Nov 22

What is the Skout Social App?

Skout is a mobile application that is available on the Apple and Android platform. The interface is a bit different from other types of mobile dating apps. Users will discover they can easily flip through singles who are in their area, view messages, and get notifications from their smartphone or tablet.


* The app has been downloaded over 100 million times by users all around the world.
* Users can meet people who are in their local area or from miles away.
* Points that are earned can be used to send messages, virtual gifts, and other options.
* Photos can be sent to other users.
* View photos on the Buzz photo stream.
* Users can update their profile directly from their tablet or smartphone.
* Account access is available via app, standard website, or mobile web.


Users have two options for installing Skout on their smartphone or tablet. There is a free app that users can install or a paid app. The paid app is called Skout Plus and offers more features. Both apps are easy to use and allow all users to easily communicate. Installing Skout Plus is necessary to remove ads, send virtual gifts or to view private photos.

Establishing a connection with a random user can be done when one user simply shakes their device. A connection can be made with users who are local or found anywhere around the world. Connected users can chat and view each others profile. This option is a lot of fun and can easily be addictive.


The availability of virtual gifts with features that include comments and likes offers users the ability to interact when using the app. Accessing these features is done by using in-app credits or points users need to earn. Users are not required to upload a photo to use as an avatar. This means anyone who may want to be anonymous has that option. However, an avatar provides a better means for communication. People who find meeting others to be difficult may find this app is a great way to gain new friends.

Ease of Use

The interface of the app is both colorful and playful. Choices for users will be displayed in tabs that are circular. This makes the app simple to navigate. Another benefit for users is being able to just swipe the screen to switch between various screens and available options.


Performing many of the activities in the Skout app will require the use of in-app currency or points that can easily be acquired. Sometimes they give them away on Facebook and Twitter, but they can generally be bought. Users can make an in-app purchase or by performing various tasks. Tasks will often involve engaging with advertisers.


User safety is a primary concern for Skout. A user needs to be at least 14 years old to create a profile to use for one of two communities. There is a Teenagers community and an Adult community depending on the age of a user. Each community is separate and helps Skout to be an app that is safe for people to engage and chat.

Additional Information

Skout is a location-based service that uses the GPS of a smartphone or WiFI hotspot to find people in a local area. The service started out as a social network for mobile web users back in 2007. The iOS app was launched in 2009 and the Android app in 2010.

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Nov 21

Apple Announces Plans for Beats Music

Early next year, two giants in the music industry may be joining forces.

It was reported that Apple plans to bundle Beats Music with its iOS software, used for all Apple devices. Apple had already purchased the subscription-based music service for #3 billion. Since Apple’s operating system reaches so many customers, this merger has the potential to give Apple a boost against competing streaming services like YouTube and Spotify.

Apple is also reportedly trying to lower streaming rates for their customers, The New York Times reported.

Beats has only gotten 110,000 subscribers so far compared to Spotify’s 50 million, but perhaps the bundle with iOS software will bridge this gap. I just know me and Zeca Oliveira are hoping that it doesn’t take until 2016 for Beats to start spreading into Brazil.

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Nov 06

Russians Remove iPhone Statue That Promotes “Sodomy”

Since 2013, a giant sculpture of an iPhone has stood as a high tech symbol near a university campus in St. Petersburg. However, the large replica of one of the world’s most popular smartphones was taken down by the same company that initially installed the fixture. A spokesperson for the Russian company ZEFS has claimed that the iPhone statue directly promotes homosexual propaganda because Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is openly gay. An official statement that Sam Tabar found, released by ZEFS accused Cook of publicly calling for sodomy by promoting homosexuality and rejecting traditional family values. Maxim Dolgopolov, the head of ZEFS, is now urging all Russians to dump the iPhone because of its affiliation with sodomy. Taken even further, he claims that this American smartphone poses a greater danger than drugs and tobacco.

The actions and statements of ZEFS are not surprising considering that the Russian Federation has recently passed a series of laws restricting the public display of anything related to homosexuality. Earlier in 2014, there have been protests that called for the boycott of Sochi Winter Olympic Games because of Russia’s anti-gay laws. However, the lawmakers in Russia did not respond to the growing pressure from the international community even as the world gathered for the games

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Nov 03

Apple Ceo Tim Cook Announces that He’s Gay

Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that he was homosexual in a recent article in Bloomberg Business Week. Although he says that many of his colleagues were already aware of this fact, and that his workplace has always been accepting of his sexual orientation, Cook felt that it was time to acknowledge his homosexuality publicly.

As the CEO of one of America’s most successful companies, Tim Cook had tried to keep his personal life out of the spotlight up until now, for reasons of privacy. However, by making his sexual orientation public, Cook feels that his stature can be helpful to the LGBT community on both a public and personal level. “So if hearing that the CEO if Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then its worth the trade-off on my own privacy.” stated Cook.

His own home state of Alabama has a law in place which allows employers to terminate people due to their sexual orientation, which is why Jared was surprised that this was even able to happen. By opening the door to his private life, Cook can help make more progress and increase tolerance to make such injustices a thing of the past.

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Oct 31

A Confusing Explanation Of Pay Blocking From CurrentC?

Apple Pay users were in an uproar after being unable to pay at major retailers. On Saturday, a few issues seemed to take down the mobile payment product’s ability to mesh with certain stores. Apple Pay was the main reason Marnie got the iPhone 6+ so she was understandably pretty angry.

The problem is that the company involved, MCX, doesn’t seem to have a lot of answers on the issue.

Stores such as Best Buy and Walmart use a platform called CurrentC, an app from MCX designed to handle mobile device payments with an app. The system should be allowing payments to process, and the new troubles come amidst a recent report that user data in the form of email addresses had been stolen by hackers.

In a conference call for a press question and answer session, MCX CEO Dekkers Davidson discussed the issues with the payment system. He mentioned that there aren’t any technical hurdles to stop different retailers from providing customers with Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Moneybrokers or similar support systems in addition to CurrentC.

According to Davidson, the choice is made by the specific stores based on what they feel the users want. In a confusing follow-up statement, Davidson suggested that there may be a limitation preventing multiple payment platforms from being used in the future.


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Oct 30

Text Messages Used To Set Up Washington School Shooting

The most recent U.S. school shooting perpetrator used his mobile phone to set up his evil scheme. 15 year old Jaylen Fryberg sent text messages to five friends who were all invited to the cafeteria.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that Jaylen lured in all five of his victims to sit with him at a lunch table at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington state. The distressed and armed freshman walked into the cafeteria and opened fire on all five victims who were sitting together. The horrific shooting left two classmates dead and three wounded. Short after, Jaylen turned the gun on himself in a classic murder-suicide scheme.

The weapon that was used to carry out this shooting was a .40-caliber Beretta, which has been linked to a license and registration of Jaylen’s relative. However, the local police department is still investigating exactly how the teenager got his hands on the gun.

The tragedy at Marysville-Pilchuck High School brings back some memories of other notorious shootings such as those that occurred at Columbine High School in 1999 and Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2013. Such shootings are nothing short of massacres by perpetrators who had some things in common.

Some rumors indicate that Jaylen had been teased and bullied despite being a popular king who was honored as homecoming prince. It’s also believed that Adam Lanza was also a victim of bullying and that prompted him to kill more than two dozen children in Newtown, Connecticut.

An unfortunate example of how iPhones and technology, including dependence on smart phones are really changing the face of the planet, sometimes not for the better.  Makes you think…Thanks Sam Tabar for sharing.

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