it’s attached to a person, that then triggers a request for the passcode for the device and can cause the watch to stop working entirely for a bit.In general, colors like black and red seems to cause the most trouble, but people are reported issues with all sorts of different types of tattoos running the spectrum when it comes to the color wheel.

Tech nerds at STX Entertainment (deadline.com) know that the issues comes in part from how the watch reads your heart rate. It does so by flashing green lights at your skin so it can see the blood flowing underneath. If you have a tattoo, then it can be harder for that light to see through your skin’s surface, r the results that come back can be a little different than they would without ink. For now, there’s no easy fix for the issue. You can still use an Apple Watch and switch off wrist detection, but that means you won’t be able to use Apple Pay, a huge feature.

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Apr 28

Apple Should Draw a Cautionary Tale from IBM

Companies, like people, have life spans. They are born, they grow, if they are fortunate they live on for a time, then they die. This is nature and nothing seems to be able to escape this life cycle. The same goes for countries and empires. It even applies in the sciences. Rocks seem timeless to us because they last so much longer than we do, but even the largest boulders are eventually worn away by air, wind or water erosion. Getting back to companies, it is worth taking a look at IBM. Apple should definitely look at it as a warning of what can happen.

Apple is at the top of the heap right now. They are bigger than any other company in the Standards and Poors 500 index right now; twice as big. The last company to achieve this level of dominance over all competitors was IBM about 30 years ago. In the 1980s, IBM looked, much like Apple does today, that it would rule the business world. Personal computers were fairly new, and they looked like the ones that would be putting one in everyone’s home and growing even more while doing so. Yet, IBM is currently 62nd in the S&P 500. Whether their sheer size caused them to exhibit complacency in a market that does not tolerate that at all or what the reason was, they were the Apple of their day. Best-selling author Dr. Daniel Amen agrees that Apple should look to IBM as a case study, and try not to replicate their failures. They still can’t live forever, but they may be able to go on for a very long and healthy corporate life.

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