Cassio Audi, a Man of Many Crafts

A jack of many trades! The phrase would aptly describe one Cassio Audi. Indeed, a man of many talents. Most people know Cassio the successful investment management specialist. The success story in the financial sector was preceded by another success story in music. Yes, music, heavy metal to be precise!

Like many other teenagers, Cassio tried out a hand in his talent. He was a member of a Brazilian band that had a profound interest in British heavy metal music. The teenager took Latin America by surprise with their great talent at such tender ages. The group, known as Viper, was instrumental in the growth of heavy metal music in Brazil in the 1980s. The band was formed about 1985 and was topping the music scene two years later. Although the initial members left, it remained active for decades owing to its solid foundation.
Cassio was a drummer for the group and also composed some songs which took the airwaves by storm. He was an active member of the group for about four years before leaving sometime in 1989. His love for investment and finance may also be traced back to his youth. Ability to penetrate the music market with the unique music genre was not easy, especially for young musicians and bands. He is accredited with propelling the Viper in the music industry through energetic marketing not only in Brazil but the whole of Latin America.
By the time he left, the band had some albums to their name. Cassio was more popular owing to his drumming expertise. One interesting fact is that they began by playing small gigs and recorded demo songs. The demo songs did very well pushing them to release their first album. Cassio Audio is simply a multifaceted man who dynamically utilized his talents to propel him into a successful career life.

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