Avaaz An Empowering Community

Avaaz is a civic association that encourages worldwide activism. It deals with several issues. The issues that this civic association primarily focus on are weather patterns that have the potential to cause global change, rights of individuals, rights of animals, exploitation, dearth, and worldwide conflict.

Avaaz has an amazing worldwide team of members that work consistently on issues. Technology broadens the capabilities of Avaaz. Avaaz is able to create campaigns with extraordinary quickness, tractability, emphasis, and scale. Avaaz’s community online is nothing short of extraordinary. As an empowering online community this civic association is able to bring forth awareness of current issues, bring forth the concern of the public, provide an avenue for individuals, and make beneficial change happen on a daily basis.

Every year Avaaz sets positive goals and priorities. Ideas for campaigns are tested each week. Ideas that have a strong liking with its members are eventually put forth into the public. Emails are transferred between members on a daily basis. Important information is shared amongst members of this civic organization. Members are given the opportunity to get involved with established campaigns. Campaign ideas come from the members of the Avaaz community. Leadership and communication is a very important aspect of Avaaz. Avaaz practices admirable leadership and trustworthy communication on a daily basis.

Avaaz as a civic association have strong values. Avaaz stands by the belief that everyone is an equal individual and every individual has responsibilities to maintain in our modern day society. Avaaz believes it is important that every individual respect one another, generations to come, and the planet. Avaaz is a dedicated community. The community consistently sticks with addressing and/or trying to change a crisis and issues on a daily basis.

In conclusion, Avaaz is a very optimistic community that empowers many individuals.

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