Securus Technologies Highlights Customer Feedback In Latest Press Release

Securus Technologies has made a compilation of positive customer feedback that it has received from its customers in a press release. The feedback highlights how Securus Technologies products and technology have helped Securus clients solve and prevent crimes. It also contains feedback that highlights how Securus products have helped law enforcement crack down on illegal activities in the prison system. Below is a small sample of feedback that has been received by Securus Technologies.


One law enforcement division from a sheriff’s department says that Securus products and technology have helped the sheriff’s department seize millions of dollars’ worth of illegal narcotics and cash. The client in this case especially praised the LBS software developed and patented by Securus as being a major asset for fighting against criminal networks and cartels. Without such tools made available by Securus, the law enforcement client goes on to say, seizing these assets would be next to impossible.


Another client from a prison states that Securus Technologies’ phone recording systems have helped the prison staff root out of a corrupt employee. Thanks to the phone records stored by Securus, the prison staff have now arrested this corrupt employee that was proven to have smuggled contraband into the prison.


Other clients laud Securus monitoring systems that have allowed investigators to discover lies and cover-ups in stories when inmates tell family members or friends what to say and not to say. Securus investigative and preventive tools have also been praised such as the covert alert system. Such tools have helped prison staff prevent crimes both inside and outside the jail facility.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. They also have a technology center in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Securus has extended an open invitation to all law enforcement and correctional personnel to come visit their technology center to witness the tools that Securus has available to aid law enforcement and prison staff in their daily tasks.


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