Kim Dao’s Korean Clothing Haul

Kim Dao shows off her fabulous new finds in the video titled “Korean Clothing Haul.” Kim Dao starts off by mentioning that Korean fashion isn’t as pricey as Japanese fashion. Kim Dao even jokingly says that Sunny, her best friend, was a bad influence and that she spent a lot of money on this recent shopping trip. The first piece that Kim Dao highlights is this beautiful off the shoulder top that she is modeling in a split screen view on the video. She paired the top with a nice light peach colored skirt. Kim Dao has this top in two colors, white and light blue. This was under the advising of Sunny who told Kim that if she really likes something that she should buy it in every color. Kim Dao shares another off the shoulder top, but it’s in a much different style than the previous ones featured. The middle of this topped is cinched at the waist, and it is has a lovely pale pink color that would be perfect for the spring time. Kim Dao pairs this with a pair of denim shorts for a more casual, yet romantic look. The clothing that Kim Dao has chosen all looks amazing, and they all have an element of versatility that makes them easy to switch up for different occasions.


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