Wessex Journals; Read, Submit, Enjoy

Wessex Institution of Technology produces international journals. These journals range from information about environmental impacts to design, nature, and eco-dynamics. There are seven different journals addressing many different topics that Wessex Institution produces (soon to be eight in 2018). If interested in a subscription, Wessex offers a one-year subscription plan. A one-year subscription plan includes receiving 4 – 6 printed issues from Wessex journals for that year.

Although you may be able to obtain a subscription, all journals can be downloaded digitally for free on the Wessex website. All articles allow for paper submissions. If choosing to submit a paper, there is a publication fee per paper published. All submitted papers will undergo a peer-review process. If Wessex approves the article, it will be published. Published papers will be in full-color print as well as free to view online. If interested in submitting a paper, you can access all necessary information : Click Here.

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