Feb 09

Organo Gold Opens A New Branch In Turkey

Coffee comes in different varieties and flavors, but for very many years, it has been considered as an unhealthy drink. However, this is soon going to change. There is a new product in the market known as Organo Gold. The product is infusing all its items with a 4000 years old herb from China known as Ganoderma Lucidum. The herb is a very powerful antioxidant and also an adaptogen. When it gets into your system, it helps the body function properly, boosting someone’s health. Organo Gold coffee is now becoming everyone’s favorite.

If you have any of the following conditions, Organo Gold will be of great help: Diabetes, high blood pressure, low energy levels, high cholesterol, kidney dysfunction, asthma, liver dysfunction or migraines. Organo Gold has several delicious flavors of coffee, and everyone will get the flavor of their choice without a lot of problems.

Recently, Bernardo Chua, the CEO of Organo Gold opened the newest branch of this great enterprise in Turkey. According to sources close to Bernardo Chua, this will be the 39th country where the CEO will be overseeing the openings of this international coffee company. This is will be a great achievement for the firm since its opening.

Mr. Chua’s decision to extend the coffee company to Turkey will be offering the institution a natural option. This is due to the fact that Turkey started their coffee house a very long time ago. Statistics show that coffee is already an established beverage in the country. People in this country already have an appetite for good quality coffee.

Paul Jarvis has been appointed by the CEO, Bernardo Chua to be in charge of the firm’s activities in Turkey with their health coffee initiatives. Previously, before this appointment, Paul was the regional vice president in Europe, Africa, and CIS. The products that will be taken to Turkey include Gourmet Black coffee, the Gourmet Latte, the gourmet mocha, king of coffee among many others.

Bernardo Chua is currently the CEO of Organo Gold. Organo Gold is a coffee company that mainly seeks to cater to the modern consumers’ active lifestyles. Bernardo Chua is famed to be behind the great success the company has achieved. While in charge of the company, he has won several awards and nominations due to his efforts.

Organo Gold was started in 2008. The company has its headquarters based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company is an international coffee firm that mainly offers its consumers Certified Organic Lucidium in various kinds of teas, coffee, and sometimes personal care products. The company offers a variety of products to people all over the world through an independent distributor network. At the moment, the company is said to be operating in more than 35 nations. The institution is privately owned.

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Feb 09

Sam Tabar: Law and Finance Expert

During a time when the economy is rapidly expanding and changing, knowledge of the financial industry is incredibly important. As the financial industry changes, so do the regulations that control it. This means that legal expertise is valuable as well. Sam Tabar is a man who excels in both the financial and legal industries, which makes him qualified for a variety of roles in both sectors.

Tabar has proven himself as a leader in hedge fund management. He served as the Head of Capital Strategy for investment firm Merrill Lynch. While in this position, Tabar was able to provide legal assurance and guide the processes of the firm. Tabar also gained incredible experience working with establishments on investment portfolios that included endowment funds.

As society moves toward a global economy, experience in a global market becomes critical. Tabar recognizes on Instagram the importance of a global background. He gained experience working for Sparx Group, which is an investment group located in Asia. Tabar served as a marketing leader for Sparx Group.

Tabar also has extensive experience in the legal field. With CrunchBase indicated degrees from Oxford University and Columbia School of Law, Tabar has been able to use his education to benefit clients around the world. Tabar has provided guidance to clients who have sought information on a variety of financial topics, including advice on how to initiate a hedge fund. Tabar has also been able to provide counsel on compliance and other corporate issues.

Tabar is also an investor with a passion for charitable causes. He recently invested in THINX, which is a startup that provides donations to women. Tabar is an active member of the New York State Bar, and he practices law in New York City. Tabar’s combination of education and experience make him uniquely qualified to offer counsel on the changing financial markets of the world.  Tabar is also known for creating a GoFundMe page where he does his own charitable work.

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Feb 09

Securus Technologies Ahead of the Pack Again

Securus Technologies is head quartered in Dallas, Texas. Is ahead of the pack when it comes to the highest quality of technology to improve inmate communication solutions in the corrections community. They have taken into consideration every aspect of the incarceration process. 

Securus had placed their focus on public information and information management to help insure public safety.

They extend their awareness to the needs of the officers safety by increasing emergency response option, incident management and improved monitoring products and services for many of their offerings, including their inmate phone calls system. 

Securus Technologies understand that inmates have family and friends that will spend countless hours and expense to remain in their life during this time of separation. 

They have reached far beyond the norm and taken the ability to stay connected to the next level with their video visitation software. By making it as simple as a lap top with a webcam. A loved one can enjoy a visit with their loved one from their own home. This new technology has closed the gap that in the past prevented friends and family from being able to visit. The app has been made for both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded by visiting the following link >> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.securus.videoclient&hl=en

Video visiting station in the jails have transformed the visiting process. The efficiency and convenience make it safer for the officers and allow the inmates and visitors more time to visit.

Securus Technologies did not stop there. They also provide inmates access to self services options to help them stay connected with their loved ones.

Securus Technologies plan to continue to lead the pack by being the best option for all correctional services.

In a recent article by Gulli Arnason in Media and Technology January 12.2016 Securus Technologies is serving more than 3,400 public safety, law enforcement and correction facilities. At the time of this article Securus Technologies was providing service for over 1,200,000 inmates in North America.

Securus has taken action as their business has grown by expanding their leadership team to ensure their customer’s are getting the best service possible.

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Feb 08

Playing the Market: Kyle Bass and Risky Investments

Founder of Hayman Capital Management, based out of Dallas, Texas, Kyle Bass had earned his seat in the talk show circuit after accurately predicting the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008. This made him a go-to expert on the market. And though years have passed and Bass still makes the rounds in TV shows that cater to the investing world, his ethics and market insight have been called into question.

Back in 2014, General Motors experienced months of bad publicity and investigative probes from the federal government following several fatalities of motorists who owned and operated their vehicles and suspicion that there was a uniform malfunction in each. It would later come to light that General Motors knew well in advance that their vehicles had faulty power steering and their airbags were known not to deploy during testing, putting them at fault for the deaths and injuries of those operating in their vehicles. Before this information was made known to the public, Bass took to television to tell anyone who would listen that the motorists were themselves responsible for the crashes, either due to intoxication or reckless habits. It would later be made public that Bass had recently invested heavily in the company, leading many to reasonably suspect him of trying to guide the market as best he could by painting GM in a positive light at the expense of those who’d died because of shoddy manufacturing.

Bass has also attracted the attention of the House of Representatives, who are seeking to limit a loophole he exploited. Working with known patent troll, Erich Spangenberg, Bass short-sold stocks of pharmaceutical firms, then challenged their patents through the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, a front he’d set up. The result was stocks would drop, the pharmaceutical companies were forced to raise the prices of their drugs, lowering funds for research and placing potential patients at risk. Bass, however, makes a small fortune from the whole thing.

Bass was challenged on these practices when the obvious pattern emerged. His response was to declare that his business practices were actually affecting the entire market, actually driving drug prices down across the board. This didn’t convince many, especially experts in pharmaceuticals or intellectual property litigation that claimed Bass was simply interested in inflating his own coffer. And, when his magnanimity was challenged, Bass admitted this was the case.

When asked by the media at large, Bass refuses to touch on the investigation looking into his and Spangenberg’s investment practices. This could have a lot to do with activity on Capitol Hill, where bills have made their way through the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, leaving legislators confident that they will soon have laws on the books to prevent similar behavior in the future.

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Feb 08

The Koch Brothers Face Trump Head-On

Who is Charles Koch?
Charles Koch is viewed as a worldly individual. He possesses many talents and solid knowledge. He has much experience to offer society. The following items can give a brief overview of this man. These items include the following:
* co-owner
* chairman of the board
* chief executive
* an American businessman
* mature and wise
Charles Koch and his brother David had inherited Koch Industries from their own father. This is a business that was exclusively involved in oil refining and chemicals. Koch Industries has expanded through the years. This business included technologies and pollution control equipment. There has been many additions and changes to the original business. Remaining up-to-date and expanding is incorporated to this environment. This entire business is considered to be the second-largest company by revenue within the United States. This is a privately held company. David Koch has a net worth of approximately 43.4 billion dollars. He was born to Fred and Mary on November 1, 1935.

Influence and the Interview
Charles Koch had given a scarce and rather rare interview that incorporated the support for his current book. He did mention, in the interview, that he is experiencing disillusionment regarding the state of the current Republican presidential race. He thought that we would actually have more influence. He expressed his overall disillusionment with the entire world of politics itself.

The Brothers Took Action in 2012
It was clear in the year 2012 that Koch was already disillusioned and unsatisfied. It was at this time, that Charles and his younger brother, David Koch, took action. The brothers had raised around 400 million dollars. This was done and accomplished through their donor network. They had the clear goal to elect Mitt Romney. When the 2016 election cycle had started, these two brothers had made the pledge to raise approximately 900 million dollars to elect Republicans. There is a focus regarding those who may end up facing Bernie Sanders or even Hillary Clinton. This would be in the general election itself.

The Brothers Misjudged Trump
The overall plan is not going as smoothly as it had been planned. Things do not appear too be working out. Charles and David did misjudge Trump. The neglected to consider the following items:
* real estate scion a serious contender
* the foreign policy
* his politics on taxes
* trade
It has been noted that his policies clashed with their own policies. Trump’s would actually have the ability to “destroy our free society.”

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Feb 08

Keith Mann Opens Up A Scholarship For Brooklyn Teens

Keith Mann is a noted businessman who has been in New York for quite some time, and he is connected to the city in a number of ways. Keith wants to give back as much as possible to the New York community, and his new scholarship program is a way for charter school students in Brooklyn to go to college. This article explains the concept behind Keith’s Scholarship for Professional Achievement, and there is a look at which students are eligible.

#1: Charter School Students Need Assistance

Students in charter schools in Brooklyn are often given great opportunities to finish their high school educations, but these same students may have a hard time paying for college. Students who are in one of the many charter schools in Brooklyn may apply for the scholarship, and the scholarship pays a portion of their fees every year. Keith believes in helping kids who are not financially-advantaged, and his scholarship will go to one lucky student every year.

#2: Keith’s Track Record Of Service

Keith Mann has a track record of helping people who are in need, and he has considerable wealth from his firm known as Dynamic Search Partners. Keith speaks up about the issues that he believes in most, and he is willing to put his money where his mouth is to help people. Keith and his wife are funding the scholarships personally, and Keith is willing to fund these scholarships in perpetuity to help kids from Brooklyn go to college. Kids must go to college if they wish to compete in the global job market today.

Keith Mann is a unique businessman in New York City who is willing to help people who cannot help themselves. Kids who are in charter schools around the city are in need of money for college, and Keith is willing to pay for these kids to go to college with his Scholarship for Professional Achievement. The scholarship is available to any charter school student in Brooklyn who wishes to apply, and Keith wants to meet the winner every year to become a friend and mentor.

This article recapped http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

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Feb 08

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Continues Mission To Raise Funding For Operation Smile

Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) founder Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a distinguished dental surgeon and philanthropist recently created an Operation Smile GoFundMe. Dr. Weisfogel specifically launched this fundraiser in the interest of helping Operation Smile buy medical resources and equipment to treat patients. The outreach to aid underprivileged communities worldwide; that cannot afford immediate medical and dental care is an ongoing mission for philanthropic innovators like Dr. Weisfogel. Furthermore, he’s already sharing his tactical dental care skills with practitioners across the platform. Sleep apnea affects millions and Dr. Weisfogel has aided several patients in correcting the underlying problem. As a lecturer of sleep apnea strategies, he’s on a mission to educate and strengthen the dental specialist community.

Operation Smile started this outreach back in 1982, an organization, the eloquent plastic surgeon Dr. William Magee founded with his compassionate wife Kathleen founded. At which time Mrs. Magee worked as a nurse. He began Operation Smile in the Philippines with a focus on providing compassionate care for juvenile facial deformation. Cleft lips and palates were among the greatest concerns these medical practitioners handled. Today, Operation Smile has expanded the outreach to treat children facing the same challenges worldwide. With donations, Operation Smile has continued the mission to restructuring lives by extending expert mobile care solutions. Avi Weisfogel also contributed a generous donation which inspired him to launch the Operation Smile GoFundMe fundraiser. With the aim of getting further support to improve Operation Smile program and secure government interest; the organization wants to raise $1 million. The moment they’ve reached this threshold, the U.S. government has pledged to donate $100 million. In the past two decades, Operation Smile has increased its staff of trained nurses, medical practitioners and technicians. The outreach covers about 60+ global countries that need urgent surgeries and continuity care for affected infants, teens, children, etc.

Dr. Weisfogel originated a handful of programs to aid patients. A sampling includes Healthy Heart Sleep and his most recent “Dental Sleep Masters.” A passionate dental practitioner, Dr. Weisfogel has managed to establish himself amongst the industry’s greatest professionals. With a keen marketing interest, he’s originated the best strategy in sharing education across platforms. Initially, Dr. Weisfogel focused on dental surgeries and appliances. As he became acquainted with sleep apnea, he developed a concentrated interest in refining dental care service to incorporate this specialization. Eventually, he founded Dental Sleep Masters and joined multiple associations that collectively pursue treatment.

With him using his extensive dental care education and experience at the New Jersey-based practice, “Old Bridge,” Dr. Weisfogel wields honorary titles. Among these included “Best Dentist,” a title he earned for several consecutive years. As a distinguished Biology and Psychology graduate of Rutgers University, he holds a Bachelor’s. Additionally, he advanced his studies at New York UCD (College of Dentistry) when he earned a DDS degree. Today, Dr. Weisfogel serves the ABDSM (American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine) as a Diplomate.

Read the original article here.

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Feb 08

President Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve

President Philip Diehl is the leader of the world’s biggest or largest gold company. He is a former US Mint Director. Philip is a team leader and has seen the company to the top among other distributors of gold and other precious metals in the US. According to AAA, US Money Reserves is the most trusted distributor of gold, and other precious metals. It was founded by veterans in the gold market. Notably, the formation of was due to the recognition of the essence to combine customer services, trustworthy guidance, and expert market knowledge that is required while dealing with the precious and expensive material. Consequently, the company enjoys the pleasure of working with several clients and thus enjoys financial benefits. However, there are challenges in the precious metals’ market. The company is lucky to have President Philip Diehl. He controls the company and offers leadership such that it remains strong even in times of economic crises.

Notably, Philip Diehl’s experiences in the US Mint impacted and aided in providing a platform for his leadership in the U.S Money Reserves. In an interview, Philip says that he learnt of legal issues in the market and thus applies the same in the leadership of the company. Besides, he learnt of the distribution networks and channels and their management. Apparently, his experiences gave him better leadership skills and made him the best choice for a team leader in the US biggest gold distributor. Interactions with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial agencies also enhanced his leadership skills. Philip believes in team work for leading and managing the employees and operations in the US Money Reserves. He states the essence of proper communications skills among all in a company. Also, he states good and effective communication as his major strength in the accomplishment of organizational goals. The leader is Customer oriented. He finds teamwork satisfying. Other benefits include enjoying the prestige of working for a productive company regarding sales and profits. Philip is focused on customers and customer satisfaction. The commitment of the employees in the organization is also satisfying.

According to the podcast, the difference of US Money reserves with other distributors is the quality of the precious metals. With the company, the customers are assured or have a guarantee of best quality products. In other words, most buyers have confidence in the organization, However, Philip Diehl, talks of impacts of some factors on the gold market. The stability and instability of prices and production of the precious metals may result from fear in the market. The dollar exchange rate and crisis like wars have negative impacts.

You can follow US Money Reserve on Twitter.

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Feb 08

Handy Workers Are Always Available To Do A Great Cleaning Job

There are many households that are looking for cleaners that can be at their door on time and on a regular basis. Some households have not been able to find the types of cleaners they are looking for because they get disappointed in one way or another. The person may hire a good cleaning company, but they find that the workers that are sent out are not doing their job properly. Another issue may be that the cleaning company is constantly raising prices, even if there is no reason to do so because the same work is being completed every week.

Those who have gotten sick and tired of going from one cleaning company to another can finally breathe a sigh of relief because Handy is available to those who need cleaning services in their home. Handy is a company that has been around long enough to know exactly what their customers want, especially when it comes to cleaning services. While some cleaning services may hire inexperienced teenagers that are just looking to make a buck, Handy will only hire workers that have experience in the field that they specialize in, such as house cleaning, painting, moving services, plumbing and more.

It’s proven that those who have less experience in a certain field of business are less likely to get the job over someone who is experienced, and Handy believes in this wholeheartedly because only professionals work for Handy. There’s no need for concern about getting someone who just started cleaning homes because they needed the extra money because this doesn’t make a person a professional. Only people who have had experience in cleaning many homes in the past are hired by Handy, and the workers can be dispatched to a home only one day after an appointment is made.

Handy has several services that are available to the general public, and all the home services are great for anyone who has things that need taking care of inside their home. Those who want any types of furniture assembled in their home or plumbing services or even moving services can all contact Handy because they have a professional for every job. Handy has a website, which can be used to set up an appointment for a Handy worker to come out to a home, and the workers can come out the next day to start on any project that the customer has available.

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Feb 06

Marcio Alaor Has Helped BMG Succeed

The Brazilian banking giant BMG has become one of the most successful and respected banks in the world during its many decades of operation. This success is due to many factors. There is no question that many other banks in South America and around the world have tried to pattern their own business practices after those implemented by BMG. Why has BMG managed to remain so profitable despite the periodic downturns in the economy? Customer service, variety of products and having management that looks towards the future are three of the main reasons that have kept them on top for so long.

It is hard for banks to gain customer loyalty. Generally, people will jump ship and go to a different bank if they feel they can save money and get a better deal somewhere else. This inability to retain customers has been the downfall for countless banks in the past. BMG has managed to do what no other Brazilian bank could do. They were able to almost completely eliminate customer defections. It became a very rare thing for a customer to close his or her account because they were unhappy with the service of BMG. In fact, many people would recommend the bank to their friends and family when they needed to take out a loan. Word-of-mouth recommendations are always more valuable than any advertising the bank could buy on TV. This is because people will usually trust what their friends and family tell them more than what a commercial says. BMG’s low interest rates for their loans are one of the main reasons people have stayed loyal as the years have gone by.

The management of BMG has kept the bank constantly moving forward in order to keep it relevant in a financial world that continues to become more cluttered with each passing day. Choosing the right people to make key decisions has always been one of the things that has set BMG apart from many of the other banks in Brazil. They have become famous for their ability to spot young talent at an early age. They also like to promote from within.

Marcio Alaor is one of the bright minds in a key position of power at BMG. He is the Vice President of the bank. It was under his guidance that the bank has become incredibly successful during the past few years. Marcio Alaor is now considered to be a visionary among people who work in the banking and financial industries. He has a unique ability to always be at the forefront of huge innovations that have continuously made BMG larger and more powerful. He has stayed at BMG despite numerous lucrative offers from other banks.

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