Honey Birdette Plans To Expand To The UK With Forty Store Openings

Honey Birdette is one of the most well-known lingerie brands in Australia. The brand opened its first store in Brisbane in 2006, and since then has expanded to over fifty-five stores throughout the country. The brand specializes in making luxury lingerie and is one of the biggest retailers in that sector. Seeing its popularity in Australia, it was only a matter of time before people from all over the world would want to buy all that Honey Birdette has to offer. Today, the company has a significant number of customers coming from all corners of the world, especially the United States and the UK. A large quantity of the sales that Honey Birdette sees every year are in fact coming from international customers, which is why the company is now set on global expansion.

With its increasing popularity in these countries, the brand plans to open up stores in numerous well-known locations now. Just last year, the brand opened up stores in three locations in London, with the first store in Covent Garden. The brand plans to open up at least forty stores by the end of next year, in locations across the country. Honey Birdette already has its eyes on Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool to open up their stores. The brand however still has to find the locations for their remaining stores, which they aim to do soon in light of their store openings.

It is not just the market in the UK that the brand plans to capitalize on. Honey Birdette also plans to open up stores in prime locations across Europe and open up a few more in America. With this, they hope to give their international customers easier access to the lingerie that they put out. With this expansion, the lingerie company is set to take on some of the biggest brand names in the industry.

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