Clay Siegall Leads the Fight Against Cancer

Clay Siegall is the CEO of Seattle Genetics. He is a scientist’s scientist having dedicated his life to finding cures for cancers. From his college studying Zoology until he earned his Ph.d. in genetics, he has been single-minded in his dedication to fighting his chosen adversary, cancer. His company Seattle Genetics has one possible pivotal drug being used in Asia today and will soon be allowed for treatment in the United States of America.

The viewer will find various stories dealing with the realm of the sciences. Siegall has made available numerous radio broadcasts from National Public Radio to allow researchers and those curious to follow some of the cutting edge discoveries taking place today in science. There is something for everyone in these NPR broadcasts from the taste of oranges after being soaked in nature’s rain to the ophthalmic problems facing astronauts in space.

Siegall is a man of this intense and dedicated makeup who is on the forefront of cancer research. While his treatments of cancer-fighting medications are difficult for normal patients to understand, the offers for help combating their illnesses are greatly appreciated. Siegall’s company, Seattle Genetics has received sufficient funding to continue with its research into the discovery about how cancers can be stopped or slowed. Seattle Genetics will be relentless as a leader in the field of cancer research under the able leadership of Clay Siegall. For more on Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics visit the website.

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