Eucatex The Leader Of Construction And Design With Sustainability

Founded in 1951, Eucatex is a manufacturing company that provides building supply and construction materials to construction companies and contractors, and one of their primary kinds of wood that is used is eucalyptus, hence the name eucatex. Their main supply chain is primarily wall boards and panels, but they also manufacture floor boards, furniture-making supplies, and even paints and wood finishes for various projects. Eucatex is a publicly traded company and investors can purchase shares on the Brazil BMF&BOVESPA. They also have strong relations to the local rural communities and practice environmentally sound eucalyptus harvesting, making sure that deforestation is controlled and replenished through planting of new seedlings.

Eucatex has seen growth throughout the years of its existence and one of the leaders of that growth is CEO Flavio Maluf. Maluf and his wife Sylvia joined the company in 1996 and since then have taken the company upwards increasing the profits and reducing debt, making it the 2nd largest hardboard manufacturer in Brazil. Initially the company had to take some setbacks in decreasing employees and scaling back operations, but since 2009 they were able to bring back some stability and hire more employees while meantime increasing wages and seeing a 548% increase in profits during this time.

Eucatex not only operates in Brazil, its corporate offices have expanded overseas to countries like the Netherlands and the United States. Besides replenishing and redeveloping forestry for production, Eucatex has also become a leader in wood recycling and turning old hardboard products into brand new construction materials, saving tremendous costs in operations. Besides serving as CEO for Eucatex, Flavio Maluf is a chief economist and has done research and written articles on Brazil’s international trade and relations with foreign economies, also providing insight into the nation’s gross domestic product productions and advising for Brazilian investors.

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