Jun 24

Clay Siegall: Biotechnologist and CEO of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall, a biotechnologist and the CEO of Seattle Genetics, blog posts are generally based on the story on the national public radio (NPR). Some of his recent posts include the review of Bears Ears National Monument by Ryan Zinke, the California’s findings on the Aid-In-Dying, learning how to snuffle like a dog.

The interior secretary, Ryan Zinke was to clarify on the debate whether the Bears Ears National Monument, which is situated in Utah, should be abolished or not. The California’s finding, on the other hand, reveals that despite the legalization of the lethal prescription, most of the doctors still do not easily prescribe it. Concerning the post on how to sniff like a dog, a psychologist trained herself to behave just like the dogs, claiming that we are born smellers.

Clay Siegall studied Genetics at George Washington University, where he graduated with a Ph.D. he also attended Maryland University, where he attained a degree in zoology. Siegall is the current CEO and the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. Before the Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked as a researcher for some organizations. For example the Bristol-Myers Squibb Institute, between the periods of 1991 to 1997. Siegall has also been able to work in association with Institutes of Health and Cancer, identified nationally.

As the CEO of the Seattle Genetics, Siegall has contributed to some of the firm’s success. For instance, he has greatly contributed to raising the company’s capital. The 2001 funding of the company was greatly behind his contribution. He raised over 1.2 billion dollars from the private and the public funds only. Siegall has as well made greater contributions in fighting cancer, through the firm. Recently, he promised the production of 12 new drugs aimed at fighting cancer.

Apart from the Seattle Genetics company, Siegall is currently on the board of some other business firms and research association. Siegall is the Administrator of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA). The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance as well has him as a member of the board of governors. In 1995, Siegall received the Pierce Award on the grounds of directed toxins.

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Jun 24

Greg Finch, the Phenomenal Orthopedic Surgeon

In case the musculoskeletal system undergoes any injury or even a particular condition, orthopedic surgery is conducted. The doctors performing the procedure undergo training on issues regarding the diagnosis, cure, and prevention of the disorders or disease of the joints, bones as well as the ligaments. Procedures are conducted in an attempt to bring the body back to shape. One of such procedures is the joint replacement. The process is performed on patients who have injuries on their joints or have arthritis. The joints affected could be that of the knee, hip, and the ankle. During this procedure, the affected joint is removed and later replaced with an artificial joint. It enables the patient to gain mobility.

The spine surgery is yet another procedure. It is conducted to treat patients who suffer from severe back pain hindering them to undertake their daily routine. During this process, the vertebra and the spine bones are joined. Also popular is the total shoulder replacement. The aim of the procedure is to treat an injured shoulder. The damaged cartilage and bone are replaced with a metal or plastic implant to help in improving the mobility at the shoulder.

These procedures are very involving, demanding the surgeons to receive a rigorous training. Greg Finch is one of the sufficiently trained orthopedic surgeons. He is based in Australia. His area of specialty is spinal complications. The invasive spine surgery fascinates him. Greg Finch is a registered member of the Spine Society of Australia.

The career of Greg Finch kick started at the Shiners Hospital for Children. Then, he was a pediatric orthopedic as well as a spine surgeon. He has more than 16 years of experience in his area of specialization. Greg Finch graduated from the University of Auckland for his undergraduate degree in medicine, before joining the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.


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Jun 21

Cassio Audi And His Musical Business Career

Cassio Audi has had a strong business career that stretches back many years, and there are many people who wish to use his services because they are enchanted by his music. The music of Cassio Audi is a strong advocate for his creative mind, and he is creating music at the same time that he is improving his business career. This article shows how Cassio is helping his clients while writing some of the finest music of his career.

#1: How Does He Join Music And Business?

Music and business go together in the world of Cassio Audi because he knows that all his clients require more-creative solutions. The solutions he builds are often made on the strength of his creativity, and he offers these solutions to his clients in a way that is more useful to them. He creates profits for his customers in this manner, and they often fall in love with his music after they meet him.

#2: Writing More Music

Writing more music is a part of Cassio does, and he works on a number of new songs every year that will comprise his new albums. He knows that his albums are popular in Brazil, and he often creates turns of phrase that mean something to the people of the nation. He has built a much better brand for his music career, and he has kept his career going even while working in the business field.

Cassio Audi is a known businessmen in the nation of Brazil, and he believes in helping people make as much money as possible when they come to him. They will love his music, and they find that he helps them make more money on every investment. He shows these customers how to make changes to their profits with creative approaches.

For more information on Cassio Audi follow him on Facebook.

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Jun 08

ClassDojo-Keeping Everyone Connected

ClassDojo is transforming education for kids all around the world. ClassDojo is making it possible for teachers, parents, school leaders, and students to stay connected in every classroom and to create an amazing story that they can share.


ClassDojo is an app that improves communication in the classroom by connecting teachers, students, and parents through videos massages and photos. It lest them work as a team in order to share classroom experiences and is bringing huge ideas to life in classrooms and homes alike.


ClassDojo is used in 90% of K-8schools in the United States and is being used in over 180 countries. It has also received the Education Innovation Award in 2011, and the Innovation by Design Award in 2016. ClassDojo has also been recognized as one of the 35 most innovative apps of the year in 2016.


The Classroom feature of ClassDojo lets students and teachers build their culture within the classroom through creativity and teamwork and lets them share feedback on progress made with one another. Classroom is a great way for teachers and students to build an awesome classroom together.


Messages lets teachers, parents, and school teachers stay connected together thorough instant messages without the need of a phone and the messages can be translated into 35 different languages.


The Stories feature of ClassDojo allows pictures and videos to be updated instantly during the school day. The Story feature lets parents and students stay connected and up to date on what is happening in the classroom throughout the day. Class Story allows teachers to stay connected with the families of their students and help map progress and to stay on the same wavelength with the parents. Student Stories lets the student create their own story with a timeline so that they can share what they’ve learned.

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May 29

What is a Kabbalah Center?

Kabbalah is a philosophy that is increasing in popularity and spreading across urban centers throughout the world. Naturally, this leads to a lot of confusion and misinformation as to what the Kabbalistic philosophy is really all about.

The first Kabbalah Center was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag way back in the 1920’s. This is the beginning of the modern form of Kabbalah, a movement or philosophy dedicated to bringing followers a sense of fulfillment and happiness stemming through rituals, self-examination, and a greater knowledge of creation and thus their role in the universe. However, according to its philosophical leaders, the core teachings of Kabbalah are actually much older than that, predating most modern religious institutions. Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing

Kabbalah is based on a segment of ancient text within the Torah. The Torah is the Jewish sacred text and also makes up a large percentage of the Christian Old Testament. This particular sect is called the Zohar. For centuries the Zohar was not directly translated into Hebrew and thus was accessible to only a small group of religious scholars and leaders with the knowledge to translate it. Ashlag made it his goal to translate the Zohar into Hebrew and thus make its teachings accessible to the average man.

Kabbalah Centers became institutions of study and learning where the knowledge and perspectives contained in the Zohar could be examined by anyone. Though it is rooted in Jewish tradition and history leaders maintain that the wisdom of the Zohar is non-denominational. Kabbalistic practices and philosophies can be adapted to the life of any individual regardless of the religious or ethnic background.

Currently, there are Kabbalah Centers in more than 40 spread through countries all across the world. Those who find the subject of Kabbalah interesting can seek out these institutions if they want to gather more information.

https://www.linkedin.com/company/kabbalah-centre for more.

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May 25

Wessex Journals; Read, Submit, Enjoy

Wessex Institution of Technology produces international journals. These journals range from information about environmental impacts to design, nature, and eco-dynamics. There are seven different journals addressing many different topics that Wessex Institution produces (soon to be eight in 2018). If interested in a subscription, Wessex offers a one-year subscription plan. A one-year subscription plan includes receiving 4 – 6 printed issues from Wessex journals for that year.

Although you may be able to obtain a subscription, all journals can be downloaded digitally for free on the Wessex website. All articles allow for paper submissions. If choosing to submit a paper, there is a publication fee per paper published. All submitted papers will undergo a peer-review process. If Wessex approves the article, it will be published. Published papers will be in full-color print as well as free to view online. If interested in submitting a paper, you can access all necessary information : Click Here.

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May 24

Who Knew That Holding Tasting Wine Tastings Could Be Profitable?

If you have ever selected a wine for a special dinner and then found that you were not pleased with the taste, you know how important it is to taste before you buy. Unfortunately, when you buy wine that costs less than $25 a bottle, store employees do not let you taste the wine first. If this scenario is common in your circle of friends, consider signing up with the Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide. You will hold unpretentious wine tastings in homes, showing people the proper way to taste wine and you will suggest foods that pair well with each wine.

The Traveling Vineyard supplies the training; so all adults who enjoy wine are eligible. On Facebook, Wine Guides post pictures of their tastings; you’ll see that their tastings resemble a party with appetizers, wine and people having fun.

Follow Traveling Vineyard on Instagram.

Your income is a commission on orders guests place after the tasting. Since you are promoting exclusive wines from the Traveling Vineyard, guests at the wine tasting cannot run to the store later and buy the wine that they sampled; however, they may place additional orders with you after the wine tasting. Additional earnings are possible when you build a team by encouraging others to take advantage of the opportunity as well. Perhaps the best part of being a Wine Guide is that they so not have quotas; you can take time off whenever you choose.

Visit travelingvineyard.com for more details about the company.

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May 22

All Are Fascinated With Kabbalah Centre

There are a number of famous Hollywood stars who are interested in the Kabbalah Centre. Besides, they are not even Jews. Hence it is interesting to note why so many Hollywood stars are taking so much interest in Jewish mysticism.

It can be said that it started with Madonna taking interest in Jewish mysticism. In fact, she even opened up a Kabbalah center. She invested a lot in studying all about the ancient traditions of Jews. This is what prompted her to open more Kabbalah Centers.

This tradition was followed by numerous other Hollywood celebrities that included Paris Hilton, besides Britney Spears, along with Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, as well as Sandra Bernhard besides many others. All of them expressed their interest in the Jewish Kabbalah. In fact, the interest in Jewish mysticism is so high that they are practicing it routinely. Many have even converted to Judaism.

These Hollywood celebrities feel that the Kabbalah Centre has helped them to deal with the chaos in their lives. Sometimes they visit it after a breakup or after some other depressing event in their life. Click Here for More .

Basically, Kabbalah refers to the ancient wisdom that is able to provide practical tools that can create joy along with lasting fulfillment. This is an incredible system as it completely changes the way in which one looks at the world. It offers deep insight into the creation and the purpose behind it. There is a comprehensive plan for the universe, along with a detailed understanding of all the particulars of a life.

There are many reasons why the Hollywood celebrities are getting attracted to the Kabbalah Centre. One of these is for dealing with personal problems. Another is to become a part of history that goes back 5,000 years. It is able to give something that is not material. It provides inner strength.

http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25354-finding-deeper-connections-through-kabbalah-centre for more .




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May 21

Dr. Clay Siegall And Seattle Genetics: Finding Effective New Cancer Treatments

Dr. Clay Siegall is a legend when it comes to targeted cancer therapies. The founder and CEO of the Seattle, Washington based biotechnology company Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is the driving force behind some of the most effective cancer treatment therapies and drugs being used today. His company specializes in developing targeted therapy drugs that substantially improve patient healing and mortality rates. Since he founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, the firm created the first antibody drug conjugate to get FDA approval. That drug now has a number of approved indications and is widely used.


Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership Seattle Genetics is now at the top of the targeted cancer therapy industry. Long interested in medicine, Dr. Siegall became involved in researching better cancer treatments when he saw how a family member was ravished by the cancer treatment they received. Through hard work and great focus the company has been able to develop a product pipeline that includes over 20 drugs with the potential to improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients. Dr. Siegall has also been able to establish strategic partnerships with Pfizer, Genentech, Bayer and several other companies.


As an undergraduate Dr. Clay Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he earned a B.S. in Zoology. He then graduated from George Washington University where he got his Ph.D in genetics. He then went on to work with some of the top companies involved in cancer research. They include the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of rHealth. He’s also on the board of Washington Roundtable, Alder BioPharmaceuticals and

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.


The recipient of numerous accolades and awards, Dr. Siegall was voted University of Maryland 2013 Alumnus of the Year and received the 2012 Pacific Northwest ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from Ernst & Young. A prolific writer, Dr. Siegall has had pieces published in over 70 publication. Plus Clay Siegall also holds 15 patents. Due to his passion and seemingly unending fundraising efforts, Dr. Siegall has been able to tap into public and private sources and raise more than $1.2 billion for Seattle Genetics.

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May 17

Two Extraordinary Venues For That Special Day

George Street Photo and Video offers two venues that are the perfect background to memorialize your union:

The Liberty House Restaurant located at 76 Audrey Zapp Drive Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 with its grandiose ballrooms, lush landscape, and remarkable view of Manhattan’s skyline, generates a striking backdrop any couple would be proud to have displayed in their everlasting images. This will add sophistication and awe to your exquisite wedding photographs and movies.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is another setting to help create that flawless matrimonial experience immortalized in the beautiful photos and videos captured on your special day. This site is located at 10001 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546. The spot exhibits astonishing mountain scenery, breathtaking in its grand wonder. Imagine keepsakes of you and your love at that momentous moment standing on the majestic mountain top.

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