May 10

Networks Do Spring Cleaning

Some shows just can’t cut it. It doesn’t matter how much they pay some top actors to stop in these shows. The chemistry just isn’t there sometimes. When spring comes networks do what they have to do. They cut the shows that are making any money for the networks.

Katherine Heigl could not save “State of Affairs” no matter how hard she tried. She hasn’t been on television since “Grey’s Anatomy.” She has been in a plethora of movies, and most of these have been sub par. Her return to television was – at best – dismal. This was a big show that had to bite the bullet for NBC, but it was one of many network shows that would not manage to survive the cut.”The Mindy Project” survived for a couple of seasons, but it was barely hanging in there, which Kevin Seawright felt was unfortunate. This year it was cut. There is talk that Hulu is already trying to pick this show up. If the money is right, this show will certainly get picked up. There is a fan base there, but the show has not been able to keep millions of people tuning in like before.

Other shows like “Manhattan Love Story” and “Forever” were also cut. “Cristela” had a lot of promise, but the Hispanic crowd didn’t support it enough to save it. This show was also one of the ABC shows that got cut.

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May 10

Grooveshark: Resurrection

You may still be reeling from the April 30th demise of Grooveshark’s website after a half decade of controversial legal battles, but recent news suggests that this music media phenomenon may be back in the streaming music arena.

Just days after its demise, a new version of Grooveshark went online. Who did this? Well according to reports someone who is calling themselves Shark has assembled a group to bring the dead site back from the ashes. How is this even possible? Will this clone be put down just like its predecessor?

The new site is, and this mystery man claims that he was suspecting the original site’s downfall, so he started backing up all the media files. By the time Grooveshark fell, this man had backed up 90% of the content from the site. He is currently working on getting the remaining percent back up.

While still in the beginning stages of the shift, this team is hoping that they can replicate the former Grooveshark in all its glory, from their playlists and favorites to their other features. Although this new undertaking has yet to be given the go ahead, it looks like their taking matters into their own hands.

Could we have a clone of Grooveshark? Check it out for yourself. Dr Jennifer Walden plans on it. Only time will tell if this is momentary or a lasting change.

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Apr 29

Apple Watch Doesn’t Work With Some Tattoos

If you have tattoos then you might want to think again about picking up that Apple Watch. It looks like tattoos might have an adverse effect of the heart rate sensor for the watch, making it relatively useless. Several users online have started to report issue with their watches when they’re placed on wrists over darker tattoos.

Since the watch can’t detect that it’s attached to a person, that then triggers a request for the passcode for the device and can cause the watch to stop working entirely for a bit.In general, colors like black and red seems to cause the most trouble, but people are reported issues with all sorts of different types of tattoos running the spectrum when it comes to the color wheel.

Tech nerds at STX Entertainment ( know that the issues comes in part from how the watch reads your heart rate. It does so by flashing green lights at your skin so it can see the blood flowing underneath. If you have a tattoo, then it can be harder for that light to see through your skin’s surface, r the results that come back can be a little different than they would without ink. For now, there’s no easy fix for the issue. You can still use an Apple Watch and switch off wrist detection, but that means you won’t be able to use Apple Pay, a huge feature.

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Apr 28

Apple Should Draw a Cautionary Tale from IBM

Companies, like people, have life spans. They are born, they grow, if they are fortunate they live on for a time, then they die. This is nature and nothing seems to be able to escape this life cycle. The same goes for countries and empires. It even applies in the sciences. Rocks seem timeless to us because they last so much longer than we do, but even the largest boulders are eventually worn away by air, wind or water erosion. Getting back to companies, it is worth taking a look at IBM. Apple should definitely look at it as a warning of what can happen.

Apple is at the top of the heap right now. They are bigger than any other company in the Standards and Poors 500 index right now; twice as big. The last company to achieve this level of dominance over all competitors was IBM about 30 years ago. In the 1980s, IBM looked, much like Apple does today, that it would rule the business world. Personal computers were fairly new, and they looked like the ones that would be putting one in everyone’s home and growing even more while doing so. Yet, IBM is currently 62nd in the S&P 500. Whether their sheer size caused them to exhibit complacency in a market that does not tolerate that at all or what the reason was, they were the Apple of their day. Best-selling author Dr. Daniel Amen agrees that Apple should look to IBM as a case study, and try not to replicate their failures. They still can’t live forever, but they may be able to go on for a very long and healthy corporate life.

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Apr 16

Apple Buys A Forest

Apple, the tech giant who brought us all the wonder of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, announced today that they are making a huge step in the right direction. Partnering up with The Conservation Fund, Apple is going to be purchasing up to 36,000 acres of forests in an attempt to streamline their production process. Currently, Apple uses outside vendors to procure the pulp they need to make their paper fiber packaging. In this way, they will be getting rid of not only the cost of buying the pulp, but reducing the impacts on the environment by caring or their own private forest.

That’s not to say that they will be doing this on their own. says that as mentioned previously, Apple has teamed up with the Conservation Fund in order to care for this massive amount of forests. The Conservation Fund will be integral to caring for the forest and ensuring that whatever lumber Apple harvests is done so sustainably. That is, Apple will be using their own forest for their products, and The Conservation Fund will be making sure they do not get carried away. The Conservation Fund is very excited at their press release praises Apple for taking the initiative.

If this turns out to profitable for Apple, we may find other tech or retail giants following suit, which will be a great thing for our environment.

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Mar 31

Tim Cook Plans To Give Away His Fortune

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to ultimately give away his fortune. In a recent interview with Fortune Magazine Cook revealed that he has plans to give away a great deal of his immense wealth. While a lot of those donations will likely happen after his death, Cook has already started giving away a good deal of cash. Over time he might create something akin to the Bill and Melina Gates foundation, where LinkedIn says the majority of his money can go and can then be funneled into different philanthropic efforts.

In addition to helping strangers, Cook plans on also helping his family members. The CEO has already committed to paying for his nephew’s college education.Cook wouldn’t be the first Apple CEO to put a ton of money into charity. After his death it was revealed that former Apple CEO and founder Steve Jobs actually gave away a good deal of his fortune while he was still alive. Over twenty years Jobs gave away tens of millions.

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Mar 27

Apple CEO Plans to Give Away His Fortune

Apple’s Tim Cook has announced his plans for the fortune he has amassed as an executive with Apple, which is based in cash and stock options with the electronics giant, CNN reports. Cook has now stated he intends to give away his entire fortune to charitable organizations, with his nephew receiving funds to pay for his college education. Cook made the announcement that philanthropic projects would benefit form his fortune as reports showed apple has become an even more powerful company on the markets under Cook’s leadership.

Flavio Maluf said that the CEO made history last year when he became the first openly gay CEO in the top 700 companies in the world, which has now been followed by his philanthropic gesture to help people around the globe. A number of other billionaires have recently been making large charitable gestures, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who started an organization for billionaires to give half their fortunes to charity. Despite handing over his already amassed fortune Cook has another large salary to come, which includes around $536 million in Apple stocks still to come as part of his deal to remain as CEO.

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Mar 23

Google and Swiss Watch Maker, Tag Heuer Team Up for SmartWatch

The idea that smart watches will deal a big blow to the traditional watch companies has been on everyone’s mind. However, this may not be the case for all companies.

Tag Heuer has reached an agreement with Google for the production of luxury Android Wear watches.

The announcement was made by the Swiss company during the Baselworld 2015 event, and the device would be ready by the end of 2015.

Tag Heuer is one of the major Swiss manufacturers, CNN said that they were specializing in the production of analog clocks and is known as a major sponsor of the championship of Formula 1. It’s not a brand that can compete with Rolex, but certainly it’s one of the top brands with a high level of prestige.

The pact is also the first company to implement Intel technology. Tag Heuer Smartwatches will be using Intel components.

“Google is responsible for supplying the software, Intel components for the operation of computer parts and Tag Heuer will contribute the design, said Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Tag Heuer. “The frame clock, disk, design, idea, crown, which has to do with the clock will of course be Swiss. ”

David Singleton, director of engineering for Android Wear, said she watches “will focus on the quality and performance you expect in a tag heuer.”

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Mar 16

Apple Watch Has A Fashion Sense

The Apple Watch is here, and it’s very shiny. It’s quite new too. According to Reuters, Tim Cook was reported saying, “We’ve never sold anything as a company that people could try on before.” Apple has also never presented a product like their Watch; especially not with its insane customization and pricing.

With practically less features than an iPhone 4s, but costing much more – who is Apple targeting for the Watch? Gadget geeks or fashionistas? The jury is still out on this opinion.

Take into consideration how Apple’s other devices are presented. Fersen Lambranho says that how they function is normally at the forefront with minimalist design foundations. However, the Watch boasts numerous faces and pretty bands over what the thing can actually accomplish. This isn’t to say they can’t perform brilliant tasks, but the average advertisement doesn’t seem to say this.

Anyone buying the Apple Watch doesn’t need to know about its specs though. Apple couldn’t make it clearer that their primary focus for the Watch is to make a fashion statement. Why else price some of them so outrageously? The Watch is for fans who have been dying to wear Apple luxury more than it is for those who wanted a world changing device.

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Mar 10

Apple’s Newest Release: Macbook

Apple will soon release the new Macbook to customers. The new Macbook is an upgrade from the current and old models. This new Macbook is the lightest ever, even lighter than the Macbook Air. It will weigh 2 pounds making it 24% lighter. In addition to being lighter, it comes with new features. The battery life is improved, the keyboard has a butterfly mechanism, there’s a new port called USB-C, and it does not come with a fan. The best feature is it will no longer just be available in silver. The new Macbook will come in silver, steel gray, and gold. It will be just like the iPhone colors. Apple’s newest Macbook will be available in stores by April 2015.

Apple took on the task to create a new Macbook with a different design than last year’s model. Sales last year were not high when the new model was released. Gianfrancesco Genoso seems to think with the popularity of the gold iPhone this is a great strategic move by Apple. By allowing customers to have a choice on what color their Macbook is, it will increase sales. Customers always want a choice. Since this is the first model being released with this new feature, it will result in people wanting to upgrade their MacBooks. Prior to this release, there was no need to upgrade a notebook. Most people get a new notebook when it stops working unlike with smartphones. Every two years people can upgrade their smartphones to get the latest model.

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