Jul 31

Sergio Cortes: Bringing Michael Jackson Back to Life

To inspire impersonators a celebrity much be popular and unique enough to be recognizable instantly. This includes Elvis with his sideburns and swagger, the long tresses of Cher and the dance moves, sequins and hairstyle of Michael Jackson. Each of these icons have shaped popular culture and are as famous and well-loved as ever. To impersonate a celebrity of this magnitude, the individual must be a fan themselves. Many hours will be required to perfect their voices, mannerisms and appearance.


Sergio Cortes has reached that pinnacle of performance. As the top Michael Jackson impersonator in Brazil, possibly the world, he is wowing thousands with his awe-inspiring abilities. Many impersonators are restricted to copying a physical appearance and maybe adding a few moves or mimicking their speaking voice. What makes Cortes unique is that he is the complete package.


To honor his idol, Cortes has spent hours learning full routines and adapting his own behaviors to match those of Michael Jackson. Those who have been lucky enough to see him perform live on stage can easily forget this is not actually the Prince of Pop. Cortes incorporates dance routines, background dancers and light shows to create a genuine Jackson experience from start to finish.


Just like the real Michael, Cortes has fans who fill stadiums to cheer on his performance. Avid devotees wait in line for autographs and photo opportunities with the performer. As a youth, his sculpted cheekbones and dark hair and eyes gave him an essence similar to Jackson’s but it is with careful makeup skills and a detailed wardrobe that helps him to now portray an illusion so complete, it is as if Michael has come back to life.


As more of the world discovers the talents of Sergio Cortes, his fan base continues to grow ever larger. His abilities are overshadowing other impersonators and making him the choice of many Michael Jackson fans.

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Jul 29

A Company That Lifts Up Humanity

Qnet is a very well known direct selling company around the world. Qnet is the main direct selling company in all of Asia. The thing that sets Qnet apart from the rest of the direct selling companies around the world is that it has products that are very meaningful and useful and the offer to a diverse market of individuals all around the world.

Qnet is a company that thrives on diversity. The founders of Qnet wanted to make a company that was different. They wanted to make a company that was made not only for their products, but also for their employees and for their clients. These founders were inspired by the work of Gandhi. Everyone is familiar with the Humanitarian work that Gandhi did. Gandhi’s inspiration in life was people. He truly believed in the importance of the oneness of humanity, and Qnet follows that theory. Their motto is RYTHM which stands for raise yourself to help mankind. This motto helps to empower their employees to be able to help others to succeed in order to have a successful business. Qnet realizes that without a diverse team of individuals working together for one goal that their business will not have success.

Each and every individual that works as a distributor at Qnet is working in harmony with the company to achieve financial independence. Qnet desires to help its distributors to be able to achieve success on an individual basis and intern make the company a more successful one. The employees that work at Qnet are from more than 30 different countries and their customers are for more than 100. The employees at Qnet are encouraged to not only be distributors of their unique and useful products, but to also use their products in order to be able to truly reap the benefits that Qnet has to offer. Qnet wants to help each and every individual that uses their products or that works for the company to find purpose in life.

In reality there are not many companies like Qnet. They are a company that works for people and enables them to live a more rich and satisfying life.

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Jul 23

The Kind Business Leader, Joseph Bismark

Today I came across a heart-warming article of a business leader who lives his life to serve others, this man is Joseph Bismark. I found the article on Citizen Shame, a great place to find interesting articles to read in your spare time. 

Joseph Bismark is the co-founder of QI limited and contributes to the RHYTHM foundation; a social partner of the QL group. The QL group and the RHYTHM foundation set out to better the wellness and health of people. 
I found Joseph Bismark’s unique childhood to play a pivotal role in how he runs his business. He left the comfortability of his home at the tender age of nine to learn the teachings of Vedism in a Hindu ashram, found in the Philippine mountains. After reaching spiritual enlightenment at age 17, he set out to build a business conglomerate carrying the principles of Vedism he learned training as a monk. 
Joseph Bismark’s humble beliefs were highly inspiring to me. He considers his employees as the reason behind QL limited’s success. He highly values the people who work for him and treats them with respect. One of his core business values is centered around morals and ethics within the workplace. 
Joseph Bismark understands that success is something you have to constantly work at in order to achieve and maintain. Therefor he is always pushing himself to work harder and help his employees face challenges head on. 
After hearing Joseph Bismark’s uplifting success story I also want to work hard and help people!
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Jul 22

FreedomPop for the People

Phone contracts, overage fees, throttling, and termination fees are just some of the painful “benefits” of dealing with the big nationwide carriers. And even with some carriers eliminating contracts and some fees, they’re still making that up with often expensive plans that seem to offer less for more. FreedomPop enters the competitive market by offering 100 percent free mobile phone and high-speed Internet service. A recent article on Fortune discusses the company’s success in raising $30 million in a recent round of funding.

Funding the Freedom
FreedomPop is a young company launched in 2012 by founders Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. In just a few years, the company has exploded to over 1 million subscribers by the third quarter 2015 and a valuation in the hundreds of millions. Other larger companies have also noticed this meteoric rise and have even offered to acquire the innovative startup. Investors such as Partech Ventures and Skype founder NiklasZennstom’s venture firm Atomico contributed to almost $50 million in capital in the last three years. FreedomPop’s rise are attributed to providing value to consumers and smart business strategies.

Free Yet Profitable
So how does FreedomPop offer such amazing value for zero dollars? It all starts with the Free plan and then additional value-added and profitable services. The free service is very simple for users by using existing Sprint compatible phones or FreedomPop’s selection of Samsung or HTC devices. Free users receive monthly packages consisting of 500 megabytes of data, 200 talk minutes, and 500 text messages.

FreedomPop’s financial success comes in with their combination of value-added services and their smart decisions on business costs. Some of their additional offerings include bigger service packages, phone insurance, and data rollover with reasonable costs ranging from $3 to $10 a month. Although smaller than the bigger carriers, FreedomPop’s profits are sizeable thanks to being a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) which means they don’t own a wireless infrastructure and instead buys their capacity wholesale from Sprint. Combine that with a lack of customer acquisition costs and you have a winning formula.

FreedomPop might not be the first offering this type of service, but their innovative approach to providing Freedom for the people is something we can all benefit from.

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Jul 20

What does the Suicide Squad trailer mean for the future?

The chain of events was predictable. Warner Brothers brings a trailer for next August’s Suicide Squad to Comicon and, before showing it, asks the fans like James Dondero to please not post it anywhere. They show the trailer, the crowd freaks out, and a day later, a grainy copy is all over social media.
The studio is aghast. They say that this was just for the fans in attendance, and there are no plans to release the trailer to a wider audience. Two days later, they put a pristine HD copy up for anyone with access to Youtube to enjoy along with a statement expressing how sad they are that their trust in the fans has been broken.
And now people are wondering what does this mean for the future of advance footage and trailers at Comicon? The simple answer is: absolutely nothing. Warners got exactly what they wanted – people talking about a movie for three days that was previously off most people’s radar. Plus, in most cases, the trailer got viewed at least twice, once with the poor copy and once again to actually make out what was happening. Warner Brothers surprise at the leaked trailer is the same shock that Claude Rains had to discover gambling in their own classic Casablanca.
Next year, be ready for more advance footage followed by hand wringing when it gets out.

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Jun 30

Apple Will Win With Exclusive Content

One might say that Apple stole the idea of exclusive content in music streaming from Jay-Z. After all, he was the one that was trying to get exclusive content on his Tidal website. He ran into some trouble with Beyonce content though because she is an artist on the Sony record label. Apple, however, is taking exclusive content to a new level by connecting with several artists.

Pharrell has a new single that will exclusive to Apple. Brad Reifler told that he performed it at the BET Awards on Sunday, but it will not be streaming anywhere else by Apple. Taylor Swift was pursued by Spotify, but their relationship ended abruptly when Swift pulled her entire catalog (including the new “1989” album) from Spotify. It appears that Apple did a much better job of courting her because she is allowing this company to stream the album. This comes as another blow to Jay-Z because at one time Taylor said she would be available for Tidal, but Jay-Z obviously dropped the ball in pursuing her.

For Apple it is easy to get the stars to commit to exclusive content because this company has billions of dollars to spend. Drake is on as a DJ for Apple Radio with a $19 million dollar contract. It would not be a surprise to see his content released exclusively on Apple. Dr. Dre is also making “The Chronic” available through Apple music streaming.

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Jun 29

Chelsea goalkeeper moves to Arsenal

The majority of English soccer teams have returned to pre season training this week and are looking to make changes to their squads as players return from vacations around the world. The BBC reports one of the longest rumored moves in English soccer has finally taken place with Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech finally making the short move across London to rivals Arsenal. Cech’s future has been a major source of rumor and speculation since the Czech number one lost his place in the Chelsea team to Thibaut Courtois for the eventual Premier League champions last season.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has long been an admirer of Cech and was linked with a move for the goalkeeper in the January transfer window. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho had originally wanted the transfer of Cech to arsenal to include England midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain moving to the Stamford Bridge club in a player exchange. However, the deal has eventually been completed for the 33 year old goalkeeper for an undisclosed fee and no players moving to Stamford Bridge from Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium home. Madison Street Capital is hoping that it works out well. Cech is classed as one of the world’s top goalkeepers and appeared more than 400 times for Chelsea during his 11 seasons at the club.
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Jun 29

The Undo Send Button

For that unedited email or accidental send, there is now an undo send option offered by gmail. If an email to your husband gets sent to your boss or if a message to your best friend gets sent to your co-worker, there has not been an undo message until now. After pressing send, there is often that feeling of regret of either sending the message to the wrong person or forgetting to edit the grammar mistakes in the message.

Finally there is a solution to the problem everyone has. Google now offers an undo button to every email that has been sent. The new tool will allow the user to pick a time slot in which the person sending the email may or may not decide to change up the email.

The time slot for this change to be decided on is between 5 and 30 seconds. You can find this particular feature by clicking on the settings option when logged into your gmail.

If you are not a gmail user, it is currently recommended to get gmail for the purpose of using this newly created feature. That is why Crystal Hunt uses it. She first heard about the feature on Twitter. By stalling the email up to 30 seconds, the user can quickly choose to rewrite, edit, or to change the recipient in the email. The undo button could save many mothers, coworkers, bosses, and many more from that embarrassing email that you accidentally sent while in a hurry.

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Jun 25

Apple Pulls Games Depicting the Confederate Flag from the App Store

Apple has joined a growing list of companies who are working to remove the confederate flag from their product line. Apple has pulled all Civil War games from the app store as of Thursday, June 26th. All Hunted Cow games, in addition to Ultimate General: Gettysburg are missing from the app catalog.

According to local media, CEO Tim Cook weighed in on the Confederate flag issue earlier this week. He is against the display of such a racist symbol, according to his statements. Developers received notice of the impending shut down of their games. The official statement noted that the games were being pulled from the app store for “offensive images of the confederate flag”.

Developers have swiped back, noting that strategy games about the Civil War are not offensive or mean spirited, but rather ValueWalk says it will serve as an educational tool. Some have argued that Apple’s decision is too far reaching. This would not be the first time the company overreacted on the App store.

The decision does come as pressure mounts from outside sources to remove the confederate flag from store shelves and online shops. In most cases, however, people are calling for the removal of the actual flag or products the depict the flag in a positive way. These games do not do that, argue many.

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Jun 23

Taylor Swift Gets Apple Music To Change Their Policy

Being rich doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a lot of power. When it comes to artists like Taylor Swift, she has fame, wealth, and a lot of power. Taylor Swift Beats Apple Music. If you don’t believe that Taylor really has a lot of power, check out what she did when she wrote to the Apple Corporation about their upcoming streaming music service. Apple Corporation has stated that they will be releasing a new streaming music service called Apple Music. When the streaming service opens, there will be a three month free trial period for those who sign up.

The problem that Taylor is having with the trial period is that Apple will not be paying any artist money during this time, and Taylor feels that this is unfair. Taylor complained to Apple Inc., and she stated that artists who are just starting out, they’ll have a problem paying down debt and making any money during the trial period. Taylor states that she’s not doing this for herself, but she feels for those who are not as famous as her, and every penny for them counts.

Taylor made a handwritten letter that she sent to Apple Inc., and they not only read what she wrote, but they went ahead and changed their policy. Now when Apple Music opens, any artist whose music is downloaded during the three month trial period, they will get royalties. Vijay Eswaran commends Taylor on her victory by talking about her on social media.

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