The Achievements of Andrea McWilliams

For years, women have been making great strides in the political scene. There are many women in the United States that work as lobbyists and political strategists. They work to help people in their community to bring their issues to the forefront. These women are also citizens of the communities that they are serving, so the work they do means so much more. There is one woman in Austin, Texas that has years of experience as a lobbyist for the people of Austin. She is a philanthropist and she has her own political firm with her husband. This is woman is Andrea McWilliams.

Andrea McWilliams started her political career journey very early. McWilliams became a Chief of Staff at the young age of 21. She showed that she was capable of doing a exceptional job in that field. After that position, she worked for a public relations firm, named Public Strategies, Inc. With her husband, Mrs. McWilliams opened her firm named McWilliams. The purpose of the firm is to provide governmental affairs consulting services. Their firm is full-service. The McWilliams firm is successful because Andrea and her husband Dean combined their talents to provide skilled services to their clients.

Andrea Mcwilliams has won many awards over the years. She was the recipient of the 2016 Texas Businesswoman of the Year Finalist Award, given by the Texas Women’s Chamber of Commerce. She was also the recipient of the Austin Under 40 award and she was honored by the Girl Scouts of Texas with their Woman of Distinction award. Mrs. McWilliams has worked with foundations for years. She has helped the Susan G. Komen Foundation raise a significant amount of money for cancer research. She is on the board of several non-profit organizations including Art House, Texas Lyceum and Austin Children in Crisis.


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