Chris Villanueva Shares His Entrepreneurial Experience

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is currently one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the global health sector. He is the founder of MB2 Dental, a company he started with the motive of introducing a unique experience in the health industry. Since its inception, the firm has supported many healthcare practitioners in more than 70 locations. The organization has established itself across six states and has over 500 employees.

Villanueva’s interview with IdeaMensch

Chris Villanueva shared with the readers what actually inspired him to begin MB2 Dental Solutions. According to him, dental degree presented only two options: be part of a large dental group or venture into private practice. It’s in regards to this that he decided to come up with a model that suits both. The result was his company, an option that perfectly amalgamates the earlier alternatives into one.

Chris pointed out that keeping smart people around his life has played a significant part in actualizing his ideas. He strongly believes in collaboration, an element he has attributed many of his ideas to. Villanueva is mostly excited by the role that technology continues to play in the dental sub-sector.

The habit behind his productivity

Dr. Chris points out that he doesn’t take his life too serious, a factor he claims has contributed greatly to his success. He develops his team through humor, an aspect he affirms to create good mood and friendly working environment.

Like several other entrepreneurs, Chris Villanueva experienced challenges at the start of his career. Given a chance to start over, he says he would build all the necessary infrastructure earlier. According to him, inadequate infrastructure presents a real challenge and would advice start up businesses to look into it. The doctor believes in doing self reflection again and again. Unlike many people, Chris doesn’t spend his vacation on what he considers lazy stuff such as basking in the sun. Instead, he gets out of his routine activities and spends time on self reflection.

Chris Villanueva attributes the growth of his business to empowered and motivated human resource base. He gives readers a business idea on food-allergy friendly outlets and recommends ‘start with why’ by Simon Sinek.

Future of dentistry and MB2 Dental Solutions

According to Epodcast network, Chris believes the future remain bright for dentistry and his company. MB2 will continue to work hard towards its course: bringing doctors together to achieve more than they can accomplish individually. The company has continued to embrace the ever changing medical technology, an aspect that keeps it relevant always.

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