Jul 19

An Inside Look At Lovaganza

What Is Lovaganza?

So what is Lovaganza? It is an entertainment brand that show cases unique cultures from around the world via entertainment and the arts. This includes showcasing music, dance, film and movies from different cultures around the globe.

Lovaganza has numerous projects currently being developed. A major tour is scheduled to take place in 2020. This tour will begin in May and last until September. During this tour, the Lovaganza brand will visit 50 cities across the world and showcase art, film, dance, exhibitions and performances from a myriad of cultures. The tour will be a culminating of many years of preparation, production and planning.

The 2020 tour will also be an event promoting world peace and understand between people of different faiths, races, languages and cultures. In an increasingly global world, this is a message that needs to be gotten across and Lovaganza’s 2020 world tour is helping to bring this message to millions of people in the world.

A number of films will be shown during Lovaganza’s major world tour. This will include films from a sampling of different cultures. Staying true to its authentic nature, Lovaganza’s film producers aim to film on the site of the cultures they are covering. For example Indian movie scenes and documentaries will be filmed directly in India and incorporate Indian actors and locals.

Authentic and unique locations have also been selected in the films set to be released during Lovaganza. Locations include the barren Mojave Desert and famous isolated churches in the state of California. Where filming on site is not possible or feasible, the famous Golden Ranch of Disney Studios will be used to recreate settings and backdrops in the films.

One of the major projects of Lovaganza now is the Sunshine Project which is nearing completion. This is a series of films that showcase history and bring a message or hope and inspiration. One of the major themes of the Sunshine Project is to never give up hope or lose faith. Some of the films in the Sunshine Project have a strong Christian faith element to them. They tell the message through faith in God and each other that we must not give up on our goals but always move forward.

Lovaganza also supports a foundation called the Lovaganza Foundation. This is a foundation that aims to ensure that all children have access to clean water, an education, safety and healthcare. The foundation hopes to bring all nations in the world into achieving these goals in the 21st century.

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Jul 11

Goettl Air Conditioning Gives Tips for Pets

A topic that is often not brought up or mentioned is the affect of heat on animals during the summer season. With pets being coated in think furs, this can often be worrisome for any pet owner. Thanks to Goettl Air Conditioning, some tips are given as to how pets can live and play throughout the summer season without ever being in danger.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

Below are a few tips.

During those summer walks, it is best to have any dog or other pet avoid the pavement. It is recommended for any pet that is walking in the heat to walk in grass in order to avoid a burn on the paw. To test if the pavement is hot, put a hand on the pavement and see if it can stay there for at least 10 seconds. Try taking the pet for an early morning or a late afternoon walk to avoid the heat.

Hot summers are awful for dogs or any other pet that has long hair. With this in mind, make an effort to take the dog to get groomed at least once a month from the month of May until the month of August. This ensures that the pet’s temperature is regulated in that the dog has full circulation.

Though this is obvious, a dog or any other pet must have constant water. If there is a pool in the backyard or a public place to go swimming, make sure that the pet is able to get close to the water for a nice refreshing dip.

Thanks to this family owned business, Goettl Air Conditioning wants everyone and every pet to be safe during this hot summer. With 80 years of experience this company is trustworthy and offers great services.

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Jul 06

Securus Technologies Serves Notice to GTL

Global Tel Link (GTL) has been put on notice. This might be stating it lightly too, as a blistering report was recently released citing Securus Technologies “flexing” its muscle. Integrity and ethics were the aim of this pointed policing by Securus. As a leader in providing services to the law enforcement and corrections community it seems only appropriate that such an action was taken.

GTL has been in these discussions far prior to this latest action, and those activities also centered around ethical and fair business practices as well. This may sound damning but – “double billing“, “unlawful” and “insidious” were just some of the descriptive terms of the various GTL practices. The report cited everything from questionable policies to simply unlawful intention.

With a plan to pressure GTL into acting in an ethical, fair and honest manner, Securus technologies announced a campaign intended to “shame” GTL into better behavior. For the next several months Securus intends to release more details in the fashion of those in the report about the record of GTL.

Where this PR Newswire documented story goes from here is entirely dependent on what Global Tel Link chooses to do in response to this definitive move by Securus. That feels like tension in the air – doesn’t it?

Click the links below more info:

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Securus_Technologies
  2.  https://www.linkedin.com/company/securus-technologies
  3. BBB.org


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Jun 17

Securus Technologies: Demanding Industry Integrity

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Those solutions meet the needs of employees and inmates from public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring sectors. Securus has made integrity an unwavering expectation in every area of company operations.

Though Securus’ service is A+, according to a recent Better Business Bureau rating and Crunchbase review, that is not the case industry-wide. Global Tel Link (GTL), a provider of inmate communications is an example of a provider that lacks the integrity that Securus makes a part of daily business dealings. In a report made by PR Newswire, according to findings from a Louisiana Public Service Commission investigation, GTL was found to engage in practices that are unauthorized and unlawful including, adding time to inmate calls, charging higher rates for calls than those that have been approved and double charging for calls. Securus Chief Executive Officer, Richard A. Smith stated on prnewswire.com, “It offends me and our entire industry when a carrier stoops well below the integrity bar that most other carriers have.” With that in mind, GTL can expect that Securus will deliver on their announcement that they will be sharing information with the public about GTL over the next six months. These public service announcements will reveal findings and facts about GTL’s long history of unsavory practices against consumers. Securus expects that this public shaming will affect GTL profoundly enough to change their current policies and practices to more integral ones.The outcome of these efforts to affect positive change within GTL remain to be seen, meanwhile, as they demand industry integrity, it is encouraging that Securus leads the industry by example. Securus’ CEO sums the matter up well: “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve all of our customers with their best interests at heart – in the right way.”




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Jun 16

Athleisure By Fabletics

Fabletics is a part of a larger company, called JustFab. There are several different parts to the larger company, JustFab. In addition to Fabletics, ShoeDazzle and FabKids are also part of JustFab. However, Kate Hudson helped to start Fabletics, which has been a very successful clothing company. The company continues to grow, and they offer excellent quality items to their consumers. The prices of Fabletics are also very affordable. In fact, you can join a clothing of the month club from Fabletics. This clothing of the month club is a mere $49.95 a month. You can also skip any month that you choose, and you will not be charged for a month that you skip. This really sets Fabletics apart from many other clothing of the month clubs. It is also possible to get clothes from Fabletics that specifically suit your needs. You can plug in your preferences to the Fabletics website, and the company will give you clothes that suit your individual needs.

In addition to the clothing of the month club, there are also stores that are run by Fabletics. You can find these stores in several different states, and it is expected that Fabletics will begin opening more stores at http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm. The growth of the company will make it possible for Fabletics to run more in person stores for their clothing.

Recap Of A Marie Claire Article:

The clothing that Fabletics makes is designed for your convenience. It is very easy to put on, and this makes it convenient for those getting ready to go out. It is very good for active lifestyles, and you can wear Fabletics Athleisure dresses while engaged in various activities. You can wear them while going on a walk around town or other forms of light exercise. Additionally, it is quite comfortable. The name of this specific clothing brand made by Fabletics is Athleisure.

Additionally, there are some of the dresses made by Athleisure that actually have bras in them. This means that you will not have to wear a sports bra with these dresses, as they are already included. Furthermore, these dresses are also quite convenient to put on. Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

The bathing suits also can be used for more than just bathing. They are extremely comfortable to wear, and they can be used for other activities. For instance, you could even do yoga in them. They are that light and comfortable to wear.

All in all, Athleisure is a truly excellent clothing brand by Fabletics. Furthermore, you can get it with your regular Fabletics clothing of the month club membership. This makes it very easy to get all the items in the Athleisure line, and it is certainly quite affordable. In fact, you can get new Athleisure items every month.

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Jun 15

Finding the Best Reputation Management Organization For You

When you think about the potential benefits that have come in the last few decades thanks to the internet, the list is almost endless. However, when you also think about the potential problems that can occur as a result of having an online presence (especially one that is not being managed), then you realize how troubling it can quickly become. The key is not to try and fight it all yourself, but rather you need to find the right partner who can help assist you in protecting your online image.

As a recent article and piece of news suggests, when it comes to online reputation management, you either have a good reputation or you have a bad reputation and having no reputation is almost as bad as having a bad one. The internet is a tool and everything from Facebook to Yelp will be able to convey who and what your business is and about. However, if you have anything out there that might be a little less than flattering then it can not only be harmful to your business but it can be near impossible to get rid of. And, as long as someone sees a bad review or sees your name in the news for the wrong reasons, then you can kiss new business goodbye until you can get it fixed.

The key to being able to get ahead when it comes to tapping into the powers of the current online landscape are using reputation management companies. With the professionals of a reputation management organization such as Better Reputation you not only have people who are scouring the internet for any potential bad news and negative information about your company so they can correct and remove it, but they can continue to keep watch over your image as they find ways to help improve it as well.

Better Reputation is an organization that not only understands what can harm you if it is out there, but they are also an organization that knows just how great a strong internet presence can be if it is used correctly. When you want to make certain your organization is sending the right message, talk to the professionals at a reputation management company such as Better Reputation.

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Jun 14

James Dondero’s Hunger to Expand Highland Capital Management

It’s every firm’s vision and wishes that it meets its objectives and maintains a top position in the entrepreneurial world. Highland Capital Management, like other companies, has the desire to grow and achieve the best.

With over three decades’ experience in credit markets, James Dondero currently oversees all the investment strategies for Highland Capital Management. James, the co-founder of the fund management firm, Highland Capital Management has teamed up with Linda Owen. Linda is the former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

The merger is meant to provide strategic direction to Highland’s philanthropic activities, as the firm’s charitable giving program continues to expand. Linda Owen is expected to serve as the operating manager in partnership with the Dallas Foundation. The Dallas Foundation is a non-profit organization means to improve the living standards of Texas inhabitants through the union of sufficient donors. Read more on the merger at http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608006430/en/James-Dondero-Teams-Dallas-Civic-Leader-Linda.

According to James, the firm has grown and expanded its activities over the years. Therefore, there was the need for a committed professional to manage the company’s contribution and ensure that they make a significant effect. Owen filled this gap as she is well equipped with remarkable entrepreneurial skills.

Over the years, she has also been recognized due to the ability to manage build public-private partnerships. Owen therefore naturally fits the position as she shares Highland’s vision of reforming the society. She is one of the world’s greatest economists. Linda is pleased with Highland’s commitment towards funding various organizations in the community.

Through the firm’s funding, there was a report of an improved provision of the essential necessities such as food and education. Highlands has earned itself a high reputation due to its ability to offer solutions to the challenges the charity groups faces, especially financial crisis. Linda, therefore, is more than glad to be involved with such a succeeding and promising firm.

Owen has a remarkable leadership background and has gained vast experience from the various positions she has acquired in her life. For instance, she has served as the CEO of the Real Estate Council. Owen is, therefore, hopeful that she will vastly contribute towards the company’s development.

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Jun 14

Don’t get Doxxed! Take Precautions to Protect a Reputation

Personal information is not supposed to be seen by prying eyes. Financial information absolutely must not be made publicly available for obvious reasons. Yet, as the Daily Beast reports, document dumping (“doxx’ing”) does occur. A nicely written Daily Beast article covers a host of steps that can be taken by those who would prefer to keep private info away from the internet. The article’s text is based heavily on commentary by reputation management expert Darius Fisher. Fisher’s opinions and basic advice are sure to be of great help to anyone looking for the right steps to take.


The first thing the privacy conscious should do is get all their personal details off the internet. Anyone who has registered a blog or website should have the privacy settings upgrading so owner names and addresses are not for public consumption. Checking out all those annoying data broker sites/services to make sure they are not listing names, addresses, and phone numbers is equally advisable. If so, sending a stern letter requesting they stop is strongly advisable.


Privacy settings on social media accounts should be enhanced to cut down on the potential for others to gleam information. Keeping posts from being indexed on the search engines is one way to help enhance privacy. It is an easy way, too. People have a tendency to create a social media profile and never actual look at features or settings. As a result, they compromise their own privacy without ever knowing they have done so.


A regular contributor to Huffington Post, Darius Fisher has repeatedly pointed out social media mishaps lead to online crisis situations. Fisher’s company sometimes has to create new social media presences on behalf of clients to fix disastrous social media scenarios.


Fisher also suggests changing passwords regularly and not keeping the same ones year after year. Going on “autopilot” with password creation and maintenance allows for security lapses.


As the esteemed president and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher knows first-hand what clients go through when dealing with a reputation crisis. Fisher noted that digital marketing is not always about the sale of a product or service. Digital marketing is also about branding and maintaining a positive reputation. Taking smart steps to avoid being “doxxed” helps with personal brand marketing.

Find Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.


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Jun 14

Keith and Keely Mann are Making a Difference by Providing a Scholarship Fund

Keith Mann is a philanthropist and entrepreneur who began Dynamic Search Partners in 2001. Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry for over 15 years, but when he introduced and dedicated DSP as an expert alternative executive search firm focusing on equity and investment firms in 2009, DSP exploded.

As an expert in hedge fund compensation, Keith has expanded the company with excellent staffing and hiring strategies that took his company to the head of the search market industry. Hedge fund companies were lacking talented and expert staff, and Mr. Mann’s business filled that void. DSP has been growing rapidly ever since, and now there are DSP offices in Australia and Europe.

Keith and his wife Keely are involved in bettering the community of NYC. Both of them appreciate the value of education, and they have found a niche where they can make a difference. Uniting two causes, providing education for the younger generation, they have started a scholarship fund for the graduates of Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn.

They are excited about their venture to support the young people in this school system because Uncommon Schools is for low-income students. This scholarship fund will be directed to those students who might otherwise not have been able to attend college.

The Mann’s are dedicated to fulfilling their desire to see high school graduates go on to college and become educated leaders. Keith Mann believes that with a good education from Uncommon Schools that by adding a college education, the students will be successful in making NYC a better place to live. The Uncommon School system has now expanded to New Jersey and Massachusettes reaching out to more low-income families with children in grades K-12 preparing them for college.

The annual scholarship is $5,000 and is determined by the student who writes the best 1,000-word composition on why a college education would benefit their career. Every senior student is eligible to enter the contest in February, and the winner is announced in March. This is a wonderful opportunity that Keith Mann has extended to deserving students.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/keith-mann-and-dynamics-search-partners-raise-over-22k-for-uncommon-schools-of-new-york-300044729.html

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Jun 14

Eric Pulier Knows How To Advocate For Education Improvements

Eric Pulier has been advocating for education improvements for much of his career, but he does more than talk about. He wants to see changes that have to do with technology, and he wants to see an education system that is accommodating everyone in sight. He knows that he can make big changes like he did in the early years, and he still tries to do that with the X Prize committee.

Pulier has been working on technology that makes it easier for kids to get through school, and he is also someone who wants to make sure that he can get schools to use that technology. That means that he is working very hard on helping schools learn how to use this technology, and he is also connecting students who are using the technology for the first time. He believes that connecting students and giving them resources will go a long way.

He created Starbright World just so that kids with terminal illnesses could talk to each other, and it gives these kids something to look forward to. It allows them to talk to someone who is just like them, and it gives them some solace even if they are not doing well. These kids deserve to feel like they belong somewhere, and they find places where they belong when they are talking to people on Starbright World. The breadth of experience and aid that Eric Pulier offers is beyond anything else.

Eric Pulier and his work on the X Prize committee are really interesting because he wants to keep up the tradition that he started back in the 90s. He wants to see people making new technology for the kids who need it the most, and he wants to see that information used in a lot of different applications. That means that everyone gets what they need, and it helps these people feel like they have gotten the best results for their personal needs. An adult can get assistance that will get them a job, and a kid will get the help that they need so that they can graduate.

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