How Customers Feel About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the largest provider in North America of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Their products and services are used by almost 3,500 law enforcement and correctional facilities in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Their many products and services includes among other monitoring, investigative technologies, public safety, and prevention.

Securus Technologies solicits feedback from the clients they serve on how they feel about Securus Technologies and in which ways their products and services have been helpful. The comments were received from those officials who prevent crimes as well as solve them, and those in correctional facilities who are tasked with making their environment safer and more superior for both staff and prisoners.

In a comment about the release of these comments the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Richard A. Smith, said that his company releases a new product almost once a week that is designed to help enforce the law as well as prevent and solve crimes when they do occur. His company receives thousands of emails from clients every year.

One official wrote in thank the company for their tools that help him take proactive measures so that he can monitor and deter contraband entering his facility. A detective wrote in to say that he had a question about a covert alert feature on one of the products and a customer service rep was able to help him; this lead to him taking a suspect into custody.

Another detective wrote in to say that Securus Technologies LBS software is a great tool. He has used this software along with other resources in order to recover millions of dollars worth of illegal assets including cash and drugs. He went on to say that without this software solving some of the crimes would be very difficult if not impossible.


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