Who Knew That Holding Tasting Wine Tastings Could Be Profitable?

If you have ever selected a wine for a special dinner and then found that you were not pleased with the taste, you know how important it is to taste before you buy. Unfortunately, when you buy wine that costs less than $25 a bottle, store employees do not let you taste the wine first. If this scenario is common in your circle of friends, consider signing up with the Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide. You will hold unpretentious wine tastings in homes, showing people the proper way to taste wine and you will suggest foods that pair well with each wine.

The Traveling Vineyard supplies the training; so all adults who enjoy wine are eligible. On Facebook, Wine Guides post pictures of their tastings; you’ll see that their tastings resemble a party with appetizers, wine and people having fun.

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Your income is a commission on orders guests place after the tasting. Since you are promoting exclusive wines from the Traveling Vineyard, guests at the wine tasting cannot run to the store later and buy the wine that they sampled; however, they may place additional orders with you after the wine tasting. Additional earnings are possible when you build a team by encouraging others to take advantage of the opportunity as well. Perhaps the best part of being a Wine Guide is that they so not have quotas; you can take time off whenever you choose.

Visit travelingvineyard.com for more details about the company.

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