Gold for Troy at the Planet One Professional Awards

This year’s Planet One professional awards were held a few weeks back and they drew a few winners from the business community and beyond. One of the winners of the first prize is the current CEO of the US Health Group, Troy McQuagge. Troy was awarded gold for being this year CEO of the year. He has been at the leadership of US Health group since 2013 and has made many changes in policy which have led to the current success of the company. He was thrilled to learn that he had been awarded.

He stated that receiving the award was a reflection on the overall success of the company. He was deeply honored to receive the award and stated that he would do even more to make sure that the company delivered better services to their customers. When he joined the company, one of the first things that he did was make sure that their somehow disorganized functions were composed. This is something that he achieved by creating a redistribution agency that harmonized all the actions of the group. It is the success of the move that made the management board realizes that he was the best person to lead the group as a whole.

The aim of the award is to appreciate people that are leading their businesses well and award them. There are also categories for businesses that are succeeding. The awards look out for public, private, profit and non-profit organizations and award the ones that are successfully achieving the goals and objectives that they have set out to accomplish.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy has been at the helm of the group for close to seven years now. One of the things that he has achieved is transforming the manner in which business is carried out by the company. Prior to the appointment, he had many other related experiences in the field. These are the experiences that he draws from when he is leading and making decisions for the company. He states that even though there have been rough patches here and there, he is still happy about the success of the group so far.

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