Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has entered into an innovative new partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth called Clinical Pathways. Working together, they are developing an oncology platform which is comprehensive and customized for individual patients. This endeavor will enable oncologists to customize their treatment plans for patients using an increase in relevant information from a powerful database utilizing inputs from all three entities. Hundreds of oncologists contributed to the project that will improve the treatment of cancer.

The Clinical Pathways program helps present all options available for treatment. It also helps clinicians sort through the deluge of clinical studies and new data regarding cancer research. This creates an ecosystem of treatment choices for patients to review and they meet the standard of care established by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
This program was designed with the interests of the patient as the uppermost concern. It provides the latest cancer research, treatment regimens, and complementary therapies which give oncologists timely information and a list of care protocols at the place of treatment.
Each patient’s unique needs is a primary consideration when the treatment platform is implemented. The evidence based approach is combined with supportive therapies and the patient’s quality of life during treatment is also given strong emphasis. Another example of the functionality of the program is updated information regarding response rates, adverse drug reactions, and toxicity. The whole system is designed to give patients greater confidence that their treatment protocol is correct for their specific diagnosis.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America understands fully that every cancer is unique just like every one of their patients. They are committed to personalized care with precision medicine that takes advantage of the latest advances. Their experts are highly trained in the complexities of a dangerous disease.
The talented personnel working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are fully engaged in treating only cancer and have developed a high degree of specialization as a result. Every stage of the disease is approached with collaboration and innovative treatment options.

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