Apr 20

Adam Goldenberg: The Business Genius

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFabulous and Intelligent Beauty Inc., which are both successful businesses. Adam’s career experience is remarkable. He started his first business in his early teens and had had great success in business ever since. Adam had owned Gaming Alliance before it was acquired in 1999 by Intermix Media.

When it comes to business, Mr. Adam Goldenberg has an outstanding knowledge, skill, and experience. His leadership has enabled JustFab to acquire and develop many brands, which include Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. JustFab has over 2,000 workers and has an average annual revenue of $650 million.

According to Adam Goldenberg, the fashion industry is growing and changing rapidly. So, companies like JustFab always have to implement their strategy of creating online brands. JustFab has a membership program which offers consumers an exclusive experience. What’s more, the relationship built is beneficial to the company in a lot of ways.

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Adam Goldenberg credits the success of his businesses to hard work, persistence, and passion. He loves his business because it allows him to meet other people who are passionate about fashion and exploring talent. Adam also loves spending time snowboarding and drinking coffee from time to time. Adam’s greatest inspiration is people who conquer challenges.

JustFab is built on transparency. Mr. Goldenberg believes it’s important to share with his team about the status of the firm, whether it’s gaining or losing revenue. This helps his company to rectify various issues and improve productivity.

About JustFab

JustFab has proved to be one of the most successful companies in the world. In 2013, the company raised $55 million and bought ShoeDazzle. Currently, JustFab has members in five countries outside the US. Additionally, it has fresh brands such as Fabletics.

With the help of great customer response and feedback, JustFab has created high-quality products on hudl.com. This has enabled the company to make sure that the clients get a satisfactory JustFab experience. Great customer service is essential to the success of every business, including JustFab.

Recently, JustFab renamed itself Techstyle Fashion Group. The new name aims to emphasize the roots of the company in Technology. The brands in Techstyle’s portfolio include Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and JustFab.

To be successful in the fashion industry, you need passion. Adam Goldenberg employs only individuals who are passionate about their work. He always tries to look beyond sparkling resumes to find people who are driven to achieve the best results and impact change on the world of fashion.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg: http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/.

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Apr 18

The Basketball Expert From Harvard, Yaani Hufnagel

Hufnagel is the good Jewish boy that has been in love with basketball from an early stage despite being cut out from his high school varsity basketball team. Yaani Hufnagel graduated from Cornell University and is currently living and working in Boston. His career is believed to be one that would make him a rich man in a few years.


Stunning results


It is easy to assume that Yaani Hufnagel is a doctor, lawyer, or one of the famous prestigious professionals. On the contrary, he is the assistant basketball coach in Harvard. His work has been impressive ever since he joined the team. For the first time in a long time, Harvard won the Ivy League in addition to producing a great basketball named Jeremy Lin. This has made Yaani Hufnagel one of the youngest and most sought after basketball coaches in the country.


Not many Jews have made it to the NBA basketball scene as players probably because of their height. Fortunately, height is not a requirement for coaching which explains the many short coaches in the NBA. Hufnagel is one of the most promising coaches in the Jewish association of coaches.




Yaani Hufnagel has been excelling from a younger age. The 2011 CBS sports survey showed that out of 100 coaches Hufnagel is the only one who was appointed to be the assistant coach of a mid-major school. He was famed for being an excellent recruiter, which shows potential of his success.

Hufnagel’s success started back when he was a young boy. His analysis skills have always been good even when he interacted with other young boys his age. It was easy to tell that he would be playing basketball in future. If not then Yaani Hufnagel would definitely be a coach for some great team.




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Apr 18

Why White Shark Media Is A Good Company To Consider Hiring For Professional Marketing



When you have a small business that needs to get its name out, using search engine marketing (SEM) could be the most critical part of getting started. SEM is a lot like SEO in that you are working to put your brand name at the top of a search engine results list. But SEM is a paid search listing that shows up above the regular search results, and if you know how to do it right you can reach the top rankings instantly as opposed to organic search results that could take weeks or even months to reach the top of. White Shark Media has experts who know all the tricks of the trade and can help maximize your PPC or SEM campaign.


White Shark Media is one of the top-rated Google small business partner companies not only because they have a fully-qualified technical team working on client ad campaigns, but also because they use some of the most sophisticated tools to do so. They have advanced analytical tools to detect traffic patterns, PPC rates, and other conversion tracking. They even have call tracking software to detect how many leads are being made through phone calls. You can signup for different plans under White Shark Media depending on your business size, budget and needs, but before you do you can find out even more about how they work through an evaluation session.


White Shark Media evaluations are completely free and easy to signup for and you won’t be pressured into hiring them. You simply go to www.whitesharkmedia.com and signup under either PPC or SEM for an evaluation and you’ll be contacted for a time to meet on GoToMeeting.com. The specialists will go over your current Google AdWords or Bing campaigns and tell you how they would optimize them to perform better. Once the meeting is over you can decide for yourself if White Shark Media is for you.


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Apr 14

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Cosmetic Surgeon You Can Trust

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who extensively promotes a healthy lifestyle and one’s own well-being through her personalized method of cosmetic surgery. She employs the use of enhancing your own body image to lift your self-esteem and allow you to be comfortable with your own self image.


Dr. Walden first obtained an undergraduate degree in Biology in the University of Texas, which was followed by an application to the University’s medical branch. After graduating as a salutatorian and the end of her residency, she began an aesthetic surgery fellowship with Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Before her relocation to her hometown of Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden created and ran a private practice in the upper east side of New York City. Presently, she operates her own business, Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, at Westlake Medical Center as well as a satellite office in Marble Falls.


A firm supporter of the empowerment of women, Dr. Walden exclusively practices cosmetic surgery out of her private practice. In that vein, she specializes in a number of procedures designed to leave you feeling satisfied with your appearance. Facial procedures that she offers allow you to reduce any aging features the years have left. Breast surgery is available to alter their shape to your satisfaction. Procedures for the body can be chosen to tone muscles and reduce excess fat. Hair restoration is an option to combat a hereditary condition. More methods are available to patients for a number of reasons such as: laser cutter, radiofrequency, injectables, skin care, and non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation. Regardless of your cosmetic need, Dr. Walden can provide the services you require.



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Apr 14

Relationship between Fashion and Technology

Technology has grown tremendously over time, and it has been a fascinating journey. In the 70s, boom boxes were the in thing as they allowed users to carry around their favorite stations and tunes. Then two cassette decks came in, and their use was continued into the 80s. One side of the tape deck played music while the other could be used to record from the other cassette. In the 80s, the use of tapes was advanced with the addition of movie story lines and this added popularity of cassettes. A more personal experience was introduced in the 90s with the invention of a Walkman. In the 2000s is when iPods came in.


Today, there is a lot of synthesis of fashion and technology. Fashion designers are excited in creating something that delivers and this has been made possible by technology use because it brings a higher standard in functionality and innovation. Designers create fabulous fashions by recycling materials but through innovations. For example, SegraSegra recycled inner tubes of bicycles are used to create t-shirts and jackets. Technology and fashion can also be used hand in hand to create energy. Movement can be converted to electrical power, and newly created clothing captures kinetic energy to power things like mp3 and watches. Technology and fashion can grow together to help one another.


Christopher Burch, the writer of technology and fashion trends, is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital prides itself in attractive brand portfolios such as Cocoon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He has a diverse business background ranging from real estate, fashion to technology. He has great passion in entrepreneurship, and he started his entrepreneurial career while at Itchica College when he was still an undergraduate. He, together with his brother Bob founded Eagles Eye Apparel, and it grew to $165 million before selling the business out.


Burch has 13 investments in 12 companies, and this makes him known as the serial investor. Some of the companies that he has founded include; Tory Burch, Nihiwatu, Chubbies Shorts, Poppin, Nanoleaf, Hooch and PCH International.


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Apr 13

Wengie Tells Her Story

Wengie was born on January 9th, 1986 in China. Her grandfather would take her out to get ice cream every Sunday. Her parents moved to Australia to start a better life and Wengie was raised by her grandparents and nannies. When she turned 4 she moved to Australia, but did not recognize her parents and was crying. Her brother was born and they loved each other. He cheered her on so she would finish her homework. She later pursued a career in blogging about fashion and beauty. She also started a Youtube channel to supplement her blog and so that fans could see her tutorials in a video.


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Apr 11

Highland Capital Management Is Helping Dallas Businesses Make Proper Investments

Highland Capital Management has put together a team that helps Dallas Businesses make proper investments and proper decisions. This team is highly skilled in small and large investments. They will know if an investment is right or wrong in a matter of minutes. They also will know how much the business will make from the investment in a manner of minutes. Additionally, this team of professionals has awesome management skills. They can instruct a business on what areas of their business to cut and how to downsize their staff.


This Highland Capital Management team is paid by Highland. It does not cost businesses a penny to use this service. All they must do is contact Highland Capital Management and let them know they are interested in this service. After contact Highland, the business will have their first meeting set up within a few days.


After so much positive feedback, Highland Capital Management has been receiving requests from all over the United States from businesses in need of their help. Highland has been handling this via phone calls, chatting, and video messaging. Now, even businesses from other countries are contacting Highland for help.


Due to this, Highland Capital Management has agreed to start weekend seminars. These seminars are expected to run two weekends out of each month. Highland plans to have these seminars in various places around the U.S. They also plan to have these seminars near airports. They hope this will satisfy people coming to a seminar from another country. Highland Capital Management does not have a sure date yet as to when the seminars will start, but they hope they will be able to start them within 2017.


These seminars are expected to feature investment and management speakers from all over the world. They are also expected to feature one-on-one coaching for all business owners and managers. Highland Capital Management has already received thousands of emails regarding these seminars. People from all over the world are waiting in expectation for this program to begin. Highland has also assured the public that those who cannot get to a particular seminar will have web access to it.

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Apr 08

Which Services Are Given to USHEALTH Group Members?

USHEALTH Group Inc provides a range of healthcare coverage options for individuals and families. Customers are given the option to create custom plans that fit their budget and medical needs. For more than 50 years, USHEALTH Group insurance has worked as a top-level healthcare company that provides different types of coverage plans.Find them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ushealthdirect/

Family Insurance

Coverage for you and all members of your family is provided through USHEALTH Group family insurance. As an USHEALTH member, find tips to save money on treatments and prescription drugs. Review the list of full benefits online, and determine the eligibility of you and family members.

Specified Disease Insurance

Also known as critical illness insurance, recipients are covered for specific diseases, such as cancer, stroke and HIV/AIDS. The payments are distributed in a lump sum or as monthly income.

Sickness and Accident Insurance

Cover the expenses that result from sudden illnesses or accidents. In addition to medical bills, you have the standard home and transportation costs to pay. To become eligible, complete specific diagnostic tests and show your inability to keep long-term employment.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance services are provided separately to eligible members. Choose the right plan based on the cost and duration of coverage. Also, choose from a network of local, qualified dentists and eye doctors.

Disability Insurance

Short-term accident disability income insurance from USHEALTH covers you for lost income, transportation and medical bills. Receive monthly disability benefits and a maximum period that varies from 3 to 12 months.

Find Quotes Online

A free quote tool is available to anyone who is unsure about the costs of USHEALTH insurance. Type in your zip code and choose from a list of agents in the area. Once you become a group member, review information about your personal account that includes your full benefits and current treatments.USHEALTH Group Inc has healthcare options for children, families and disabled or unemployed individuals. Apply for coverage without worrying about the open enrollment period. If you have further questions, speak to an insurance agent near you, and learn more about customizing a short-term or long-term plan.

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Apr 01

John Goullet’s participation at Diversant LLC

When trying to identify the most outstanding and visionary personalities in the IT staffing industry one must come across John Goullet. John has been establishing himself in the tech industry to the point of being viewed by many as a tech guru. His career has been long and eventful something that has led him to act as inspiration and motivation to younger inspiring tech gurus. For him to succeed, John had to begin from somewhere which was the Ursinus College where he gained his theoretical knowledge. After graduating, he decided it was time to put his skills to the test, and this is when he became an IT consultant. After some time, He decided to advance his career and joined the It staffing team something that motivated him to open his own company. His firm was majorly aimed at bringing change into the market and finding ways by which he could offer IT solutions to his clients.

Info Technologies was able to make and establish a reputation for itself considering it offered It solutions to the Fortune 500 organizations across the state. The mere fact that the Fortune 500 firms looked upon the Info Technologies acted as motivation for the business to continue offering quality services. Out of five hundred fast-growing startup companies, Info Technologies acquired the eighth position something that proved that indeed it was growing considering it had only operated for nearly five years. In 2010, John decided it was time to take his firm to the next level, and this was through merging with Diversant Inc to bring about Diversant LLC. John became the new firm’s executive principal with his primary job was to focus on the company’s growth through identifying the numerous opportunities present.

Diversant LLC offers numerous choices by which IT professionals can choose from as compared to other IT staffing companies. It ensures that professionals recruited to come work in the enterprise are well qualified and equipped to handle any problem the client might be having. With John’s expertise and experience, Diversant LLC is sure of going places and developing as the years pass. With a strong clientele base, John believes that he will be able to offer his services to appease his clients.

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Mar 24

How Customers Feel About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the largest provider in North America of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Their products and services are used by almost 3,500 law enforcement and correctional facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Their many products and services includes among other monitoring, investigative technologies, public safety, and prevention.

Securus Technologies solicits feedback from the clients they serve on how they feel about Securus Technologies and in which ways their products and services have been helpful. The comments were received from those officials who prevent crimes as well as solve them, and those in correctional facilities who are tasked with making their environment safer and more superior for both staff and prisoners.

In a comment about the release of these comments the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Richard A. Smith, said that his company releases a new product almost once a week that is designed to help enforce the law as well as prevent and solve crimes when they do occur. His company receives thousands of emails from clients every year.

One official wrote in thank the company for their tools that help him take proactive measures so that he can monitor and deter contraband entering his facility. A detective wrote in to say that he had a question about a covert alert feature on one of the products and a customer service rep was able to help him; this lead to him taking a suspect into custody.

Another detective wrote in to say that Securus Technologies LBS software is a great tool. He has used this software along with other resources in order to recover millions of dollars worth of illegal assets including cash and drugs. He went on to say that without this software solving some of the crimes would be very difficult if not impossible.


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