Relationship between Fashion and Technology

Technology has grown tremendously over time, and it has been a fascinating journey. In the 70s, boom boxes were the in thing as they allowed users to carry around their favorite stations and tunes. Then two cassette decks came in, and their use was continued into the 80s. One side of the tape deck played music while the other could be used to record from the other cassette. In the 80s, the use of tapes was advanced with the addition of movie story lines and this added popularity of cassettes. A more personal experience was introduced in the 90s with the invention of a Walkman. In the 2000s is when iPods came in.


Today, there is a lot of synthesis of fashion and technology. Fashion designers are excited in creating something that delivers and this has been made possible by technology use because it brings a higher standard in functionality and innovation. Designers create fabulous fashions by recycling materials but through innovations. For example, SegraSegra recycled inner tubes of bicycles are used to create t-shirts and jackets. Technology and fashion can also be used hand in hand to create energy. Movement can be converted to electrical power, and newly created clothing captures kinetic energy to power things like mp3 and watches. Technology and fashion can grow together to help one another.


Christopher Burch, the writer of technology and fashion trends, is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital prides itself in attractive brand portfolios such as Cocoon9, Poppin, Nihiwatu and ED by Ellen DeGeneres. He has a diverse business background ranging from real estate, fashion to technology. He has great passion in entrepreneurship, and he started his entrepreneurial career while at Itchica College when he was still an undergraduate. He, together with his brother Bob founded Eagles Eye Apparel, and it grew to $165 million before selling the business out.


Burch has 13 investments in 12 companies, and this makes him known as the serial investor. Some of the companies that he has founded include; Tory Burch, Nihiwatu, Chubbies Shorts, Poppin, Nanoleaf, Hooch and PCH International.


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