The Inspirational Career of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prominent English businessman, entrepreneur, international speaker, author and philanthropist. He is the owner and CEO of Learn to Trade, a renowned global training company that has operations worldwide in countries such as South Africa, Australia, England and Philippines. Greg is also the owner of Smart Charts Software, one of the most efficient Forex Trading systems that identifies profitable trade opportunities and reduces risks for private traders. He also owns Capital Index, an award winning STP Forex brokerage. As an established international speaker, Greg is the founder of Global Success Summits, a global seminars events company that hosts the world’s best speakers to the platform.

Greg Secker is passionate about his job and is devoted to improving the lives of others through training, mentoring and supporting upcoming entrepreneurs. his commitment and hard work saw him become a multi-millionaire in his twenties. As the founder and owner one of Europe’s most successful trading firms, Secker has been instrumental in supporting the common man to match towards their financial freedom.

Greg Secker holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nottingham. After his graduation in 1997, he started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Group where he was in charge of Virtual Trading Desk (VTD), an online real-time forex trading platform. In 1999, Greg moved to Mellon Financial Corporation, where he served as the Vice President of the then popular Fortune 500 investment bank in the USA. After garnering enough capital and experience in the finance and foreign exchange industry, Greg left Mellon and kicked off his entrepreneurial journey by establishing his first company, Learn to Trade in 2003 in London, UK.

As an established, knowledgeable and inspiring international speaker, Greg is severally called upon by the media to give his input on the market status and direction. He has spoken on renowned market channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC. In 2013, Secker teamed up with prominent businessmen Sir Richard Branson, Dr. John Demartini and Francois Pienaar to launch Success Summit industry in South Africa, a first of its kind in the country to be established by such a successful entrepreneur. Greg Secker is also an author, and he has written and published several books such as Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom Through Forex among others. Through these books, he gives advice and guidelines on how to be successful in the foreign exchange industry.

In spite of his busy schedule, Greg finds time to give back to the society. He is a generous philanthropist and has been lauded globally for his contribution to charitable causes. He founded The Greg Secker Foundation in 2010, a charitable organization aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals around the world.

With impressive entrepreneurial skills and dedicated personality, Greg Secker is certainly an icon in the investments industry. As a passionate altruist, he continues to mentor and support upcoming forex traders and entrepreneurs worldwide on their path to success.


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