Adam Goldenberg: The Business Genius

Adam Goldenberg is the co-founder of JustFabulous and Intelligent Beauty Inc., which are both successful businesses. Adam’s career experience is remarkable. He started his first business in his early teens and had had great success in business ever since. Adam had owned Gaming Alliance before it was acquired in 1999 by Intermix Media.

When it comes to business, Mr. Adam Goldenberg has an outstanding knowledge, skill, and experience. His leadership has enabled JustFab to acquire and develop many brands, which include Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. JustFab has over 2,000 workers and has an average annual revenue of $650 million.

According to Adam Goldenberg, the fashion industry is growing and changing rapidly. So, companies like JustFab always have to implement their strategy of creating online brands. JustFab has a membership program which offers consumers an exclusive experience. What’s more, the relationship built is beneficial to the company in a lot of ways.

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Adam Goldenberg credits the success of his businesses to hard work, persistence, and passion. He loves his business because it allows him to meet other people who are passionate about fashion and exploring talent. Adam also loves spending time snowboarding and drinking coffee from time to time. Adam’s greatest inspiration is people who conquer challenges.

JustFab is built on transparency. Mr. Goldenberg believes it’s important to share with his team about the status of the firm, whether it’s gaining or losing revenue. This helps his company to rectify various issues and improve productivity.

About JustFab

JustFab has proved to be one of the most successful companies in the world. In 2013, the company raised $55 million and bought ShoeDazzle. Currently, JustFab has members in five countries outside the US. Additionally, it has fresh brands such as Fabletics.

With the help of great customer response and feedback, JustFab has created high-quality products on This has enabled the company to make sure that the clients get a satisfactory JustFab experience. Great customer service is essential to the success of every business, including JustFab.

Recently, JustFab renamed itself Techstyle Fashion Group. The new name aims to emphasize the roots of the company in Technology. The brands in Techstyle’s portfolio include Fabkids, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics and JustFab.

To be successful in the fashion industry, you need passion. Adam Goldenberg employs only individuals who are passionate about their work. He always tries to look beyond sparkling resumes to find people who are driven to achieve the best results and impact change on the world of fashion.

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