How Cotermar has established itself to offer Offshore Services

Cotemar is a successful company that is located in Campeche, Mexico. The enterprise has majored in providing a wide array of solutions to the energy sector in the country. It has specialized in shipping specific commodities, handling oil, maritime services, as well as development and maintenance of facilities that are based in the sea. Cotermar’s services have been hired by various firms that require marine transportation and one of them is Petroleos Mexicanos.


The company’s staff comprises of professionals who are skilled in different fields. It offers a lucrative salary and has always been dedicated to ensuring that they have an excellent working environment. Cotemar has established exceptional standards and safety regulations that it uses in running its operations. They make sure that the workers are comfortable, and therefore, increases their productivity. The employees also receive top-notch treatment and privileges. They are offered a place to sleep, delicious cuisine, cleaning services, and laundry. The managers of the enterprise are friendly, and they interact well with the junior staff.


The business has made significant progress since it was founded in 1979. The primary services that it offered when it was established were catering and lodging. Cotermar was different from other enterprises that provided similar services since it was based offshore. The scope of solutions that the company currently offers to the clients has significantly grown. Its success has been supported by its excellent values, vision, and mission.


Cotermar presently owns and manages a fleet of vessels that are designed to transport both solid and liquid commodities. Some its unique boats are used in processing oil. The ships of the company primarily offer access to energy facilities that have been established in the sea. The firm first purchased its fleet of ships in 1981. At that time, it had specialized in transporting people offshore and offering accommodation. It grew gradually, and by 1985, it owned a floating hotel that had all the facilities that a person would need when they away from land. The firm started acquiring it customized boats in the 1990s, and it currently has a fleet of 40 vessels. It also has more than 8000 workers.


The firm caters for food and accommodation needs of the people who are on its vessels. It has several small cabins that can house 2-4 individuals. Cotermar also offers recreational amenities that assist its employees in relaxing after work. These facilities include common areas, movie theaters, basketball courts, and TV rooms. The food courts on Cotermar’s boats can feed more than 4000 people.

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