Oct 19

Polly Pockets for Lime Crime’s New Palettes

To be honest, there are some toy fads which we wish would remain a permanent throwback story. However, Polly Pockets was one fad that was way ahead of time and looking at the pastel cases and stylish doll outfits that were part of the package; it is already time for a revival of the brand. Lime crime is doing us the favor of bringing back these nostalgic pockets. They have repackaged their pocket candy palettes in snap cases which comfortably fit in the pocket.

There is a variety of complementary colors to choose from. These include the oink lemonade palette, the hot pink sugarplum palette, blue bubblegum palette and several others. The pockets have been available since the 26th of September, and it is possible to get all three at the cost of just $90.

LimeCrime is a brand that was brought to life by Doe Deere, after struggling to set up a music career in New York, and deciding to move to LA. Doe, the owner, and president of the company is originally from Russia. She came to the country together with her boyfriend because she wanted to pursue her music career. On getting the New York, however, Doe realized that there was much more she could do in addition to trying her hand in music.

Doe had always been a lover of expressing herself flamboyantly. She did not quite understand how every woman was okay with the boring, and natural makeup selections that were available in the cosmetics shops. Doe confesses that when she realized there was a gap in the cosmetics industry, she decided to go for it and look for products that would fill the gap entirely. She started experimenting with colors and before long; she was ready to roll out her first line of cosmetics. She was overwhelmed by the amount of support that her products received from the word go.

This is an experience which taught her that an entrepreneur has to take chances on the opportunities whether the potential for gains is maximal or not. The ideas and marketing strategies she has been applying have helped her market her brand.

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Oct 10

Chris Villanueva Shares His Entrepreneurial Experience

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is currently one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the global health sector. He is the founder of MB2 Dental, a company he started with the motive of introducing a unique experience in the health industry. Since its inception, the firm has supported many healthcare practitioners in more than 70 locations. The organization has established itself across six states and has over 500 employees.

Villanueva’s interview with IdeaMensch

Chris Villanueva shared with the readers what actually inspired him to begin MB2 Dental Solutions. According to him, dental degree presented only two options: be part of a large dental group or venture into private practice. It’s in regards to this that he decided to come up with a model that suits both. The result was his company, an option that perfectly amalgamates the earlier alternatives into one.

Chris pointed out that keeping smart people around his life has played a significant part in actualizing his ideas. He strongly believes in collaboration, an element he has attributed many of his ideas to. Villanueva is mostly excited by the role that technology continues to play in the dental sub-sector.

The habit behind his productivity

Dr. Chris points out that he doesn’t take his life too serious, a factor he claims has contributed greatly to his success. He develops his team through humor, an aspect he affirms to create good mood and friendly working environment.

Like several other entrepreneurs, Chris Villanueva experienced challenges at the start of his career. Given a chance to start over, he says he would build all the necessary infrastructure earlier. According to him, inadequate infrastructure presents a real challenge and would advice start up businesses to look into it. The doctor believes in doing self reflection again and again. Unlike many people, Chris doesn’t spend his vacation on what he considers lazy stuff such as basking in the sun. Instead, he gets out of his routine activities and spends time on self reflection.

Chris Villanueva attributes the growth of his business to empowered and motivated human resource base. He gives readers a business idea on food-allergy friendly outlets and recommends ‘start with why’ by Simon Sinek.

Future of dentistry and MB2 Dental Solutions

According to Epodcast network, Chris believes the future remain bright for dentistry and his company. MB2 will continue to work hard towards its course: bringing doctors together to achieve more than they can accomplish individually. The company has continued to embrace the ever changing medical technology, an aspect that keeps it relevant always.



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Oct 10

The Career Life of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is considered to be among the most successful hedge fund managers in the world. At the moment, Sahm is only thirty-two years old, and people close to him say that he possesses all the features of an experienced and reliable hedge fund manager. Whenever you meet the businessman, you will realize that he is always in sharp suits, loves publicity and has hundreds of millions of investment gains. His love for publicity has played a leading role in his career.

When looking at the successful hedge fund manager who is now taking the market by storm, it ‘s hard to believe that he wanted to become a journalist at one point of his life. The businessman was even offered a job opportunity at the prestigious Wall Street Journal. However, due to numerous visa issues, the Canadian born investor could not accept the job offer. However, declining the working opportunity turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to Sahm’s career.

Sahm has a great educational background. According to his resume, the businessman went for his education at the prestigious Yale University where he acquired his expertise in hedge fund management. At the moment, he is working as the chief investment officer of an institution known as Kerrisdale Capital. The company was founded by the hedge fund manager several years ago, and it is doing very well under his watch. The hedge fund is currently worth three hundred million dollars, and it has changed the market since it was born in the year 2009. Although the institution is still new into the competitive market, it has shocked everyone by the bets it has been making. Most of them have turned out well, earning the trust of many investors.

Just recently, the hedge fund manager announced that his company had raised at least one hundred million dollars. Sahm stated that all the funds were acquired from investors, and it will be used in the betting against a single stock. Everyone is eager to know how the betting will turn out. However, people who are close to the investor say that they are sure that the investors will not be losing their profits at the end of the day.

To Learn More : https://www.linkedin.com/in/sahm-adrangi-3548541

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Oct 04

The contribution of Felipe Montoro Jens to the success of the Brazilian Economy

Brazil has been through a lot of economic adjustments from the time it began its free operations in the 1930s. There have been plans by the government to make the economy of the country to be stronger. Plans have been suggested and other implemented on how the economy can be strengthened. With every government in place, making the economy to be sustainable is one of the biggest challenges faced by the country. Over the past centuries, there have been plans to ensure that most of the companies operating in the country are privatized. The government has come up with alternative ways of creating a partnership between the companies and the government. The amendments which have been created have led to the development of coexistence where the government invites the contribution of the private sectors for the sake of the economic growth.

The academic qualifications of Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens graduated from the Fundao Getulio Vargas with a degree in finance. Later, he also attended the Thunderbird University where he attained his degree in international management. The qualifications shared by the experts have been a booster to his career and the growth of the country as a whole. Felipe has been consulted on many issues regarding the results of certain decisions that should be made in time. Additionally, he went to the international school of management in the United States where he sharpened his skills in international relations.

Felipe has been influential in giving pieces of advice to different companies throughout the world. His sphere of influence has been increased from Brazil to the United Kingdom and Singapore. Felipe is one of the individuals that helped Singapore make crucial decisions that helped their economy proliferate. Currently, in Brazil, the input that the expert has shared towards the building of the country has been of great salience.

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Oct 03

Cassio Audi And His Musical Business Career

***UPDATE*** October 3rd, 2017 Check out Cassio Audi’s metal-achives page, here.

Cassio Audi has had a strong business career that stretches back many years, and there are many people who wish to use his services because they are enchanted by his music. The music of Cassio Audi is a strong advocate for his creative mind, and he is creating music at the same time that he is improving his business career. This article shows how Cassio is helping his clients while writing some of the finest music of his career.

#1: How Does He Join Music And Business?

Music and business go together in the world of Cassio Audi because he knows that all his clients require more-creative solutions. The solutions he builds are often made on the strength of his creativity, and he offers these solutions to his clients in a way that is more useful to them. He creates profits for his customers in this manner, and they often fall in love with his music after they meet him.

#2: Writing More Music

Writing more music is a part of Cassio does, and he works on a number of new songs every year that will comprise his new albums. He knows that his albums are popular in Brazil, and he often creates turns of phrase that mean something to the people of the nation. He has built a much better brand for his music career, and he has kept his career going even while working in the business field.

Cassio Audi is a known businessmen in the nation of Brazil, and he believes in helping people make as much money as possible when they come to him. They will love his music, and they find that he helps them make more money on every investment. He shows these customers how to make changes to their profits with creative approaches.

For more information on Cassio Audi follow him on Facebook.

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Oct 02

George Soros is an Advocate for Positive Change in The USA as well as in Europe

In an article published in Forbes, we will be covering information that refers to George Soros, who is a naturalized American citizen. George Soros was born a Hungarian, but years later in his adult life, he fled to England where he managed to study at the London School of Economics. Throughout his studies, George Soros worked as a waiter and also as a railway porter to help fund study costs prior to his first job in the financial area at a merchant bank. During his time at the merchant bank, Soros took a keen interest in the world of finance. Soros decided to move to the USA in the 1960’s. When he arrived in the United States of America, decided to call New York, NY, home. Soros became part of the workforce on Wall Street and in 1969 he created his first hedge fund that acclaimed U$12 million. George Soros’ first hedge fund became famous and carried the nickname of the “Quantum Fund”. Throughout the 1990’s, Stan Druckenmiller alongside George Soros, became famous together, and Soros was considered to be the man who broke the Bank of England since he shorted the British sterling pound and profited incredibly. George Soros now works as an investor at his office, the Soros Fund Management. Soros’ current fund is evaluated at over U$30 billion in assets. George Soros contracted Dawn Fitzpatrick as the head of his investment portfolio and also as the CIO of Soros Fund Management. Fitzpatrick is considered to be a prominent person on Wall Street by many and is one of the most admired women in the financial area and has attained great recognition for her amazing results.

George Soros has preserved valuable connections with Europe and is covered in a Politico 28 article that talks about how Soros was able to establish the Open Society Foundation in 1984, which had the primary goal of delivering photocopiers to libraries, universities, and civil society groups where he was born, in Hungary. The reason for this was that the USSR had controlled Hungary and forbid its citizens of reprinting prohibited publications. Since 1984, George Soros has engaged in helping nations in establishing democracy as well as free markets by working as a Warsaw Pact advisor and more information click here. The Open Society Foundation has been of great importance in removing from power a number of European dictatorial leaders. In 2000, Soros protected Serbians when he helped to remove Slobodan Milošević from power. George Soros has supported very similar actions in Ukraine for ten years, starting in 2004 and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In the United States of America, George Soros holds an essential role in the Democratic Party. He is an active supporter of the Black Lives Matter cause. George Soros strives for affirmative change with help of the network of Open Society Foundations, which is active in more than one hundred countries throughout the world and Follow his Twitter.

More Visit: https://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/

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Oct 02

Eric Pulier: Changing Lives Via Advanced Technology

We as a people are living in some of the most modern times. This is the 21st century and technology is widely used across just about every business sector. Just about every electronic device of today has some form of advanced technology in it. This includes computers, printers, software, smartphones and apps. Eric Pulier, technologist and futurist, has played a major role in the advancement of society. Unlike other successful individuals who are only driven by profit, Pulier is driven to help mankind via advanced technology. This guy has envisioned a world to where technological advancements can compliment society. Judging by what he’s accomplished, his vision has certainly come true to a certain degree.

Eric Pulier is known by many different titles, which includes being an entrepreneur, a mentor, a technologist, an investor and a businessman. There isn’t anything this guy can’t do, especially when it comes to technology. He has attended Harvard University as well as the prestigious MIT. Pulier uses his brilliant ideas to come up with solutions for a number of fields. Government, healthcare and education are just a few on the list. He programmed his first computer before ever going to high school. As of today, this guy has founded up to 15 different companies, which includes:

• Desktone
• Akana Software
• US Interactive
• Digital Evolution
• Service Mesh Inc.
• And more

Eric Pulier has implemented a lot of reading into his daily lifestyle. He also does a lot of brainstorming on a consistent basis. His positive influence has been touched by millions of people in some form of way or another. The world is definitely a better place thanks to what he has achieved. Being such a natural philanthropist, Pulier has donated millions of dollars to charitable organization, and he has funded millions of dollars into tech startup companies. Capital venture deals are another way that he has made and have maintained his current wealth. Though he may not be a household name, Eric Pulier has certainly done his part in bridging the gap between society and technology.

Read More : A Look at Eric Pulier and How He Has Changed the Tech World

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Sep 26

At the Age of 81, Sheldon Lavin Continues to Innovate

Prior 1970, Sheldon Lavin had very little knowledge of the inner workings of the food and meat services industry, but he was already carving out a very successful career in the banking industry as an executive, while also seeing significant success as an investor and head of his own financial consultancy firm. Today Mr. Lavin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group LLC, one of the foremost food and meat processing corporations in the world. Ironically, it was Mr. Lavin’s stronghold on the fine points of finances and ways to acquire them, that led him to a meeting with the heads of Otto and Sons; a move that would change his life, as well as the trajectory of company forever. At the beginning of the decade, Mr. Lavin was approached by the bank for the securing of finances that would allow Otto and Sons, the precursor to OSI Group, to build a new meat processing factory in the midwest. With the building of this state-of-the-art meat processing facility, Otto and Sons are also be able to secure a contract with McDonald’s Corporation, which would allow them to become the midwest meat supplier to the fast food giant.

Mr. Lavin was successful, playing an integral role in closing the deal, and because of this, he was asked to stay on with Otto and Son’s, joining the company in an executive capacity. Because Mr. Lavin lacked experience in the field, he initially declined but included a caveat that would allow him to join the company at a later date in the same capacity if he chose to do so. During the 1970’s, Mr. Lavin would become increasingly involved at Otto and Sons, and by the 1980’s, he was at the head of the company. It was also during the 1980’s that OSI Group would see its first major expansion, beginning operations in places such as Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, and Japan.
Today Mr. Lavin runs a company that he has seen expand to 60 countries around the world and employs 20,000 people. Many attribute the success of Mr. Lavin and OSI Group to the family-oriented attitude that he practices and spreads throughout the company. Due to his continued success, Mr. Lavin has received a wide array of awards for his services and was recently presented with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy.

Learn More: www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SheldonLavin-OSIGroup17.htm

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Sep 23

Why Greg Secker Is a Darling to Forex Trading Beginners

By 2008, Greg Secker was already in forex trading full-time. He had just started a company a few years before and was implementing the strategies he had acquired from watching colleagues on the trading floor. Greg Secker felt it was important to teach other beginners how to prosper in an industry that requires strategies to avert huge risks associated with trading in currencies. He realized that there were so many who were interested in a career in forex trading, but the information available was not sufficient to help these people get started.

Therefore, through his companies, Secker began seminars and paid-for courses and he was reaching people beyond England in no time. He became an expert in financial trading workshops across continents. One outstanding element in his courses is providing strategies to forex traders. You will rarely find a person who is willing to share personal strategies with the general public especially in an industry that rakes in trillions of dollars daily.

Forex trading is open to anyone who wants to make money selling and buying currencies. Hence, most people get in with little to no experience or skill, and some make insurmountable losses. Secker brings on board experienced traders to offer professional advice to beginners. This kind of interaction ensures a beginner can get expert advice on the trading floor and carefully adjust strategies to avoid losses. Additionally, being in the company of experts also helps in creating the mental stability required because there are huge risks involved in financial trading.

Secker’s training also looks at money management and the exchange rates. He shows beginners how to manage their trades by creating a personalized trading plan, and the automation process for those who would like to trade but they are short of time. With autopilot software, a trader can enjoy great profits through the 24 hours forex trading takes place in a day. Watching others take the bold step on the trading floor also boosts the confidence of beginners. It makes the process so much better than it would be for a beginner to take the step hunched in a chair at home surfing the web for answers to issues happening on a live trading floor.

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Sep 23

Eric Pulier Academic Back Ground and Career.

Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey at Teaneck. He then attended Teaneck High School and graduated in 1984. Eric Pulier has exposed his strategies to introduce a victorious startup to the Daniel Budzinski podcast. He grants ultimate tips in starting entrepreneurship. He also gives some gimmicks on how to get their startup on a higher level and how to be continuously innovative in the technological world. Which is upgrading at a rapid speed.

As a philanthropist, Eric Pulier also tracks record and entrepreneur are completely tough to beat. He is currently sitting on the innovation board of the X-Prize Foundation. His passion in computer programming and technology upgrading as it relates to everyday life began when he was a young boy. He became the founder of a database company that served as his first company. He was a teenager by then. Eric Pulier then went to study at Harvard University and MIT Consequently. While at Harvard, He wrote for The Harvard Crimson and displayed a penchant for academic involvement and public relations. Since then, he had been a co-founder of various successful companies in many industries. These companies include US interactive, MediaPlatform, SOA Software as well as Desktone. Eric Pulier as a Philanthropist has raised a million of dollars to serve in charity work agendas (organization and venture capital fund). He solely did this out of his profit earnings. Some of the major capital funds are trident capital, Monitor Ventures and eCompanies.

Apart from his charitable contributions, Eric Pulier became the founder of Starbright World. This a social media platform for the children suffering from chronic Childhood infections and diseases. This social media platform allowed intermingling of these particular children such that they were able to share their experiences easily. Currently, he is working as a board member for the Painted turtle. This is a camp for children with chronic illnesses. In 1997, Eric Pulier was requested by the Clinton Administration to curate the presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC. This gave him a direct link to join forces with other visionary leaders such as Al Gore. He lends his professionalism to health care and technology challenges.
Eric Pulier currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, California with his four kids.

To Read More: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier

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