Which Services Are Given to USHEALTH Group Members?

USHEALTH Group Inc provides a range of healthcare coverage options for individuals and families. Customers are given the option to create custom plans that fit their budget and medical needs. For more than 50 years, USHEALTH Group insurance has worked as a top-level healthcare company that provides different types of coverage plans.Find them on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ushealthdirect/

Family Insurance

Coverage for you and all members of your family is provided through USHEALTH Group family insurance. As an USHEALTH member, find tips to save money on treatments and prescription drugs. Review the list of full benefits online, and determine the eligibility of you and family members.

Specified Disease Insurance

Also known as critical illness insurance, recipients are covered for specific diseases, such as cancer, stroke and HIV/AIDS. The payments are distributed in a lump sum or as monthly income.

Sickness and Accident Insurance

Cover the expenses that result from sudden illnesses or accidents. In addition to medical bills, you have the standard home and transportation costs to pay. To become eligible, complete specific diagnostic tests and show your inability to keep long-term employment.

Dental and Vision Insurance

Dental and vision insurance services are provided separately to eligible members. Choose the right plan based on the cost and duration of coverage. Also, choose from a network of local, qualified dentists and eye doctors.

Disability Insurance

Short-term accident disability income insurance from USHEALTH covers you for lost income, transportation and medical bills. Receive monthly disability benefits and a maximum period that varies from 3 to 12 months.

Find Quotes Online

A free quote tool is available to anyone who is unsure about the costs of USHEALTH insurance. Type in your zip code and choose from a list of agents in the area. Once you become a group member, review information about your personal account that includes your full benefits and current treatments.USHEALTH Group Inc has healthcare options for children, families and disabled or unemployed individuals. Apply for coverage without worrying about the open enrollment period. If you have further questions, speak to an insurance agent near you, and learn more about customizing a short-term or long-term plan.

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