Apple’s New Watch On The Way

The new Apple Watch is expected to be released this Spring and it might have some significant impacts on the industry. It will have combine features on other devices used today such as fitness trackers with additional technology. The watches will allow wearers to track their phone calls and text people from their wrists.

These watches will come with a variety of different displays. The Wrap reports that while they might not fool anyone into thinking they are a high end fashion watch, the functionality can’t be denied. You will be able to read and respond to text messages right on your wrist. For those in a hurry the watch has messages programmed into the watch you can tap and send, a feature that Tom Rothman is thankful for.

Speaking of tapping, you can actually feel taps from another Apple Watch wearer through your watch to your wrist. Wearers will also be able to draw pictures and share them in real time. Calls can be answered quickly on the watch or transferred to your Apple iPhone for longer conversations.

Unfortunately for the fans of Knight Rider from the 1980’s there is no indication that you will be able to communicate with your car through the Apple Watch. 35 years ago though people thought that communicating with others through your watch was just science fiction, and now Apple is making that a reality.

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