Sep 10

Brazilian Iconic Authors Still Legends

Many people worldwide may by default associate Brazil with football champions. Having hosted the recent football world competitions, it has also flourished in literature. For many years, the authors from this country have remained creative and excellent. They are now even moving to a greater height of giving their literature a worldwide appeal. This includes the translation of their work to English. The auspicious moment has been marked with the naming of Michel Laub and Daniel Galera as the best young Brazilian novelist. The Granta magazine which has shed a limelight on the two authors has shown that even the young authors in Brazil are shinning.

Diverse and wholesome literature

The literature of Brazil dates back in 1822 and beyond. This was after the country gained independence. The literature thus paints a picture of vibrant history of the society and the slaves, the European settlers and the experiences the country went through. Football has also been well documented by writers such as Chico Baurque and Nelson Rodrigues. Historians have identified PeroVaz de Caminha’s letter written to Manuel 1 of Portugal as what could be considered to be the first Brazilian literature. It describes the shape and landscape of Brazil back in 1500.

The founding fathers of literature

Machado de Assis has been named as the founding father in Brazilian literature. Machado’s best work has remained to be a piece on the ‘Epitaph of a small winner’ which he wrote in 1881. Other authors who have taken the writing field by storm include Euclides da Cuhna who wrote the ‘Backlands, the Canudos Campaign’ and Clarice Lispector who published the work on ‘Near the Wild Heart’ in 1943. Other writers who remain to be celebrated include Paulo Coelho, Bernardo Carvalho, Jorge Amado, Oswald de Andrade, and Euclides da Cunha. Among the women, Clarice Lispector and Ana Maria Machado take a lead among many other women.

Categories of Brazilian authors

Many people have been involved in the publishing of different kinds of literature. The writers who have gained wide acknowledgement can have their work categorized as follows. Poems, short stories, non-fiction books, children books, chronicle, journalism and literary critics are just part of the list of the published works. Women have also taken a special position in the publishing of literature. This has seen them get to positions of novelists, short story writers, film directors, screen writers and columnists.

Jaime Garcia Dias success

Jaime started his career when he was only 15. Over the years, he has gained skill and this has seen him awarded in the Fictional Literature awards. In his years of writing, he has written 20 books. Five among the 20 books have received awards. His books include Fell from heaven, Tiny, Two Way, Canal and Clouds. At the age of 45, he still remains a legend and role model to many upcoming writers.

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Sep 09

The 990 Company: Bringing The Market to You

Are you a new or even veteran broker in real estate? Have you tried everything you can think of to have your client list increase? Chances are (most certainly) that if your in the real estate business you have already. And still are today.

Isn’t it strange how the real estate market in general has not taken advantage of the internet and it’s capabilities we have come to enjoy? This is why one real estate company is not dominating the market right now. What is great information to have though is that “990 Sells Homes” is doing precisely that.

This company specifically is offering the option to sell your home with a commission as low as $990 while including all other traditional real estate services. What this means is that you can look for a buyer while your agent is is doing everything they do to sell you home as well. It really is a win/win. On the one hand they can find a buyer first and you pay as usual. On the other hand if you find your own buyer with no agent attached you negotiate and close the sale for just $990.

This is a breath of fresh air when it comes to selling your home. For homeowners it is a welcome option to have. For some companies it may not bode as well. There is a lot that can be said on the subject of selling your home. Selling it and not being financially drained to boot is something we can all appreciate as potential home buyers/sellers.

The added option of you holding your own open houses not only potentially saves you loads in commission but also gives your home more exposure for new buyers. With you and you agent both holding open houses and actively looking for people ready to deal with you, it’s like double advertising.

For agents this can be great exposure as well. You as an agent may not be getting your usual 6% or whatever the case, but your client will love you and surely give your number and recommendation to them. This is a nice way to really generate those referrals for even more potential sellers. Really it is a wonder that nobody has implemented this concept sooner. It is sure to shake things up in the real estate world.

Happy Sales!

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Sep 06

A Man’s Talent Is The World’s Treasure

Art is one of man’s ways of expressing himself, a way to vent off any feelings or just letting off steam. They are a reminder of the things we have forgotten; like patience, for such works were not completed in a day and in the case of photographs, a lot of determination and a never giving up spirit is what brings out the master pieces. For centuries, works by Michelangelo, not to mention Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Monalisa, have surpassed the test of time. This is because it takes a good master piece crafter and a passionate collector to make art thrive through the test of time. The world has these individuals to thank for taking the initiative to keep these priced gems. One of these men is Adam Sender, a business man whose passion for art turned him into a renowned art collector.

Adam knows good art by just looking at it. This has therefore come from experience in collecting them since the 1990s. The master piece he holds range from Cindy Sherman’s photograph which shows a stunned woman trying to cover herself with blankets. The photograph whose cost ranges from$2-$3 million was acquired at the price of $100,000 in the 1990s. His other collection that is most priced is that of Martin Kippenberger whose price is estimated to be $3- $4 million. Adam is a man who possesses good taste. He also has in his possession, Richard Prince’s spiritual America; a piece that is very popular. Other artists whose works he has include: Sarah Lucas, Matthew Barney, Chris Ofili, Keith Haring, Jenny Holzer among others.

Adam Sender is an advocate of gender equality. He never looks down upon an art just because the master piece was created by a woman. Adam has expressed himself on the matter stating that people ought to buy the work at the displayed price and not at a discount because the artist is considered to be of the lesser gender. Adam Sender’s Whitepages profile is linked.

Adam is not afraid to show the world what he has amassed in his years of art collection. In fact, he looks forward to visits by his friends and neighbours so he can show them his collection at his Miami home.

His collection does not only come from the older artists alone but he has also developed an eye for the younger artists like Adam McEwenan, Benson, Diana Al-Hadid, Jim Lambie, and many more. In his opinion, he cites that contemporary art is the in thing; the upcoming artists being the ones to watch out for. His latest acquisition is from Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Other notable art collectors include Martin Margulies and Debra Scholl.

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Sep 06

Dan Newlin-One of Florida’s Top Injury Lawyers

Injuries can be be devastating. It can put persons out of commission for weeks, months or perhaps indefinitely. This can especially be devastating financially, when injured victims suffer economic loss that can hurt not only them but their loved ones as well.

And when you are a victim of an accident on the job or otherwise, then you need, not just a lawyer, but a superlawyer. If you happen to live in Florida, Dan Newlin is that man. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Mr. Newlin, who is well-known to many of his valued clients in Florida, has considerable years of experience in helping people with their personal injury cases. In fact, he and his team of highly-experience lawyers has the unique honor of being known as a Super Lawyer Law Firm.

Dan Newlin started his law enforcement career at the tender age of 20 when he began working for the New Chicago, Indiana, Police and Fire Department; he later accepted a position with the Orange County Office, where he worked for 10 years, rising to the high rank of Sheriff’s Detective. Mr. Newlin has also worked in Narcotics Enforcement as well as Auto Theft Detail in addition to being assigned as a Detective in Fugitive Division.

In 1997, Mr. Newlin was accepted into law school and graduated from Florida State College of Law, where he graduated in 2000.

Since that time, Dan Newlin has gained wide acclaim and respect from both his peers and clients alike. Attorney Dan Newlin, to date has recovered over $15,000,000,000 for many of his valued client; in fact, his office has grown from originally one secretary in a small office into a much larger with 18 highly-skilled, experienced attorneys working along with him, as well as a staff of over 75 other highly-skilled persons in their respective fields.

So, as one can see, Dan Newlin has an extensive background in the legal and he knows exactly how it works. So if you, or your loved ones have been involved in a personal or work-related injury, Dan Newlin is the go-to attorney to see. (Twitter)

He can help you and your loved ones to claim the monetary losses and damages that you and they are certainly entitled to.

In fact, if you would like to know about this man and his amazing career, why not go to his website to gain more insight about Dan Newlin and learn about the some of the many satisfied clients he’s helped to reclaim their financial losses.

Mr. Newlin knows how difficult it can be in a time like this, when you’re suffering a lot of pain and frustration and you’re too confused to know what legal recourse to take.

Contact Dan Newlin today. You’ll be glad you did.

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Sep 04

Igor Cornelsen’s Advice Will Allow People To Feel Good About Investing

In the excitement of investing one’s money it can be easy for that person to get carried away and end up losing every penny. And that is what makes the stock market seem like a scary thing to some people. They have seen their friends fail when investing in it, and they don’t want to do the same. So, what they are going to have to do to make sure that they do not do the same is not to keep themselves from investing, but instead to look up to someone who knows the stock market and the way in which it works. When they can keep their eyes on someone who knows how to invest well in the stock market, such as Igor Cornelsen, then they will be able to place their investments with confidence.

Igor Cornelsen tells everyone who is investing to do some thorough research on the companies in which they are considering putting their money in before they do that. He says that the research that they do may keep them from investing in a corrupt company, and therefor, it is essential. Another thing that Igor Cornelsen points out as being a smart move when one is wanting to invest is for them to consider which companies they believe there will always be a need for. Food companies are a good one for people to invest in, since people will always be buying food, and that may be a good option for people to consider when they are getting ready to put their money into a company.

So, one does not need to be scared about investing their money into the stock market, but instead, they just need to be careful with it. They need to follow the things that Igor Cornelsen has suggested that they do, and then they should be able to feel good about their investments.

When one wants to learn about the stock market it is smart for them to have a good example of someone who knows it well to look up to. There are some people who have succeeded in the things that they have done in the stock market, and who know more than most. And one of those people would be Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen spent many years studying the way that the stock market works, and he has been able to learn many things about it from doing that. And, he has shared the things that he has learned with those who need the knowledge. He shares his belief that one should look into the companies that they are considering investing their money in before they actually do that. He shares his belief that people should invest in multiple companies so that they know that they will not waste all of their money if one of the companies fails, and he shares his belief that people should choose the companies that they invest in wisely. He says that picking companies that one knows will do well, because of the demand for the items that they are supplying, is the best way to do things.

It took a long time for Igor Cornelsen to come up with all of these things and to know that they are true. He has taken the time to study the stock market and to find out what people should and should not be doing when they are investing in it, so that others don’t have to go through that bother. All that people who are thinking of investing have to do is to look to Igor Cornelsen and follow what he has told them to do. When they do that they will know that they will have success.

Igor Cornelsen is very big on passive income. As a matter of fact, tons of people are discovering the value of passive income. More people are searching for information on the different types of ways to generate passive income. Fortunately, there are tons of different methods for passive income generation. These include running a blog with ads, affiliate and Internet marketing, and investing. Igor Cornelsen himself recommends investing for passive income since it is actually one of the easier ways to generate that kind of income. All one has to do is find the right asset to invest in, and then invest in it.

There are tons of advantages that sound like a dream come true for many people. When it comes to generating passive income, one does not have to be directly involved at all times. This means that one does not have to work long hours in order to make the income that he needs to support himself. The money just builds up over time. It does not matter if he suffers an accident or has to take time off for any reason. The money will still add up over time. Also, if he happens to lose his job, he still has something to fall back on for income.

Another Igor Cornelsen sees in passive income is that it allows people more time. As the saying goes, time is money. When people do not have money, then they don’t have time. For people that are interested in making enough money, they are going to have to devote a lot of time to their work when it comes to making income from their work. Passive income offers a continuous flow of income which is attractive for investors like Igor Cornelsen. It is actually rare to find someone that does not desire to have that kind of income available.

If there is one thing that is prerequisite for success in most cases, it is education. For anything that is pursued, it takes a lot of knowledge of the industry that one is going into in order for one to succeed in that industry. Igor Cornelsen himself is very educated in the industry as a stock market businessman. This is why he is so successful at what he does. He took the time to learn about the methods that one could use in order to figure out a very profitable investment.

One very important thing that Igor Cornelsen is educated in is finances. He has looked at different aspects of managing finances which include ways of earning income. One does not have to rely on just a job in order to make enough money to pay his bills. There is another method for earning money that Igor Cornelsen recognizes and recommends that people look into. This method is making the right investments in Brazil. Brazil has plenty of assets that one could invest in that have plenty of potential for profits. Seeing that there are plenty of options, it is worth knowing that not all options are equal. This is where education comes in.

Igor Cornelsen uses his education in order to know the signs of a good asset to invest in. He has a lot of questions that he asks about the asset before he decides to make a purchase on it. One thing that Igor is truly educated on is the value of passive income. One thing that is valuable is building up passive income so that one could actually earn money while he is not working. The fact of the matter is that he is not going to be able to work at all times. This is why Igor Cornelsen suggests looking at something that is going to earn one plenty of income over time. The one main advantage that Igor sees in residual income is that the money does not stop coming in when one stops working.

Igor Cornelsen continues to be a success story for people that are looking for something to invest in. They should follow his example and read about his attempts. There are plenty of valuable lessons that could be picked up from Igor Cornelsen’s mentoring.

For most people, there is actually a limit to what they can earn, especially if they are just working a job. Many jobs do not have much room for advancement. Even the jobs that have advancement opportunities do not guarantee them for each and every worker. This means that the worker could be stuck with a wage that is lower than what he could be making. Also, there are tons of unforeseen emergencies that could easily wipe out finances. For this reason, it is good to look into buying assets. It is those assets that could help one achieve financial independence. In order to look into leveraging and investing, one needs to find an example to look to. One example is Igor Cornelsen.

Igor Cornelsen is a stock market businessman. He does a lot of work in Brazil. He has a lot of experience as an investor and knows what it takes to actually profit big in a way that brings about financial independence. His tips are actually very interactive in Brazil. Brazil is actually one of the more social areas. Therefore, one will be able to connect with people who are trying to bring out a successful business. It is very easy to connect with businessmen in Brazil. They have a lot of experience for one to learn from when it comes to investing and running their business.

Aside from working as an investor, he has a blog in which he shares information on the different types of incomes one can pursue. He talks about passive income and the other known way of getting income. According to him, it is good to use both so that he can achieve financial independence. One of the things that make passive income such a great thing to look into is that one gets a continuous flow of income as Igor Cornelsen knows. Passive income is the type of income that accumulates over time. Igor Cornelsen would also advise looking for different types of accounts that generate passive income. Igor Cornelsen knows of the different ways to generate that type of income as well, which is why he is very successful as a businessman.

In Brazil there are very many storms that may lead to crisis in the banking sector especially when the economy is not good. But surprisingly, the Brazilian banks are able to withstand all these storms. As a renown Brazilian Banker and investment professional, Igor Cornelsen says that the banks are able to withstand all these storms because they have the knowledge and are well experienced on what to do during turbulent times. Here banks that are in the side of private sector can only lend money to people who satisfy their conditions when it comes to money lending. This has helped the banks a lot because they have been able to streamline their costs in relation to security. This in turn helps them to look into what they need to do for the future.

For people who do not have very good credit requests, they should look in the banks that are in the public sector, those whose spending is cash based or may also do away with the plans they had that were challenging economy of the and the development of the country. The government should create an environment that make the investors feel more safe and come up with well oriented reforms.

The Brazilian climate is not very favorable. It is also uncertain, but the availability of natural resources and the rise in population growth that require a lot of improvement in infrastructure make this country an attractive hub for investors in the whole of South America. Other factors that make Brazil a good place for investing include: it is the leader in food production in the whole world and also the largest country in the whole world.

According to Cornelsen, it is a thrilling example to look at, but at the beginning of 2015, Igor realized that majority of the people who were willing to invest in Brazil were almost totally behind the banks. It is therefore prudent for people to know the whole truth just before they start thinking of how to invest. After his study, Cornelsen came up with an easy profile on what a person is supposed to know before they can invest in Brazil.

i. Banks in Brazil have ten major players

Brazil is the largest country in South America and has the biggest economy. This makes it a powerhouse.

ii. A fresh face that could change things

The matrix of economy in Brazil is far much out dated and needs to be reviewed for better ideas to be incorporated in it.

iii. Ensuring China is paid attention to

China being a reliable trading partner of Brazil means that if its economy become better raw materials would be bought from Brazil at better prices.

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Sep 02

The NBA Proves The Latest Area Of Success For Bruce Levenson

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks to billionaire Tony Ressler has been an ongoing saga for a number of months. Ressler and his group of investors have spent a large amount of money to buy the NBA franchise and the rights to operate Philips Arena from the Bruce Levenson led Atlanta Spirit consortium, which has been in control of the Hawks since 2004 and brought the historic franchise back to its highest level of success in decades. Ressler’s group will now try to push the Hawks on to become a major force in the post season of the NBA after Levenson and his investors presided over a resurgence that started with the Hawks rooted to the foot of the NBA standings.

Bruce Levenson on prnewswire is no stranger to success as a businessperson as he has spent the majority of his career heading up the United Communications Group, better known as UCG. The company was formed in a spare room as a provider of newsletters to the oil industry, but quickly expanded to reach many other industries as the group it its stride as a serious provider of analytics. Perhaps the area of development that should have shown fans of the Atlanta Hawks that Levenson would prove a success was his move towards technology as the 21st century arrived and the arrival of UCG as a major provider of real time analytics.

The arrival of Bruce Levenson and the rest of the Atlanta Spirit consortium in Atlanta in 2004 should be seen by Tony Ressler as a positive thing and provide a great deal of information about moving in the right direction. The team was positioned last in the overall standings in 2004 and remained there for the 2005 regular season that even saw the arrival of expansion teams in the NBA. Bruce Levenson refused to panic and instead looked on as a steady turnaround of the Hawks was undertaken, which resulted in the team reaching the 2015 playoffs as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

Tony Ressler’s arrival at the Atlanta Hawks sees the franchise closer than ever before to adding a second NBA Championship to the one won in 1958. Under the leadership of Bruce Levenson the NBA has seen the rise of the Hawks to a position of respect and power after a long period of less than impressive seasons. The arrival of Tony Ressler is designed to see a further rise by the franchise to higher levels of achievement and the fans hope, a second NBA Championship.

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Aug 28

Empowering a Businesswoman

A businesswoman is any woman who holds a high position in business or firm. The phrase businesswoman refers to a woman who is good at handling the economic issue and participates in leadership roles in business. Companies who allow women on their board of directors generate more value to their firms as their market vision is broadened. Such companies have improved corporate reputation, enhanced board dynamics, and inspire other female stakeholders. In their research, the Catalyst Census of Women found out that, out of the 500-fortune list, only 15 % of the board seats are taken up by the female.

The majority of businesswomen are discouraged from holding corporate positions or taking part in business activities by a set of myths fixed by the society. The myths suggest that women are not suited to any business not to mention holding a leadership role in a company. Consequently, the myths have justified the lack of progress in women by keeping them “in their place”. The worse of it all is that their lack of progress is blamed on the women rather that the gender discrimination.

Developing countries

Women-owned business in third world countries is micro, medium or small. Often, the few business owned by the women do not mature, consequently increases poverty and discrimination. Understanding the problems and barriers facing businesswomen and providing solutions is the ultimate step to leverage the economic power in such countries.

Developed countries

Women-owned business in developed countries, particularly in the United States has doubled in the last two years. Currently, women own 31% of the corporate firms in the United States. The US credits affirmative action with the creation of an active generation of women in business ownership and leadership.

Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American based businesswoman and an executive consultant. She was born in East Liverpool. She is known for being the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. and the President of American Eagle Outfit. Currently, she is on the HFF Inc. boards; HFF Inc. is a publicly traded company, which offers real estate commercial services. Mrs. McGalla was a trustee of the Pittsburgh University.

In closing, the number of women in business is increasing globally. However, they continue to face more and more barriers that stunt the growth of their careers in business. In response to this problem, World Bank has opened a clearinghouse for research and programs to empower women in business.

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Aug 27

Kenneth Griffin’s Hedge Fund, Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a global financial institution that was founded by businessinsider‘s Kenneth Griffin in the year, 1990. This company manages two businesses which are Citadel and Citadel Securities. Citadel is one of the largest asset managers in the world that currently manages more than $26 billion in assets. Citadel Securities is one of the most successful market makers across the globe. The company trades products that include equities, equity options, and interest rate swaps for their clients. In addition to being one of the best hedge funds in the world, it is also one of the longest lasting funds. Citadel has been in existence for over twenty years which is an accomplishment many businesses cannot achieve. Because of its investment performance, Citadel attracts some of the largest institutional investors in the world. Citadel currently has almost over 1400 employees. The headquarters for Citadel are in Chicago and the company currently has offices throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. But,of course none of the company’s success would be possibly without the founder.
Kenneth Griffin is a billionaire with an amazing intellect on the economical world. He was born in Daytona Beach, Florida. He started his investments during his Freshman year at Harvard University. During his second year in Harvard, Griffin started a hedge fund focusing on Convertible Bond Arbitrage. The fund was financed with $265,000 from himself, family, and his friends. With the extensive knowledge he had acquired, he made a satellite link to his dorm so that he could receive information about the market. His clever investment strategies helped him avoid a possible crash during the Stock Market Crash of 1987. With his first fund successful, Griffin started another. Soon, he was managing two very prosperous funds with over $1 million. In 1989, he graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.
Today, Kenneth Griffin is probably the most prominent businessman in the world. In addition to being deeply involved in the world of economics, he also is an active supporter of educational causes that drive community improvement. He serves on the Board of Directors on the Chicago Public Education Fund. He also supports the college he graduated from, Harvard University. Today, he has spent over $250 million to improve and enrich the lives of others. He was contributed to the places that need help the most such as the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Art Institute. He also owns uncountable successful corporations and funds. In Chicago, he has done so much to help every place possible. He supports even the civic and cultural institutions such as being a member of the Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitney Museum.

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Aug 26

The Trends in E-commerce

In current 21st century where technology has been on a fast tracked development trend, it has been very crucial for investors to identify the new market opportunities that are coming up. This is the main reason why we are seeing the development of great innovation s and new business models as a result of the new technologies. Currently, the business world has had to adjust to the reality that E-commerce is gradually taking over and replacing the conventional Mortar and Tar stores. This is a change that has become inevitable with the convenience and efficiency brought about by the current internet technology. As a result, new business models have come up and different marketing strategies built to accommodate the new technological advancement.

QNET is one of the greatest companies around the world that have based their market and business activities on the online and internet platform. Being one of the greatest innovative entrepreneurial ideas of the 21st century, QNET has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. This growth has been as a direct result of the current need for information and opportunities that the internet provides for the same. In essence, the company has taken advantage that the internet platform offers to create the greatest online franchise. With marketing, it is almost impossible to get things wrong. This is where the founder of the company based his faith on and establish the greatest conglomerate online.

Today the company has several offices around the globe and it boasts of thousands if not millions of consumer base spread and drawn from every corner of the world. The company’s online platform is very easy to work with. It only involves a few registration steps to acquire one’s own account and then from there you are good to go. However, even if you are not a registered member on their website, you can still take a tour and view the products and services that are on offer. Nonetheless, in order to make an order or purchase anything from the company’s website you need to be a registered member. QNet is a marketing company known around the world.

The company is a renowned midlevel marketing organization and its marketing strategy has been in play for quite some time now. The company has its own binary distribution chain that allows its distributors to make money through earning commissions from active sales and participation as well. This strategy has seen the company grow into the multinational group of companies that it is today and the growth is still expected to rise owing to the current growing market. QNET has strategically set its bases in the major world economies including china, the UK, and the US. However, the company has also been showing interest in other markets such as Africa especially central Africa.

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Aug 25

CSC: Eric Pulier and Quality Leadership

In the world of IT, there is a clear industry leader. Computer Sciences Corporation, better known as CSC, is an industry leader in technology. Starting in 1959 when founders Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jong began the company, CSC has remained on the cutting edge of the technology industry over the course of the last several decades.

Already having a strong base, CSC really got a boost in the 1960’s when they began getting government contracts such as contracts for NASA. This gave them the boost they needed to begin the process of expanding to a global company throughout the next several years. Today, Computer Sciences Corporation has over 90,000 employees in an impressive 70 countries.

CSC is also quite profitable. They are a Fortune 500 company and have been many times. In addition, CSC can boast being the first ever software company on the New York Stock Exchange in the 1960’s.

One thing is for certain about CSC. It would not be what it is today without great leadership from the top down. One of these great leaders is Eric Pulier, former CEO and Vice President of Cloud Systems for the United States and Australia. Pulier was absolutely instrumental in the development of the company, bringing years of experience and expertise to the table from the minute he walked in the door. He’s also written this book.

Eric Pulier was no stranger to success when he walked in the door at CSC. Far from it. Pulier graduated first from Harvard and then from MIT, excelling in both schools. He was offered the rare opportunity to present in Washington D.C. in a presentation on technology in education and health care. The presentation even had live communication with astronauts in space. It was a great honor for Pulier. Pulier went on from there to work on some of Al Gore’s technology initiatives.

Pulier is also a philanthropist. He started a whole website dedicated to children with disabilities so that they can build a support network with other children going through similar circumstances.

In addition to all of this, Eric Pulier has invested a lot of his own time and money into helping start up companies in the fields of technology and media. He is certainly a busy man.

It is clear that people like Eric Pulier have exhibited the leadership absolutely necessary to take CSC to where it is today. These leader have pushed Computer Sciences Corporation to the technological economical giant that it is today. It will be amazing to see how such leaders use technology to push us into the future.

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