May 25

Wessex Journals; Read, Submit, Enjoy

Wessex Institution of Technology produces international journals. These journals range from information about environmental impacts to design, nature, and eco-dynamics. There are seven different journals addressing many different topics that Wessex Institution produces (soon to be eight in 2018). If interested in a subscription, Wessex offers a one-year subscription plan. A one-year subscription plan includes receiving 4 – 6 printed issues from Wessex journals for that year.

Although you may be able to obtain a subscription, all journals can be downloaded digitally for free on the Wessex website. All articles allow for paper submissions. If choosing to submit a paper, there is a publication fee per paper published. All submitted papers will undergo a peer-review process. If Wessex approves the article, it will be published. Published papers will be in full-color print as well as free to view online. If interested in submitting a paper, you can access all necessary information : Click Here.

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May 22

All Are Fascinated With Kabbalah Centre

There are a number of famous Hollywood stars who are interested in the Kabbalah Centre. Besides, they are not even Jews. Hence it is interesting to note why so many Hollywood stars are taking so much interest in Jewish mysticism.

It can be said that it started with Madonna taking interest in Jewish mysticism. In fact, she even opened up a Kabbalah center. She invested a lot in studying all about the ancient traditions of Jews. This is what prompted her to open more Kabbalah Centers.

This tradition was followed by numerous other Hollywood celebrities that included Paris Hilton, besides Britney Spears, along with Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Sammy Davis, as well as Sandra Bernhard besides many others. All of them expressed their interest in the Jewish Kabbalah. In fact, the interest in Jewish mysticism is so high that they are practicing it routinely. Many have even converted to Judaism.

These Hollywood celebrities feel that the Kabbalah Centre has helped them to deal with the chaos in their lives. Sometimes they visit it after a breakup or after some other depressing event in their life. Click Here for More .

Basically, Kabbalah refers to the ancient wisdom that is able to provide practical tools that can create joy along with lasting fulfillment. This is an incredible system as it completely changes the way in which one looks at the world. It offers deep insight into the creation and the purpose behind it. There is a comprehensive plan for the universe, along with a detailed understanding of all the particulars of a life.

There are many reasons why the Hollywood celebrities are getting attracted to the Kabbalah Centre. One of these is for dealing with personal problems. Another is to become a part of history that goes back 5,000 years. It is able to give something that is not material. It provides inner strength. for more .




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May 21

Dr. Clay Siegall And Seattle Genetics: Finding Effective New Cancer Treatments

Dr. Clay Siegall is a legend when it comes to targeted cancer therapies. The founder and CEO of the Seattle, Washington based biotechnology company Seattle Genetics, Dr. Siegall is the driving force behind some of the most effective cancer treatment therapies and drugs being used today. His company specializes in developing targeted therapy drugs that substantially improve patient healing and mortality rates. Since he founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, the firm created the first antibody drug conjugate to get FDA approval. That drug now has a number of approved indications and is widely used.


Under Dr. Siegall’s leadership Seattle Genetics is now at the top of the targeted cancer therapy industry. Long interested in medicine, Dr. Siegall became involved in researching better cancer treatments when he saw how a family member was ravished by the cancer treatment they received. Through hard work and great focus the company has been able to develop a product pipeline that includes over 20 drugs with the potential to improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients. Dr. Siegall has also been able to establish strategic partnerships with Pfizer, Genentech, Bayer and several other companies.


As an undergraduate Dr. Clay Siegall attended the University of Maryland where he earned a B.S. in Zoology. He then graduated from George Washington University where he got his Ph.D in genetics. He then went on to work with some of the top companies involved in cancer research. They include the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of rHealth. He’s also on the board of Washington Roundtable, Alder BioPharmaceuticals and

Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.


The recipient of numerous accolades and awards, Dr. Siegall was voted University of Maryland 2013 Alumnus of the Year and received the 2012 Pacific Northwest ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award from Ernst & Young. A prolific writer, Dr. Siegall has had pieces published in over 70 publication. Plus Clay Siegall also holds 15 patents. Due to his passion and seemingly unending fundraising efforts, Dr. Siegall has been able to tap into public and private sources and raise more than $1.2 billion for Seattle Genetics.

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May 17

Two Extraordinary Venues For That Special Day

George Street Photo and Video offers two venues that are the perfect background to memorialize your union:

The Liberty House Restaurant located at 76 Audrey Zapp Drive Jersey City, New Jersey 07305 with its grandiose ballrooms, lush landscape, and remarkable view of Manhattan’s skyline, generates a striking backdrop any couple would be proud to have displayed in their everlasting images. This will add sophistication and awe to your exquisite wedding photographs and movies.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is another setting to help create that flawless matrimonial experience immortalized in the beautiful photos and videos captured on your special day. This site is located at 10001 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546. The spot exhibits astonishing mountain scenery, breathtaking in its grand wonder. Imagine keepsakes of you and your love at that momentous moment standing on the majestic mountain top.

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May 15

The Professional and Strategy Skills of Mr. James Dondero

Mr. James Dondero is a name that is very well known in the world of business. Mr. James Dondero is a businessman who is based in the United States of America. He lives in Dallas, Texas and is a part of a large corporation called Highland Capital Management.



Mr. James Dondero is currently occupying the position of President at the large company and has been the leader of Highland Capital Management for a few years. He is the collaborative founder of the enterprise. Highland Capital Management is working in the financial field and offers management services for other large corporations. Mr. James Dondero has many responsibilities as the president of Highland Capital Management. He is responsible for making sure that the company is functioning at its best rate and that service is always fitting the claims and even exceeding them. Mr. James Dondero also looks after the overall results and identifies the weakest aspects of the services in order to improve them as soon as possible.



Mr. James Dondero is one of best financial expert’s hen it comes to Collateralized Loan Obligation or CLO for short. In fact, he is said to have pioneered the whole thing. Mr. James Dondero has many other skills as well. For example, he is an expert and financial analytics and financial strategies. His company has been benefiting greatly from that skill of his because Mr. James Dondero is actually responsible for the financial strategy of Highland Capital Mangement as well.



Mr. James Dondero is a former student of the University of Virginia. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance, and after that, he received certification as well becoming a Certified Management Accountant.



Currently, Mr. James Dondero is Chairman of the Board at the great NexBank as well as Chairman of the Board at CCS Medical Corporation. He is occupying the same position at Cornerstone Healthcare as well. His long professional experience has enabled him to be a highly valued member at those institutions. He has made a number of contributions in the form of donations as well as contribution through his financial skills.


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May 12

Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Trusted Lawyer In Brazil

Are you starting a new business and need legal guidance? Do you want to ensure that you are in compliance with rules and regulations that affect businesses in your industry? Getting reliable legal advice is essential, whether you’re dealing with a business or personal matter.

Bruno Fagali is a reputable lawyer and he caters to many different clients, including business owners, corporate executives and institutions. He has been practicing for years and is well known for his passionate, and his commitment to excellent service.

Business disputes and personal legal matters need to be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable legal practitioner, and Bruno Fagali can help you with various legal situations.

When you contact Bruno Fagali, he will take the time to find out about your needs and then work with you to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. He has helped countless individuals and organizations in both simple and complex legal situations.

As a talented attorney, Bruno Fagali has many legal strategies and he will determine which one will work effectively in your situation. He regularly confronts a vast array of regulatory and statutory issues and takes appropriate steps to address them.

Ask anyone who has hired Bruno Fagali and they will tell you that he is one of the best in his field. He has a great reputation due to his superior service and professional manner. His peers and clients admire his personality and the way he handles tough situations.



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May 03

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Aids in Advancements of Sleep Apnea Research and Solutions

Sleep apnea is one of the most destructive forms of sleep-related medical conditions. It is also wide among the people suffering from obesity. According to recent research, most of the people suffering from the disease remain undiagnosed. This accounts for 90 percent of the total population suffering from this condition. New research into sleep apnea also reveals the relationship between this condition with other chronic diseases like stroke, heart attack, and diabetes. However, sleep apnea is also hereditary. For this reason, this is one of the biggest killer diseases because more than 40 percent of the people diagnosed with the disease die every year. Therefore, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has taken this initiative to determine more than 110 sleep apnea treatments.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also the founder of the Dental Sleep Masters Company. This is a company that trains and educates health care officials on the numerous methods of treating sleep apnea. The company has also gained a reputation for diagnosing and treating sleep apnea for the past three years. It has also been recognized by the United States Medical Society. In many occasions, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been nominated as one of the best dentists in the country. Research into the treatment of this disorder reveals that 90 percent of the people suffering from sleep apnea are not diagnosed until they die. However, sleep apnea is one of the timeliest conditions that require increased awareness into the research. The Dental Sleep Masters Company and Dr. Avi Weisfogel aim at shining light on sleep apnea.


The Dental Sleep Masters Company has a brand, new model for the secondary and primary care physicians that have the inclusion of the sleep labs and certified sleep doctors. This is the model that represents the larger better care results and pictures for those patients who have an increased opportunity in this medical platform. Sleep physicians and other physicians have been joined to tackle the sleep apnea problem in the medical society. Moreover, many other breakthroughs will emerge to determine better business development in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also considered as the best dentist in the world.



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May 03

Talk Fusion Has The Answers

There are a lot of people in life that are wandering and perhaps lost. They don’t know what to do or where they to go next. They just know that the status quo is not working for them and it has not been for a while. They might not be able to put their finger on, but they know the are unhappy and it shows. They simply can’t fake it anymore or act like it does not matter to them. It does matter to them, and they want to do something about it. Thankfully, they have someone like Bob Reina out there that is looking out for them and caring about them. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they don’t have to live like that anymore.


Bob Reina truly listens to their stories and he knows where they are coming from in terms of their unhappiness. A lot of people spend their time at their jobs, and at their jobs, they are very, very unhappy. At the end of the day, it is just a job to them. It should not be like that. If someone is going to spend a lot of time someplace, it should be a creative or fun place. It should not be a boring or unexciting atmosphere for them. That is not going to do anything for them, whatsoever. It just going to drag them down.


That is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion and founded it. It was for the people that wanted and needed more out of their lives. They were fed up with just settling. They deserved more and quite frankly, everyone deserves more. That is why there is no better time than right now to get on board with Talk Fusion as they have 30-day free trials.


People can get their feet wet with it, try it out, have fun with it, explore it, and see that there is a second calling for them and this is their shot at redemption. It is up to them to make the most of it once they have the shot, but Talk Fusion knows they will.


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May 02

The Worldwide Investor, Hussain Sajwani The Owner Of DAMAC Properties

It is the ultimate goal of every professional investor to succeed in his line of preferred investment. However, it is quite a tough task to maintain the success over time. Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC, is a real estate investor and developer who has spanned and maintained a successful career in the properties development industry.

The DAMAC owner is a patriotic citizen of the United Arabs Emirates. He commenced his career as a Contracts Manager at GASCO Oil Company, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Oil. Before venturing into the job market, he had attended Washington University for his college education. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

To exercise his skills in entrepreneurship and management more freely, he resigned from his post in the oil company to pursue his dream in the hospitality sector through offering catering services. He had a passion for the industry, and it did not take him long to build a name for himself.

Later on, after a critical analysis of the Dubai trade and business market, he identified a gap that needed bridging. An increased number of business people were streaming in the Emirates all through the year. Seizing the opportunity, he built elegant hotels and resorts to cater for the hospitality needs of these visitors, which turned out to be a worthwhile endeavor.

Hussain Sajwani family investments go far and wide. He has invested a large chunk of his finances in the capital and global securities market. Hussain established DICO Investments as his first investment company. Soon enough, his entrepreneurial eye spotted a niche in the building and construction industry.

He expanded his business limits to Oman where he established two entities, Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and Al Amana Building Materials that have taken the Oman market by storm. Moreover, his interest in the catering sector did not halt in the Emirates as he founded the Al Jazeira Services, a catering firm that has networked its services all over the Middle East and presently in Africa.

Hussain is a strong global figure in the properties industry and has caught the attention of top personalities in the world like Donald Trump. They both run real estate businesses and have partnered with their organizations in the construction of Trump International Golf Course.

His DAMAC Properties came into force in 2002. It ventures in the properties and real estate developments. Its development revolves around commercial, leisure, and residential properties with its headquarters in Dubai.

DAMAC Properties has developed a hospitality division, the DAMAC Maison, purposed to offer bespoke services to residents. It has also donated two million AED to help clothe underprivileged children in the world.

The organization has witnessed extensive growth in the Middle East developing with each new day under the leadership of Hussain Sajwani.

Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

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May 01

Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner Being Put to the Ultimate Test

With a number of hair care products on the market that promise amazing results, it can be frustrating when you pay top dollar and get minimal results. This is why one young lady who works at a hair salon and who tied everything with no success, decided to give the Wen By Chaz hair care line a real test to see if this was just one more in a long long of products long n promises and short on results.

To understand why she chose the Wen By Chaz products, we need to look a little closer at the creator himself, Chaz Dean. Dean was frustrated too because he owned an upscale salon in Los Angeles that catered to the rich and famous, yet his Sephora marketed products for sale were nothing to rave about.

Dean developed his own line of WEN Hair By Chaz hair care products because he knew most hair care conditioners made use of harsh cleaning agents that only stripped away the natural oils in the hair and left them exposed to the elements. Add in the heat of the hair dryer to those exposed airs, and you wind up with dry, weak, and brittle hair.

So getting back to the story that originally was posted on Bustle, this young lady decides to take Facebook fans on a journey with her and her quest to find a conditioner that works. Her hair is nothing spectacular, and she is not shy about letting us see pictures of her without makeup and flat hair each morning.

During this 7-day quest to find the right conditioner on eBay for her hair, she uses the Wen By Chaz conditioner each day and we see the results as the days unfold. When we finally get to the last day of her challenge, the results are everything that Dean talks about and why his list of celebrity clients grows year to year.


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