Retail Leader Honey Birdette Continues To Find Success In The Luxury Lingerie Industry

Lingerie and adult products have been the domain of the Australian brand Honey Birdette since the company was established in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan as she searched for an engagement gift for a friend. The retail industry has often been said to be turning away from the establishment of brick and mortar stores towards a more Online based retail option; however, Honey Birdette appears to be bucking this trend with a move towards creating a long term period of success in the U.K. with plans to develop 37 new stores by the end of 2018.

Despite the move towards a more brink and mortar focused period of success for Honey Birdette the brand is also seeking to ensure it remains an active part of the Online retail industry with a move towards extending its reach far beyond its Australian home; in the U.S. market the Honey Birdette brand has been seeking to expand upon its success with a 374 percent rise in Online sales across the year 2016. The development of a new North American Online sales platform has been one of the main advances of recent years as the brand continues to find new customers in both the U.S. and Canada.

The growth of the Honey Birdette brand has come at a fast rate in the company’s native Australia where it has become known for the luxurious nature of the stores developed with an eye on becoming an experience enjoyed by customers regardless of their background.

Eloise Monaghan has worked with a number of investors to develop the Honey Birdette brand and was personally mentored by Australian retail billionaire Brett Blundy on how to improve her business. Investor Mel Brookman is also credited with giving Monaghan the confidence to develop the brand and create her own range of Honey Birdette products.



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