Aug 22

White Shark Media? More like Great White Shark Media!

This company is great to say the least. I don’t mean to be cliché but the services they provided to me to further spread my companies online media presence was more than a large impact, and I couldn’t ask for more. At first I was skeptical, as there are many media services online that seek to help small businesses like mine. However, what separates White Shark Media is their ability to really individualize their services to your specific needs in order to maximize digital media exposure. We saw such an increase in profits that we could not believe our eyes. In today’s day and age, a digital presence is a must have for any company that wants to be successful and profitable, and we were definitely lacking experience in this field. Thankfully, White Shark Media was not, to say the least. Thanks to their 150+ employees, most of whom are bilingual, I have never been happier with my entrepreneurship. Thanks to their low set up fees, anyone looking to expand their business online can easily utilize White Shark Media’s services. They also do not operate within contracts and have no cancellation fees, ensuring that your success comes before theirs. I must say, I respect this a lot about this company. They make it clear that they are only there to help you and your business, and then prove it right before your eyes. I plan to continue using their services to expand my company (which is now growing faster than ever) and recommend their services to any small to medium-sized businesses that I interact with in the future. I honestly could not be more thankful that our paths crossed. I’m certainly glad to have committed to their services, and so is my bank account.

Find out more about White Shark Media:

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Aug 21

Growing a Business in Baltimore

Baltimore is a city with a unique past. The economy has had some issues lately for companies to deal with. Agora Financial is a publishing company based in the area. Even with all of the challenges in the industry, Agora Financial is still growing rapidly. This is a company investing a lot of time and money to improve the local area.

The leaders of Agora Financial have always wanted to make an impact in the local community. Even though they could save production costs by moving the jobs overseas, they want to invest in the community around Baltimore.

Community Service

Many employees who work for Agora Financial spend their personal time on community service. In addition, the company takes several days out of the year to go out and work in the local community. This is a great example of the positive impact that a company can make in an area.

Agora Financial is excited about the business growth happening in the publishing industry. With their investments in online services and products, many industry leaders expect that the company will continue growing in the years ahead.


Another area that Agora Financial invests in is education. Many leaders of Agora Financial strongly believe that better educational opportunities will help take Baltimore to a new level. Many people live in poverty in the city. Without access to education, people born into poverty will have few options for the future. Agora Financial has a great business plan for growth and success in the years ahead.

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Aug 16

Honey Birdette, UK expansion, US e-commerse

Eloise Monaghan founded Honey Birdette in 2006 in Brisbane Australia. Honey Birdette is one of Australia’s first specialty lingerie boutiques. Honey experienced a phenomenal growth by over 374% when it opened its e-commerce site to sales in the United States. This specialty boutique carries a wide variety of personal products as well as lingerie and features cozy stores with private fitting areas, plush sofas and even serves champagne. The goal is to make shoppers have a one of a kind experience and to be completely at ease while spending their time in the boutique.

Honey Birdette currently has three stores in the United Kingdom and has big plans for growth within the UK by the end of 2018. Honey Birdette has plans of opening an additional 37 stores to better serve their ever growing customer base. Some prime areas in the United Kingdom that Honey Birdette has plans for expansion to are Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds and Westfield Stratford. In addition to Honey Birdettes ever expanding United Kingdom presence and the United States based e-commerce site, Honey has over fifty five store fronts in Australia.

The e-commerce aspect of Honey Birdette features free shipping on all orders over $50.00. The United States customer line features a large product base and faster shipping. In addition to free shipping over fifty dollars and fast shipping, Honey offers easy returns to their customers. The company’s goal is to enhance each customers experience and outstanding customer service and order placement for their e-commerce customers helps them to meet their goal.

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Aug 16

George Soros Develops His Civil Justice Interests In North America

The majority of people look at the U.S. and believe it is the home of democracy in its most modern of forms, but for those who spend their time living and working in the nation the treatment of minority groups has become an issue that should be addressed for its inconsistencies. George Soros is a U.S. citizen who made his name and fortune on Wall Street after completing what should have been an impressive refugee journey from his home in Hungary to escape the totalitarian rule of Cumminsim that took control of the country following World War II; fighting to survive against all the odds is something George Soros has done throughout his life as he has managed to avoid becoming one of the more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews murdered during the Holocaust of the Second World War at the hands of an occupying Nazi force. Learn more about his profile at

After making his fortune on Wall Street as a record breaking hedge fund manager, George Soros has been looking for new and innovative ways of developing his philanthropic efforts, including seeking new ways of working with his own Open Society Foundations to enhance the chance of gaining a fair attempt at life for members of minority groups within the U.S. The Washington Times explains the ability of George Soros to determine where the next area of civil rights interest will be has been assured with his work to aid the groups seeking to develop key events like the Ferguson protests to gain as much media coverage as possible; Soros has been funding civil rights activist groups in the U.S. for a number of years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and saw his $33 million funding provided to social justice groups pay dividends as a number of Open Society Foundations backed groups came together to make the Ferguson, Missouri protests the top media event of the Summer and Fall 2014. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Despite his success as a financial specialist, George Soros has become a major political donor who hopes to have a say in how the U.S. moves forward as a democratic nation. Although Soros has provided more than $50 million in donations to the 2004 Presidential election campaign of John Kerry and the 2016 campaign of Hillary Clinton he has maintained a disdain for the influence of political donors Soros believes have been wielding too much power over the entire U.S. political system since the “Citizens United” decision; George Soros has been working to develop a better life for millions of U.S. citizens in the 21st-century as he feels this is possible for immigrants and minority groups alike, according to Politico.

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Aug 15

The Godfather of Hippos in Dallas James Dondero

Dallas Zoo is one the greatest Zoos in the world, and thousands of people visit it every day. But it struggles the way all Zoos struggle. They create programs for animals to be as comfortable as possible. The mighty hippo is one such animal whose returning to the zoo was anticipated for quite some time.


New Hippo Habitat


The preparation was underway after four years spent on planning and allocating the 14 million dollars used to create a 2.1 acre Hippo Post. It is a new and improved habitat for these amazing animals with an underwater viewing window to impress the visitors without disturbing the underwater horses.


Visitors will be able to find the new habitat in the Wilds of Africa, close to the monorail station. It will fill its duties as a sanctuary for these mammals. Dallas Zoo wasn’t equipped to house hippos, and for 15 years they were not a part of this zoo, but people kept asking for them. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings expressed his gratitude towards a couple of very generous philanthropists since without their contribution this habitat would not be possible.


The two new additions to the zoo are hippos Adhama and his companion Biopelo come from Albuquerque Biological Park. The last hippo Papa died in 2001, and since then these powerful creatures were not seen in Dallas. This is a fantastic way to unite experience for visitors and allow conservation process to take place.


Generosity Pays Off


One of the generous donors for the new habitat is James Dondero. He is well-known for his philanthropy and extends a generous hand to causes he believes.


James Dondero is currently the CEO of Highland Capital Management with more than thirty years of experience in equity markets. He graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honours and held a dual major in Finance and Accounting.


He is a successful businessman who also loves and understands the need for conservation work to continue. He sees value in philanthropy since it allows people to learn something new about the world of animals. It will leave a legacy Dondero is proud to sponsor. James Dondero knows how a little bit for someone can mean a lot for others.

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Aug 13

The Trusted Financial Personality

James Dondero is at the forefront of leadership at Highland Capital Management, L.P. The organization specializes in providing loan collaterals in the United States by dollar amounts. Besides founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero works in HCM Acquisition Company as the firm’s CEO. Also, James chairs the board meetings held by Highland Capital. At the moment, James works at Cornerstone Healthcare Group as its Chairman. Mr. Dondero’s skills in management are attributed to his three decades of exposure to the credit markets. Dondero has been exposed to many other enterprises in the past.

James Dondero went to Virginia University where he earned his Commerce BS in Finance and Accounting. After that, James Dondero attended a financial training program located in JP Morgan. The Chartered Financial Analyst credited his financial knowledge and skills. James is an icon in the business sector since he is a managerial accountant that is fully certified and designated.

James Dondero commenced his profession in a subsidiary firm of Protective Life’s GIC where he worked as the chief investment officer. James’ achievements in the company were recognized for the year 1989 and 1993 when he expanded the venture from concept to more than $2 billion. Later, Mr. Dondero desired more portfolio management skills. James thus extended his knowledge in the collection of various adventures including investment-grade corporate, bank loans that are leveraged, high-outcome bonds, mortgage-backed securities, and common and preferred stocks. For four years, James took responsibility for American Express Income funds that added to almost $1 billion.

Recently, James was appointed to the Southern Methodist University’s board of executives. The new position of Dondero intensifies the existing commitment of Highland Capital to the institution. The commitment Highland has on SMU includes the endowment of the company’s scholarship program and supporting the library and museum architecture by George Bush.

Highland Management Scholar program encourages and appreciates academicians and professionals who pursue public policy. James Dondero chose SMU Cox School because of its vibrant business interests and pursuit. He longs to burn the entrepreneurship candle and make it brighter in the coming years through supporting students. Being among the 100 appointed board members, James Dondero provides strategic plans for the business school to see it through prosperity.

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Aug 10

James Dondero Brings Pride and Wealth to Dallas

Dallas is fortunate to have James Dondero choose Dallas as the home for his family and his firm, Highland Capital Management. As a professional and a philanthropist, Dondero enriches this city.

Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia, the McIntire School of Commerce, in 1984. after majoring in Commerce (with concentrations in Accounting and Finance). He graduated Beta Gamma Sigma. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Managerial Accountant. But those qualifications and designations are just small signs of his professional experience and expertise. He completed his financial training program at JP Morgan.

Dondero went on to work for American Express. First he was a corporate bond analyst. He went on to manage $1 billion in fixed income funds. He held that position to 1989. He went on to serve as the Chief Investment Officer of Protective Life’s division for sellling Guaranteed Investment Contracts. That’s a form of investing that’s similar to money market funds except it’s backed up by insurance companies. Starting from scratch in 1989, he built the business to $2 billion by 1993.

That’s the year he co-founded Highland Capital Management. He serves as the firm’s current president. He serves as Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Highland Acquisition Corporation. He manages the side of Highland that deals with private equity. he determines Highland’s strategic initiatives and makes sure they are carried out. Thanks to Dondero’s innovation and deep understanding of the financial markets, Highland offers both individual and institutional investors remarkable products to help them protect and grow their fortunes.

He has grown Highland to nearly $15 billion in assets under management. The fund received Morningstar’s 5-star rating for Global Allocation in 2014. And it was Morningstar’s top pick for 2014 for a Long/Short Equity Healthcare fund. It won the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities for 2014.

Dondero is also known in Dallas for his generous contributions to many worthwhile causes. Thanks to him and donations from Highland Management, the Dallas Zoo again has hippos. Also, Highland is paying for Highland Capital Lodge, a center the zoo will use for special displays.

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Aug 08

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has entered into an innovative new partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth called Clinical Pathways. Working together, they are developing an oncology platform which is comprehensive and customized for individual patients. This endeavor will enable oncologists to customize their treatment plans for patients using an increase in relevant information from a powerful database utilizing inputs from all three entities. Hundreds of oncologists contributed to the project that will improve the treatment of cancer.

The Clinical Pathways program helps present all options available for treatment. It also helps clinicians sort through the deluge of clinical studies and new data regarding cancer research. This creates an ecosystem of treatment choices for patients to review and they meet the standard of care established by Cancer Treatment Centers of America.
This program was designed with the interests of the patient as the uppermost concern. It provides the latest cancer research, treatment regimens, and complementary therapies which give oncologists timely information and a list of care protocols at the place of treatment.
Each patient’s unique needs is a primary consideration when the treatment platform is implemented. The evidence based approach is combined with supportive therapies and the patient’s quality of life during treatment is also given strong emphasis. Another example of the functionality of the program is updated information regarding response rates, adverse drug reactions, and toxicity. The whole system is designed to give patients greater confidence that their treatment protocol is correct for their specific diagnosis.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America understands fully that every cancer is unique just like every one of their patients. They are committed to personalized care with precision medicine that takes advantage of the latest advances. Their experts are highly trained in the complexities of a dangerous disease.
The talented personnel working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are fully engaged in treating only cancer and have developed a high degree of specialization as a result. Every stage of the disease is approached with collaboration and innovative treatment options.

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Aug 03

NuoDB: Scalable, Flexible, Database Foundation

NuoDB was established in the year 2008 as NimbusDB. In 2011, its name was changed to NuoDB. It’s an SQL database company located in Cambridge, MA. The company was co-founded by Jim Starkey and Barry Morris, who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. The company has been acknowledged on the Gartner MQ (Magic Quadrant). The technology of NuoDB is used by UAE Exchange, Alfa Systems, Kodiak, and Dassault Systèmes.

NuoDB was listed by Gartner as a niche player within MQ for Management Systems of Operational Database. Mass High Tech and Boston Business Journal chose NuoDB among their innovation All Stars of NuoDB declared its Series B extension funding round, which was led by the 3DExperience Company, Dassault Systèmes in Feb. 2014.

A total of $14.2 million was added to the funding of the company by the round. Longworth Venture Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners (HWVP), and Morgenthaler Ventures were participants in the round. In July 2015, Morris became the chairman of NuoD.

In 2016, NuoDB managed to raise a financing round of $17 million from the investors, who were existing including Morgenthaler Ventures, Longworth Venture Partners, HWVP, and Dassault Systèmes. The company had managed to raise $59.7 funding at that time.

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Aug 02

NuoDB is Revolutionizing Cloud Technology

NuoDB is the latest and greatest cloud technology on the market today. Founded in 2008 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, NuoDB has quickly become a very recognizable name in the database community due largely in part to its patented “elastically scalable database” and its receiving of over $12 million in venture capital back in 2012. The founders of the company are the patents inventor, Jim Starkey and its former CEO, Barry Morris. What sets NuoDB apart from other SQL cloud database technology companies is that because of its patented technology, when a new server is added to it, the the system scales out thus causing the NuoDB system to run even faster than it did previously. This means that as more people use the technology it will only continue to be further refined and become faster. Most recently in January of this year, the company has added active-active support for Amazon Web Services Inc. functionality. NuoDB is revolutionizing cloud technology in an age where technology is king.

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