Oct 06

John Textor: The True Innovator of Digital Art and Media

John Textor is known for his extremely complex and innovative media work in many movies we love today. These include: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Ender’s Game, Grand Turino, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and many more. John Textor specializes and is a leader in photo-realistic, digital humans. While John has spent much of his career working on some of the biggest movies in modern times, he also has a unique skill in bringing to life digital, virtual versions of artists that have passed, such as Elvis, Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackson. In this new artform, John uses all of his talents developed over his long career in the movie and media industry.

At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, John produced and managed the record breaking “Slave to the Rhythm” performance, which included a 3D re-creation of late performer Michael Jackson. John sat down with USA Today to talk about the future of this art form. He said that they were getting a lot of interest from promoters saying they would like to use this digital art on concerts and performances (USA Today, 2014). John went on to say that it is not as easy as one would think. This type of digital art during a performance is very difficult to accomplish and has to be done in a specific way. If if is not done correctly, it can come off as generic or fake.

Mr. Textor is currently the Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. This company is a leader in development of hyper-realistic digital humans for visual live performances. This also includes virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. He is widely accepted as the pioneer of this new holographic entertainment form. Mr. Textor is involved in many projects within the movie and media industry.

John Textor is an extremely gifted and talented artist that moves with the times and creates new art forms for all people to enjoy. His work can be seen on the big screen in some of the most visually appealing movies. His new art forms can be seen in cutting edge performances. Keep an eye out for Mr. Textor; there is no telling what he may come up with next to surprise the entertainment industry once again.

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Oct 06

Guru of Alternative Credit Hedge Funds and CLOs; James Dondero

The leader and innovator of the collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), James Dondero, CFA, CMA and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, is the guru of wealth capitalization. Boasting a menu of high-yield distressed investments is carefully researched, acquired, and adjusted for sale at the precise optimum moment his firm handles world-wide retail investments available to clients who are served by the team at Highland Capital. Award winning products from the alternative credit and equity markets are managed for clients to create long only alphas. Such products are also known as institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, mutual funds, REITs, CLOs, ETFs, and private equity funds.

There is no better man to work for the high-yield capital investment seeking client than James Dondero and this has been proven over and over again as he is a member of multiple boards from MGM Studios to American Banknote. His winning strategies have also earned him Chairman of the board status for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and most recently, Nexbank. These companies have learned where to place their trust in real results.

As founder of Highland Capital, he sets the pace for the largest and most savvy global alternative credit management groups. The long-only strategies that set up liquidity exposures in the high-yield corporate markets are well oiled with proven track records. Since, 1993, the founders of Highland Capital have managed these types of accounts in high-yield credit commingled funds along with separate accounts. There are no other banks in the world with few exceptions that have handled as much leverage in this area as Highland Capital Management with some $13 billion in bank loan assets.

The bottom-up fundamental analysis within the credit research pool uses the focus of capital preservation by knowing intimately the nuts and bolts of the issuer, the assets at stake for collateral, the industry connected to it and what kinds of sharks are swirling in the waters in the surrounding arena of competitors. Taking into account the top-down specifics in an analytical proprietary sector and risk registration documentation so that the connections can be drawn between real-time macro positions and those of the respective portfolios. Finally, the ‘Alpa-by-avoidance,’ scenario is played carefully as this is a key aspect of a deal and transaction portfolio that only the most talented fund managers can master and identify so that losers can be culled at the right moment.

The highest long-only total return approach gives exposure to a wide net of below-investment grade corporate credit and target returns in the markets. The result of these returns allows for surpassing of benchmarks such as Credit Suisse Leveraged Loans Index. Using this method to monitor and work with commingled funds, separate accounts and retail funds allows Highland to set up customized mandates with all asset categories and investments including; bank loans, high yield bonds, stressed loans CLOs and distressed credit accounts. The premier expertise is available by joining forces with Highland Capital Management’s James Dondero and his team of experts. They will carefully work with a client’s investments within these lucrative and proven financial vehicles to grow more wealth over time.

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Sep 30

Where Do Ken Griffin’s Philanthropic Dollars Go?

Ken Griffin on insidermonkey is known as a captain of industry in the finance world, and his Chicago-based hedge fund known as Citadel manages billions of dollars a year, and his yearly compensation is over a billion dollars. Ken understand that his money can go quite a long way in the world, and his works hard to give his money to worthy causes. This article describes the places where Ken Griffin’s money goes, and you will see that he is committed to giving back to a community that trusts its funds to his company.

#1: Need-Based Financial Aid At Harvard

Ken Griffin recently made a $150 million gift to Harvard University for the purposes of financial aid. Ken is a graduate of the class of 1989 at Harvard University, and he wanted to give something back to a school that allowed him his start many years ago. The gift was given for need-based financial aid, and students who could not afford Harvard otherwise will be able to attend the school using dollars that he donated.

#2: Renaming The Financial Aid Office

The financial aid office at Harvard College is being renamed in honor of Ken, and the office will serve all undergraduates who come to the school. Ken was an undergrad at the school himself, and his donation was made to ensure that other undergrads would have the same opportunities he had. $150 million will go quite a long way towards ensuring the future of Harvard students who desire the finest of educations. Placing his name on the front of the building is but a small token of the College’s appreciation.

#3: How Did Harvard Change His Life?

Ken was changed by his experiences at Harvard, and his experiences allowed him to start his first hedge fund. Harvard is one of the most accommodating colleges in the world, and Ken adding a satellite link to his room when he began managing his first hedge fund. A few hundred thousand dollars raised from his classmates, friends and family turned into a hedge fund that was worth over a million dollars, and he was able to avoid harm in the stock market crash in the late 80s.

Ken even credits Harvard for changing his life, and his speech at the financial aid office was one of gratitude for what Harvard did for him. His first hedge fund was so successful that he was given a million dollars to start another hedge fund. That hedge fund was built over time until he began the Citadel, and he made the money that allowed him to give so much to Harvard College.

The crux of Ken’s message is giving back to the students of today. He knows that students of today must be encouraged as much as possible, and defraying the cost of college is something he can do on his own for future Harvard students. While $150 million seems like a lot of money, this gift is something that will help thousands of Harvard students in the future.

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Sep 26

Why Consider Online Dating for Yourself?

Dating on the Internet may still be looked at as a taboo subject, but it is a lot more beneficial than you might think. A lot of people are finding sites like Skout and others to be amazing social networking sites and tools that enable them to find people close to them without relying on friends or relatives. Gone are the days when you had to hope that a friend knew someone who shared the same interests as you because now, you can use an app and site that helps to connect you with people who you are sure to enjoy being around.

One of the fantastic aspects of using a site like Skout is that you can scope out the local area you’re currently visiting or living in. You can be traveling and looking to meet up with some new people but not know where to start looking. With Skout, you can browse the local area to see who is available and who you can begin striking up a conversation with while there. This is easy to find when you are using a site and app like this for your own benefits. It’s why so many people currently rely on Skout for themselves.

While online dating may still seem a bit new to you, it is no wonder that so many people are currently using it to their own advantage. You may be finding that your friends or relatives are online dating because of the large amount of people who are using these types of sites or apps. You can begin to create a personal profile to set up for yourself and this will enable you to easily begin finding people locally who fit the same likes and interests as you do while you are using the site.

Many of these sites and apps are also completely free for you to use, so this is yet another thing to consider for yourself if you are having a lot of issues with finding someone special. You may just have to create a profile on a site like Skout or download its app and you can begin to use its services right away to your own advantage. There are many reasons to use sites and apps like Skout, but one of the main benefits is that you will no longer have to worry that you are stuck with trying to find someone on your own personal time.

You may want to begin looking into the online dating game if you have not already. Millions of people use apps and sites that offer this particular feature, so it is definitely an option that you may want to consider for yourself if you’re struggling to meet someone brand new. It is ideal for you to look into one of these sites and begin making a profile to meet other people in the area. You can use sites like Skout for relationship or friendship purposes depending on what you are looking to accomplish on the site.

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Sep 21

Environmental Law: Protecting the Planet for Generations to Come

Earth is perhaps the most cherished and valued resource to human beings, animals and plants alike. Unfortunately, the planet has suffered thanks to water, air and soil pollution as well as mining natural resources. That said, countless people have realized they must stand together to protect the planet, many working together to form environmental laws and create agencies to enforce such regulations. After all, Earth’s most precious resource is the people who call the planet home.

Environmental Law

While most people are aware there are environmental laws in place to protect the planet, few are sure of what those laws cover or how far they extend. Simply put, these laws are a mixture of international, federal and state treaty laws with very specific goals. The preservation of the planet is first and foremost, which includes protecting Earth’s natural resource and overseeing environmental concerns. In other words, enforcement agencies deal with pollution issues, the depletion of natural resources and even global warming.

Environmental Enforcement Agencies

The vast majority of countries have some form of enforcement agency in place to uphold environmental law. In America, the Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with enforcing the regulations, but they are not alone. Quite of a few states have environmental agencies to help oversee and enforce the environmental laws meant to protect the planet and human beings as well. Both agencies, federal and state, can enforce environmental law and pass regulations pertaining to any and all environmental issues.

Natural Resources and Pollution Control

In most cases, there are two areas people break environmental law, creating a need for stricter enforcement. Those areas pertain to the regulations established in an effort to reduce and control pollution and protect Earth’s natural resources, and they cover a number of potential environmental problems. Fortunately, there are several agencies and international treaties in place to enforce and ensure compliance with environmental laws. An example of what such treaties cover is the banning any tests of weapons destructive to the environment, the protection of endangered species and, of course, attempting to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Environmental Law Violations

In most cases, cases concerning environmental law violations are handled in a civil court, although the civil damages and fines imposed on the guilty party can be hefty. That said, more cases are being handled in criminal courts thanks to the criminalization of environmental law violations. In short, one could very well face prison time for such violations

The individuals who fight to uphold environmental law are to be commended, as well, Frans Schoeman one such individual. A highly motivated attorney, Mr. Schoeman attended college at the University of the Free State. Today, he works as the legal director for TG Minister Consulting, serves as the director and MD of Phatsima Diamond and is a senior partner with Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. Of course, with 21 years experience behind him, Mr. Schoeman is an attorney who not only believes in protecting the environment, but fighting for the planet.

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Sep 18

Brad Reifler: A One-of-a-Kind CEO

In today’s competitive business world, it seems as if individuality has been lost. More and more people simply want to be like everyone else, which leads to a world full of similar ideas and philosophies. As a result, businesses and industries sometimes become stale and fall behind the times. However, this has not been the case with Brad Reifler, who as the CEO of numerous companies over a 30-year period has shown that being successful requires a person to be unique and willing to try new ideas in order to achieve great results.

It has been this approach to business that has made Brad the CEO he is today at Forefront Capital Management. Whether it is analyzing details of the latest competitors or meeting with a sales team to discuss the latest strategies, Brad has always been willing to take new approaches in an effort to improve his company’s performance. However, Twitter writes that by judging by how his companies have performed over the years, Brad has had one strategy after another that has succeeded. From his innovative decision to use in-depth credit analysis to implementing institutional research and information dissemination as a crucial part of his companies, Brad has yet again shown just how entrepreneurs must think in order to find success. Never one to shy away from a new challenge, Brad has made sure his employees felt the same way. In order to provide the best possible service to clients, Brad believes a good CEO must always be willing to listen to the advice of others prior to making up their minds about a subject. By doing this with his own companies, Brad has shown the financial world that it is possible to do things another way and still be quite successful. In doing do, he has truly been a one-of-a-kind CEO.

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Sep 18

A Guide To The Environmental Law

Environmental law according to Frans Schoeman was originally made in order to regulate the effects of the human disruption .There are several disruptions to the environment. Some of these include the pollution of environment and the protection of natural resource. All the environmental laws relate to everything that is concerned with the environment, and they are very crucial in maintaining the good welfare of the globe.

The rules that govern the environmental law are actually not easy to set. This is because currently the whole world is being affected by the worrying earth’s balance.What actually occurs in one of the sides of the planet can have some affects to the environment on the other side of the planet.

This has actually been proven to be right after the planet has experienced rising sea levels due to the warmth experienced in the planet. These laws are supposed to be passed by both the state and the federal legislature. These laws are made so that we can have policies that will defend our environment. We need to stay in a healthy environment so that we can be healthy. Some of the acts that have been passed regarding environment include: The Clean Air Act, The National Environmental Policy Act, The Clean Water Act, among others.

Is the Environmental Law really necessary?

Environmental laws are very important. With dangerous elements such as the global warming rapidly on the rise, the atmosphere is bound to be affected in a negative way. Nowadays, everything that is being manufactured must comply with some environmental responsibility so that the planet is protected. Currently, cars are supposed to have a certain amount of CO2 emissions.

Some people and companies actually do not consider the welfare of the environment as long as their cost efficiency is met. Due to their greedy motives, some companies even dispose their waste just anywhere they want, instead of paying for it to be disposed. Some of this waste might include harmful substances that prove to be harmful to the environment. The environmental law should keep on being updated to fit in the changing world. These laws do not only cover companies, but it also covers the concerns of everyday life that can be harmful.

Are there any Environmental Lawyers to help?

An Environmental attorney will come into action if a law set under the environmental acts is actually believed to have been breached. An environmental attorney will often work together with the general public, when they are believed to have been affected by any environmental or natural issue. Their main agenda is to help and also prevent any environmental damage.

Frans Schoeman is a great attorney who can be approached when you have any problems concerning the environment laws. Currently he is the Director at the Phatsima Diamond . This is actually a law firm that is found in Bellville, South Africa. He is a qualified attorney, who is believed to have the experience to win any case he defends. His firm has the best attorneys who are affordable to everyone.

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Sep 16

New York Real Estate Experts Open Up To The Chinese

The arrival of a large number of Chinese buyers in the NYC real estate on townrealestate market has seen many of the top real estate companies in the Big Apple arrive in Shanghai for the U.S. Real Estate Showcase & Forum. The Real Deal explains a question and answer session took place that saw many of the top executives from NYC real estate companies take questions on a variety of subjects. Chinese real estate investors and experts were eager to learn more about the market and the executives who are in control of the biggest companies in the industry.

One of the those in attendance was Town Residential’s Andrew Heiberger, who joined others from the Naftali Group and Douglas Ellman on stage for the session. Town may be one of the newest entrants in the industry, but it has already established itself as one of the top companies in New York City for buying and renting properties. Town attracted some of the most established and best respected brokers in New York City to its offices soon after opening its doors and has experts selling homes from the many areas that now make up New York City.

Town Residential’s Heiberger and the other brokers answered questions about why they believed New York was in such high demand amongst buyers from China. Amongst the answers were ideas that New York is now the safest big city on the planet and that it is the ultimate sign of status to own a New York apartment. Other advice given to those in attendance included the idea that the perfect apartment could be found in New York City, but that Manhattan is no longer always the best option. Brooklyn, Harlem and other areas are now classed by real estate professionals as their own cities and not just part of the larger New York scene. Price was described by Andrew Heiberger of Town Residential as the major concern of most Chinese buyers, with the average Chinese buyer looking to spend between $800,000 and $2 million on their perfect New York City home.

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Sep 16

American Hedge Fund Manager

Kenneth C. Griffin is an American hedge fund manager born in October 15, 1968. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Citadel LLC, a leading alternative asset manager that was established in 1990. The diverse Citadel Group includes entities such as Citadel Technology and Citadel Securities. Citadel Securities is a leading provider of liquidity to US capital markets. Citadel Technology, on the other hand, is a leading provider of investment management technology solutions. In 1998, Citadel hedge fund employed over 100 employees with $1 billion in investment capital. Today, Citadel manages assets worth $24 billion. As a notable business personality, Ken Griffin was a panelist at the 2015 Milken Institute Global Conference where he spoke at length about Citadel and the importance of investing in employees.

In March, 2015, The Greatest Places to Work Institute ranked Citadel, a Top 10 Great Work Place in the financial services sector. The company was credited for putting in place a collaborative work culture and attractive employee perks that includes personal gifts, lunch and fitness programs. On September 29, Forbes released its annual list of 400 richest people in America; Ken Griffith was ranked number 89. Griffin was drawn into the investment world during his freshman year at Harvard University. He established his first hedge fund during his second year at Harvard; the convertible bond arbitrage fund was capitalized to the tune of $260,000. Griffin’s early successes enabled him to establish a second fund, adding his management portfolio to $1 million. In 1989, Griffin graduated with an Economics degree from Harvard University.

Griffin’s net-worth is currently valued at over $6 billion. In 2011, he contributed a substantial amount of money for the construction of the ultra-modern “Gratz Center” for the Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago. In 2013 Griffin made several forays in the real estate sector, among them is the purchase of four prime pieces of properties in Palm Beach, Florida worth $130 million. Griffin is a big contributor to various causes. In early 2014, Griffin made a staggering contribution of $150 million to the Harvard University financial aid program. Before making this huge donation, Griffin has over the years, supported various causes at the University. For instance, in 1999, he established the Wayne R. Gratz Scholarship in honor of his late father.

Griffin shares his vision for Harvard University with some of Harvard’s greatest minds; among them is William Fitzsimmons, the college admissions dean. The vision is to make Harvard the greatest meritocracy of mind in the world. The libertarian leaning economist is also an ardent supporter of charter schools, non-governmental organizations and politicians. Some of the organizations he supports in Chicago include the Chicago Public Library, the Children’s Memorial Hospital, Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Griffin is also a Board of Director for the Chicago Public Education Fund and a member of the Commercial Club of Chicago, G100 and the Economic Club of Chicago. Griffin’s contributions to various organizations and causes are estimated to be around $500 million.

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Sep 12

Bruce Levenson Moving On After Hawks Sale

Bruce Levenson according to time.com is a billion dollar business professional in the city of Atlanta. He also formerly owned the NBA franchise, Atlanta Hawks. While the team did see a resurgence in the past season, with it making the playoffs, Levenson ultimately decided to sell the team and move on in other business practices. He sold the team for around $850 million to a group of investors, including several former NBA players. The purchase of sporting teams by former players has proven to be more and more popular, especially when in a group setting. Group management makes it possible to afford to buy an NBA team, as it does take a considerable amount of money to purchase a team by oneself. However, with the collaboration of multiple entities, it is possible to own a sporting franchise. Bruce Levenson did enjoy s degree of success as a team owner, but now he is turning his sights back onto the more traditional business sector and is looking to grow his business in other ways.

Bruce Levenson went on to sell the team to the Antony Reseller- Grant Hill group. There are many different former NBA players inside of this group outside of just Grant Hill. Jesse Itzler is a former player, as are several other investors within the group. The sale became official in April of 2015 and now the new owners have been looking over the facilities and other financial standings in order to determine exactly what needs to be done not only to overhaul the system but to improve the team performance as well. With the inclusion of several former NBA players, they are looking to add their own insights into running the sports team.

Bruce Levenson purchased the NBA team along with the Atlanta Thrashers, which is Atlanta’s NHL officiate and Phillips Arena. Bruce Levenson made an exceptional deal on all of this. He and a few other investors purchased the two sports teams and the arena in 2004 for a total of $250 million. Seven years later, Levenson sold off the Thrashers alone for $170 million, and then he sold off the Hawks for $850 million. Overall, he made around $750 million off of the purchase and investment into the Atlanta sports scene. Due to this, he is going to be well off after moving away from the sports teams and back to focus on his own businesses.

The sale of the Atlanta Hawks took nearly eight months to complete. Levenson announced in September of 2014 that he would sell off the Hawks and, when he did this, the remaining investors who had put money into the team decided to sell off as well. From there though, it took different research firms several months to come up with a price to determine the value of the Hawks before moving forward with actually offering the team up for sale.

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