The Undo Send Button

For that unedited email or accidental send, there is now an undo send option offered by gmail. If an email to your husband gets sent to your boss or if a message to your best friend gets sent to your co-worker, there has not been an undo message until now. After pressing send, there is often that feeling of regret of either sending the message to the wrong person or forgetting to edit the grammar mistakes in the message.

Finally there is a solution to the problem everyone has. Google now offers an undo button to every email that has been sent. The new tool will allow the user to pick a time slot in which the person sending the email may or may not decide to change up the email.

The time slot for this change to be decided on is between 5 and 30 seconds. You can find this particular feature by clicking on the settings option when logged into your gmail.

If you are not a gmail user, it is currently recommended to get gmail for the purpose of using this newly created feature. That is why Crystal Hunt uses it. She first heard about the feature on Twitter. By stalling the email up to 30 seconds, the user can quickly choose to rewrite, edit, or to change the recipient in the email. The undo button could save many mothers, coworkers, bosses, and many more from that embarrassing email that you accidentally sent while in a hurry.

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