Nov 25

Adam Sender: Savvy Art Collector who is always Ahead of the Pack

There are people who collect art just for the sake of doing it and those that do it out of passion. A different group exists all together; these are the ones who do it professionally. Adam Sender falls perfectly in this category, having done this since the mid 1990s. He is an avid collector of art who does that from established and experienced names. Initially, Adam Sender worked has a hedge fund manager and developed interest in art collection while still working.

In order to be a successful art collector, sender notes that anyone has to do it intelligently. This involves mastering the important skills of the trade. They include doing proper research and working with the right who are experienced in the field. These are some of the things that have built Sender’s success in the field of art collection. He has always built a strong relationship with top individuals in the art world like Sadie Coles, Shaun Regen, and Barbara Gladstone. Sender has maintained these contacts over long periods owing to their importance and the results have been excellent.

When he was starting out, Sender had no clue that he would have the kind of collection that he has currently. It shows the kind of collector that he is because excellent collectors are always known by how good their collection is. The best art collectors do their work in unified manner that brings out a meaningful correlation within the pieces of collection. This requires great experience and the knowledge of knowing what to choose from the rest in order to achieve that.

Sender believes that it is good to share art collections with the rest of the world. This is something that is not done by many art collectors which makes him stand out from the rest. He is not the type that collects and hides their pieces. Sender does this by lending to exhibitions that are of value. He created a website solely for this purpose where any exhibitor can put forward his request. It functions more effectively like a lending library for art.

Sender has also had great success in selling his art collection. In 2006, he sold 40 pieces of art that brought in $20 million. This is a sum that covered his previous costs of acquisition. He will make approximately profits of $70 million after selling his art collection. It will involve 400 works done by 139 artists that will be sold in a period of18months. He has also organized successful exhibitions himself like the ‘Home Alone’ exhibition that took place in Miami.

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Nov 19

Qnet is a Direct Sales Company

Qnet is a direct sales company that utilizes a an e-commerce platform, where independent representatives stand to earn huge commissions through the marketing and sales of the company’s products. There are other direct sales and networking companies out there that utilize this strategy to promote their products. Many of these companies are running a legitimate business, including QNet.

In network credibility is always important, and Qnet is a well-established network marketing company. The company has been in business since the year 1998, and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. Qnet is a very stable company, and the company has also been involved in a lot of charity and sponsoring too. The company has a great reputation in the network marketing industry.

QNET has millions of Independent Representatives or distributors around the world. It has offices in many locations, and it has an established history of providing quality products and service. Many people have earned substantial income through the promotion and sales of Qnet’s products. The company’s product line includes Wellness and Energy, Telecommunications, Health and Nutrition, Homecare and House Ware, Personal and Business Development Resources, Books and Media, Luxury Watches and Jewellery, Personal Care and Cosmetics, Education, and Holiday Packages and Memberships.

An important aspect of Qnet is the ability to provide proven training to independent representatives or distributors. The company uses various powerful methods for teaching and training sales representatives. They provide up to date resources and materials that enable sales representatives to become good at network marketing and promotion. Social media in the form of online communities, news networks and blogs enables network marketing businesses to keep informed of the continual evolution of the industry.

QNET ensures all its distributors are provided with intensive training to equip them to become well versed in network marketing. The company has empowered individuals from all walks of life, from college students to housewives to white-collar executives. The income it has provided has made a huge impact on people’s lives, and many have achieved financial independence. Of course the company’s business opportunities have also created jobs for many people.

Qnet has been providing much-needed products for its customers. The company has numerous customers, around the world, who are extremely pleased with the products they have purchased from Qnet. Of all the network marketing companies out there Qnet offers is one of the most reliable and reputable, and has a wide range of products that are in great demand.

QNET is definitely a very successful network marketing company. Anyone who is ambitious, and has the time to market these products, can achieve success by joining this company. Keep in mind that you will need a knowledgeable sponsor to help guide you in the right direction.

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Nov 12

Facts You Didn’t Know About BMG

The success of any business is a result of the involvement of proper planning and a strategy that allows for seamless execution. Different companies have come up with ideas that are meant to bring a change in the market and this has led to an increase in the level of competition. Customers form the backbone of any business, so earning loyalty from them could lead to positive results. This means one should strive to offer unique products that are of value to different individual buyers. With modern marketing avenues and social sites, a company can lose its reputation within less than a day. It takes some caution while designing a product to ensure all elements of the product are relevant to the market needs. Banking is a unique business arena that has been treasured by many people. There are hundreds of institutions that offer banking services in Brazil, but BMG has been ranked among the best rated banks for the service.

One of the ways BMG has managed to control the market successfully is through having a well designed execution structure that allows for easy planning. The bank is among few that have embarked on a mission to ensure they hire the most treasured professionals in the banking sector. All this is in an attempt to allow for easy service delivery and to ensure the kind of ideas that are brought forwards are relevant for business success and stability. They also do regular training to ensure their employees are updated o current trends in the banking sector. Most importantly, the bank has invested in having modern technology. Customers are able to conveniently access their accounts from remote areas.

Ricardo Guimarães is a leading professional who has been in the business world for quite a long time. He is the current president of the BMG and his support towards offering solutions for the company has been immense. Ricardo Guimarães explains that BMG has been able to achieve many goals due to the fact that they have worked on having their services near the customers. The company has built more than 3000 outlets and has absorbed over 45000 professionals who have been working as agents on different parts of Brazil.

Working as the president of a leading banking institution, Ricardo Guimarães has ensured the public benefits through projects as funding sports and ensuring they support those who are needy and would like to proceed with education.

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Nov 12

Unlocking Shareholder Value Highlights CSC Breakup

With a storied history in the IT industry, CSC has nonetheless found itself at the corporate altar several times in its history, only to defy expectations and continue to forge ahead as a separate entity.

This time, however, it is different. Ever since Jana Partners took a large ownership stake in the firm, they have openly questioned why there is not ‘enough’ value being returned to the parties that have invested in CSC.

That pressure certainly was instrumental in helping CSC boost its operations by purchasing Service Mesh and bringing its CEO, Eric Pulier, aboard. Service Mesh was a firm that offered large companies a very flexible way to use the cloud. Their offerings proved to be so popular that Mr. Pulier was able to integrate their services throughout the CSC user base, adding value that helped buoy CSC’s fortunes in the contracting market.

Smashing Success Not Enough

Yet despite crowing about the new functionality that the Service Mesh acquisition brought to CSC in terms of an expanded IT menu, CSC executives were asked to continue to focus on finding other ways to add value for shareholders. One possibility was to put the company up for sale again. It has an enviable market position and holds key, long-term contracts with several US government agencies.

So that option was explored by management. The net result was that although other companies did want to purchase CSC, they balked at the price and the terms that CSC was interested in selling itself for.
Gradually, another option began to form that worked out to please all parties. The idea was that CSC and its new Service Mesh division would split into two different companies focused on serving private business and the government respectively.

The upside for both companies looks very strong, with shareholders receiving stock in both entities. The government division, which works with the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security will be able to climb upstream and compete with true defense contractors that often eschew private customers in order to serve the government better. The business division is now free of any insinuation that the closeness that CSC had with the government caused it to exercise more oversight on its own customers than would normally be the case. As the tech industry is up in arms about the level of undocumented government interference in the first place, it is a very good time to have a company present itself as being completely tied to private contracting in order to keep the accounts separate.

Overall, the moves that CSC is making behind the scenes look like they will unlock the shareholder value that Jana Partners and other investors have been waiting for.

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Nov 12

Steve Pulier, The Man Behind The Success of Computer Science Corporation

Computer Sciences Corporation is the world’s leading provider of systems integration and other important information technology services. The company offers, data center management, application development, IT systems management, communications and networking development and business consulting.

Computer Science Corporation is also known for providing business process outsourcing services in areas that are billing and payment processing, human resources and customer relationship management.
CSC has a very big client base of over 2,500clients who are from more than 70 countries. It also boasts of its 74,000 employees all over the world. The company generates a big amount of its revenue from US federal agencies, mostly through the public sector division.

The company was founded in April 1959 in Los Angeles by two individuals, Mr. Roy Nutt and Mr. Fletcher Jones. Initially, the company provided programming tools, such as the compiler and the assembling software. Since its formation in the year 1959, company headquarters were located in California. CSC Company has been a Fortune 500 Company from the year 1995.

This year in May, CSC announced its plans to split the public sector business from its commercial and international business. This August 31, it was publicly announced that CSC Government Services would partner with SRA International to make a new company by the end of November this year.

Eric Pulier, is the CEO of Computer Sciences Corporation. Mr. Pulier is an American entrepreneur, author, and also a philanthropist. Currently, he is based in Los Angeles. Mr. Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. He started programming computers when he was in the fourth grade and also started a database computer company in high school. Pulier started studying at Harvard University in 1984. He mostly majored in English and American literature. He was an editor and wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson.

Mr. Eric Pulier is greatly recognized as one the leading and one of the most successful entrepreneurs, especially government and enterprise technology. The well-known and respected venture capital companies in the world have funded the companies that Mr. Pulier has founded or even co-founded.

Mr. Pulier is also a very prominent and also a very popular and inspirational public speaker. He speaks mostly in any premier technology gatherings and conferences everywhere around the world.

He was named one of 30 e-Visionaries by VAR Business. Mr. Pulier is a very prominent and a very popular public speaker at any premier technology gatherings or conferences anywhere in the world. Pulier is also a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative, and he is also the Executive Director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. Because of his great qualifications and experience, Mr. Pulier is taking the Computer Science Corporation to places.

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Nov 11

Beneful, making the Dog’s Dream Park a reality in the United States

Every dog owner rejoices when their four-legged friend has a well-designed place to feel free and live their life to the fullest. Beneful, one of Purina’s brands, has supported this idea during five consecutive years with their Dream Dog Park program. An initiative that this year has led them to support dog park projects across the U.S. working hand in hand with community leaders and fundraising groups providing them with what they need the most between financial support, volunteers and dog experts. Four parks have come to life since 2010, inspiring dog-loving communities in Alabaster, Ala., Johns Creek, Ga., Lancaster, Pa. and Prescott, Ariz. to transform their dreams, both the owners and their dogs, into reality. As it was mentioned on PR Newswire, the four parks include custom features that entirely transformed the places, oversized food ingredients obstacles, a first-of-its-kind tennis ball launching tree, colorful splash pads and Beneful’s signature Doxie Tunnel. Beneful will continue to search the entire country for new places to transform. Each Dog Dream Park Project will receive funding based on their early detected needs, as well as the team’s support regarding their knowledge on dog park safety. Also, volunteering time and materials will be provided to work side-by-side with community members that are as passionate about dogs as the owners themselves. While becoming part of the Dog Dream Park Project, many experts have discovered that they can also add value to communities that want to share the joy they share with the man’s best friend. One of these places is the Lucas Park Dog Park in St. Louis, Mo. The most recent addition to this project will feature a dog-friendly turf and a Beneful Doxie Tunnel in addition to other improvements for local St. Louis dog owners to enjoy together, as it was stated on the PR Newswire article that you may find by clicking on the following link:

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Nov 07

Marcio Alaor Is Leading BMG Into Uncharted Waters For Financial Gain

The BMG of Brazil was founded by the Guimarães family. It has a reputation of more than 80 years of stellar performance in the financial markets in this country. It is a bank that has an aptitude for credit and offers solutions for both companies and individuals alike. Marcio Alaor is the Vice President and under his direction this bank has accomplished many things to help the people of the area. They offer Payroll Credit Cards, BMG Empresas, vehicle financing and home equity loans. Though they have many offerings, they maintain a presence in the payroll loan segments through a company called Banco Itaú BMG Consignado S.A. This company has more than 40 percent of interest in the capital stock.

BMG has quite a history as a financial Brazilian entity. They have amazing sales and strength and promise operational excellence to all their customers. They have created a brand that is known nationwide for its traditions, technological advances and their ability to adapt to movements in the major markets. Part of the reason for their immense success is their Vice President, Marcio Alaor, and the fact that they have a high level of government practices.

Their board of directors, which is mostly independent people, has a code of ethics that is enforced and they go above and beyond to assist with their anti-money laundering program. Traditionally, BMG has continuously worked with extraordinary credit portfolios, to some degree something that has been conceivable thanks to its traditional credit policy. Additionally, all credit conclusions are taken jointly through a credit committee construction intended to meet the bank’s requests in an intellectual, well-organized and accountable way.

Till the mid-1990s, BMG’s essential business was wholesale and customer backing, and remained a market leader in the funding of heavy and light automobiles in the 1980s. Things changed around 1998, and the bank has focused its focus on giving payroll loans, becoming the standard for this kind of procedure.

BMG signed a relationship agreement with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in 2012. This relationship was aimed at the proposal, delivery and commercialization of payroll loans in Brazil. The two separate entities joined and united forces to focus on payroll loans together. As of today, BMG owns 40 percent of the capital stock and voting rights. Itaú Unibanco holds 60 percent of the stocks. Under the direction of Marcio Alaor, this bank is going places and making big shifts for future success.

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Nov 05

Becoming The Best Impersonator – The Secrets

Any person who has followed the life and success of Michael Jackson will tell you is that he is by far the #1 most impersonated singer of all time. His advance moves, amazing singing, and his overall special effects when performing on stage has made him so easily copied. The one thing that makes him stand out is just his way on handling and taking over the stage once he jumps on.

Any person who has watched Sergio Cortes will tell you that he definitely knows exactly what is needed to create an amazing performance. The one thing most people get confused about is exactly what people like Sergio do in order to achieve his massive success. When it comes down to succeeding in this business, there’s certain things that Sergio has done to become the performer that he has become.

Becoming The Best Impersonator – The Secrets

Sergio began his career at a young age without ever even realizing it. His Mother was a massive fan of Michael growing up, and he literally got the chance to witness he love for him and eventually became a huge fan himself. He eventually found himself becoming more and more like MJ everyday, and soon enough, he started actually putting in the work to become just like Michael. What makes Michael so unique is the fact that he knows exactly how to perform, and growing up literally watching MJ all the time, he developed the singing voice and the dance skills.

He watched, listened, and properly looked at the Michael obj old do on stage all the time. The hard work eventually paid off as he ended up becoming a YouTube and international sensation with his performances on stage as MJ. What makes him so lucky is is gift of looking just like Michael, and this is something not many people are given the chance to become. He looks just like Michael Jackson, and his secret stems from simply allowing nature take its course, and this is why he regains to be the best impersonator in this business today.

If you want to witness an amazing performer make his mark and create magical moments, this is the best way to go. Watch one of his shows or any video online, and you will see why so many people are falling in love with this guy. He has the look, the singing, and the dance moves.

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Nov 04

What’s New With Slyce

Yahoo! Finance reports that, Slyce was founded and remains based in Ontario, Canada. Today it is the universally acknowledged leader in 3D and 2D visual search technology. The company recently announced that its new lineup of visual search tools would be on display at These apps include the new and improved Pounce, Craves, and SnipSnap. Their visual product search products allow app users to take pictures of any product whatsoever and retrieve a list with pictures of all similar products. When users indicate the product they want, they will be directed to the specific site and the location where he or she can purchase that item.

Visual search apps do what they do by reading the meaningful aspects of the photographs and relaying this through their already input data. At the same time that Slyce displays its new visual search products on, it will also be displaying other non-visual search products and products that are still in development. Some of the products still in development involve developing further honed visual search technology. One of the things in use, but they are still honing is snap-to-carbon technology. These kinds of apps allow users to take a picture of a paper coupon, store the image.

It then will alert the user when he or she is near a store where the saved coupon can be redeemed. Slyce also offers products that are huge aids directly for business owners. It is for this reason that Slyce has become the standard app for big businesses. They hope to eventually create a product that returns perfect and thorough results immediately.

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Nov 03

The Evolution Of The Brazilian Leading Bank, BMG, Under Marcio Alaor

BMG is a Brazilian bank with a rich history. The financial institution has been active in the Brazilian banking scene for over 80 years. It is a private bank owned by the Pentagna Guimaraes family. Presently, Marcio Alaor serves as the vice president and director of the bank that provides innovative products for institutions and individuals.
Over the years, BMG has transformed tremendously. The first transformation occurred in 1971 when it created finance section that sought to offer credit, finance and investments services. Soon after, the bank switched from a retail market to a wholesale bank in 1973. It offered its services without checkbooks, deposits, and checking accounts. In 1976, BMG created a leasing business and the bank decided to focus on heavy and light vehicles financing. Within a short time, the firm became a leader in the industry.
In 1985, its finance branch of business acquired the majority equity of Brazilinvesto Banco Commercial S.A, a commercial bank that was later renamed BMG Banco Commercial S.A. The business started offering several services in 1988 while the following year in April, it changed its name to Banco BMG S.A. By 1991, BMG had increased its participation in its branch BMG Banco Commercial. Banco BMG later incorporated in October 1993 after the shareholders approved BMG’s shares to be delisted.
In 1998, the bank began to focus more on offering payroll services to employees within the public sector. It organized its initial securitization program in search of funding structures that could suit its active profile through FIDCs. By 2004, BMG became the initial mid-sized bank to make a credit assignment agreement. This was achieved by diversifying its funding sources and offering a new product for accessing the inter bank market. In 2005, the bank became a leader in the payroll market. It acquired all the shares of GE Money in 2011. In the following year, BMG joined forces with Itau Unibanco to establish a new bank that concentrated its efforts on offering payroll services. In 2014, BMG announced a unification agreement with Itau Unibanco and increased its share to 40%.
The history of the bank shows the various changes it has undergone thus enabling it to go from strength to strength. BMG has also been led by a professional management team that is guided by effective strategies and policies under the stewardship of Marcio Alaor. Today, BMG is a leader in the Brazilian banking sector due to its operational excellence and a strong brand image that is recognized throughout the country.

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