Clay Siegall: Biotechnologist and CEO of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall, a biotechnologist and the CEO of Seattle Genetics, blog posts are generally based on the story on the national public radio (NPR). Some of his recent posts include the review of Bears Ears National Monument by Ryan Zinke, the California’s findings on the Aid-In-Dying, learning how to snuffle like a dog.

The interior secretary, Ryan Zinke was to clarify on the debate whether the Bears Ears National Monument, which is situated in Utah, should be abolished or not. The California’s finding, on the other hand, reveals that despite the legalization of the lethal prescription, most of the doctors still do not easily prescribe it. Concerning the post on how to sniff like a dog, a psychologist trained herself to behave just like the dogs, claiming that we are born smellers.

Clay Siegall studied Genetics at George Washington University, where he graduated with a Ph.D. he also attended Maryland University, where he attained a degree in zoology. Siegall is the current CEO and the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Before the Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked as a researcher for some organizations. For example the Bristol-Myers Squibb Institute, between the periods of 1991 to 1997. Siegall has also been able to work in association with Institutes of Health and Cancer, identified nationally.

As the CEO of the Seattle Genetics, Siegall has contributed to some of the firm’s success. For instance, he has greatly contributed to raising the company’s capital. The 2001 funding of the company was greatly behind his contribution. He raised over 1.2 billion dollars from the private and the public funds only. Siegall has as well made greater contributions in fighting cancer, through the firm. Recently, he promised the production of 12 new drugs aimed at fighting cancer.

Apart from the Seattle Genetics company, Siegall is currently on the board of some other business firms and research association. Siegall is the Administrator of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA). The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance as well has him as a member of the board of governors. In 1995, Siegall received the Pierce Award on the grounds of directed toxins.

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