May 27

Helane Morrison in the fast-growing compliance field

Compliance field is new and not well known. Roy Snell give a clear meaning of what a field officer does. He says that a compliance field officer implements a program to prevent, find and fix regulatory and ethical issues using the normal tools of auditing, investigation, education and risk assessment. When a problem is identified, mitigation procedures are effected and disciplinary measures implemented to the delinquents.


Snell notes that the profession has been on the raise in the last 20 years to having tens of thousands of compliance officers. The field is projected to grow even more as more and more federal and state rules and regulations on businesses keep coming up. Snell said that people who become compliance officers had technical and people skills plus the ability to influence the company’s leadership.


Helane Morrison is a Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at one of the largest investment advisory firm in San Francisco, Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is an excellent example of a smart and diligent compliance officer with a vision. Morrison is also a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Ms. Morrison’s mission is to establish accountability, regulatory and integrity compliance in all investment dealings that the clients undertake.


Before joining Hall Capital Partners LLC, Helane was the Head of San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 to 2007 (“SEC”). She was responsible for securities enforcement, regulatory matters and litigation in Northern California. She represented SEC in legal, government agencies, news media, business, and financial communities.


In 1986-1996, Helane Morrison practiced law at the San Francisco Law firm Howard, Rice, Canady, Nemerovski, Falk, and Rabkin. In these years, she was focused on business litigation and defense of private securities actions and SEC matters. Morrison is a member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She is also a speaker from time to time on topics of compliance and legal issues that arise in investment advisers and private funds. Morrison holds a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law.


Snell says that in today’s world compliance officers are paramount to multinationals to handle cultural differences and language differences in many countries. A compliance profession is not only growing domestically but also internationally. The professional organization has about 1000 members outside the United States and from 75 countries.

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May 26

The Amazing Products from Wen By Chaz

There are many different beauty products out on the market that help individuals achieve the look that they desire. Hair products have become increasingly popular in the beauty world due to how beautiful your hair can look on such a small budget. There are many different companies that provide top of the line products for your everyday hair needs. WEN by Chaz is a great product that helps to make your hair look and feel fuller everyday. Wen by Chaz oers a great cleansing conditioner that can give your hair a full look and feel on a regular basis.
For those who are looking for the next step in hair care, Wen by Chaz will be a great solution. As an all in one shampoo, styling, and conditioning treatment, this sephora endorsed product can help you to save time on your regular hair care maintenance. Wen by Chaz can help to make your hair seem thicker and fuller after even just your first use. This is why this hair care product has become so popular over the years. There are many different hair care products that claim to make your hair thicker, but there are very few products like Wen by Chaz that can actually deliver. After just a few short uses of Wen by Chaz, your hair will begin to feel fuller than ever before.

Not only will your hair be fuller but you will also notice a new shine to your hair. This will accentuate your natural beauty, especially when you are getting the proper amount of sunlight to brighten your hair. There are many different types of benefits to Wen by Chaz as well. It is much easier to curl your hair when you are using Wen by Chaz. This is something that can help you to be as beautiful as possible.

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May 24

The Rise of a Video Marketing Leader, Talk Fusion

Talk fusion is the largest video marketing company started by Bob Reina who is also the Chief Executive Officer. The company’s main focus is to stimulate growth and development in businesses by providing exclusive, patent video marketing technology.

Talk Fusion was the first company to introduce the world’ first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Its innovative products are marketed via person-person strategies by Independent Associates in approximately 150 countries. The company adheres to the utmost ethical business practices and is a certified member of the esteemed Direct Selling Association (DSA).

The company has from the past adopted a strong commitment to giving back to communities, families, friends and animal charities across the world to produce an affirmative global change.

Talk Fusion has today unveiled its highly waited 30 days free trail product programed in 5 distinctive languages to over 150 countries. Potential clients around the world can now try out Talk Fusion’s all-in-one video marketing platform entirely risk free for a period of 30 days.

After having to plan for over 2 years of unwavering hard work and diligence, the company’s corporate team is now delighted to offer it’s prospective the opportunity to share in the verified effectiveness of a video marketing solution that only an immediate experience can provide.

Even the founder and the CEO of Talk Fusion acknowledges that there is unquestionably no comparison to the value that this new video marketing solution offers to the world. Bob Reina has explained that as Talk Fusion, they wanted to offer a product to as many people as possible across the world as faster as they could as they are aware that when people try out their marketing products, they will want to purchase them.

Businesses, individuals, governments and charity organizations interested in sharing in the experiences of Trust Fusion can simply sign-up via the new redesigned company’s website; There are no personal details or credit card information required, only a name and an email address.

Once prospective customers have signed up, they will gain full access to live meetings, video emails, sign up forms and video newsletters. Like the previous clients before them, trial users will begin to realize unrestricted advantages of the company’s marketing product immediately when they sign up.

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May 17

Why Investors Are Turning To ClassDojo

In a Series B round of venture funding, ClassDojo managed to raise $21 million in capital. The funding is meant for tech that links educators with parents and helps in consistent communication about the development the children are undergoing at school. To date, the company has raised venture funding to the tune of $31 million.


The Series B round was headed by General Catalyst. Among the new investors were Reach Capital, GSV, and SignalFire. ClassDojo graduated from Imagine K12, an education tech accelerator, which is now part of Y Combinator. According to Hemant Taneja, the Managing Director at General Catalyst, ClassDojo started as a tool to help in teaching good behavioral traits and has graduated to a parent, teacher and student collaboration.


The deal between General Catalyst and ClassDojo serves as the only education tech investment from the company to date. Taneja compares the growth of the communication platform to the growth of messaging and other social networks like Snapchat or Facebook. However, the app is built purposefully for education.


In talking about revenue generation by the company, Taneja said that monetization needed to be driven by the needs of the parents and teachers. He does not find it hard for parents to use the app to purchase products such as custom yearbooks, videos, lessons and discussion guides to use at home with their children. The app could also evolve into including features such as paying for lunches, supplies or field trips.


The capital raised is meant to expand the team while also focusing on features and content that is meant to improve the usability of the app. This is according to the co-founders of the San Francisco-based startup, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. The app is meant to assist parents to direct conversations at home and monitor development and progress in school.


ClassDojo is an education tech company based in San Francisco. The company provides an app that provides a communication platform between teachers, students, and parents. ClassDojo started out as a tool to reward good behavior by awarding points to students who behave well or show a new skill. The tool has grown to become a communication platform.


ClassDojo is becoming more popular in the U.S. as more schools are embracing the technology. The platform has found a home in 2 in 3 schools, from private schools to public schools. The future of the company is bright as more investors come on board to facilitate its growth.

Find out more about ClassDojo:

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May 12

The Unique Strengths of Laidlaw & Company

Financial investment isn’t something to be taken lightly. As such, the stability and talent of an investment bank is of the utmost priority. However, this can often be a difficult area for people to pass solid judgement on. Casual observation will often show little difference between different banks. But some stand apart from the crowd for their ability to clearly demonstrate exceptional ability. Laidlaw & Company is a prime example of an investment bank which has succeeded in capturing people’s attention.
While there’s quite a few reasons for this success, one of the largest is longevity. The economy is always prone to extreme fluctuations. And these tend to occur for spans of time which fly far over the average person’s comfort level. People are prone to mistakenly take the feel of a year or two as the new norm. In reality it’s quite common for the economy to experience sudden spikes which can take years to recover from. Laidlaw is firmly settled into a 170 year legacy. This means that they’ve proven themselves able to take a big picture approach. When others are prone to panic, they can accurately and calmly take the measure of changing trends. And in doing so they can protect the trust which has been placed in them by clients.

This description of Laidlaw & Company on the Investor Claims website might almost seem to imply a personality to the bank. And in many ways they do cultivate a unique approach to the industry. Laidlaw & Company carefully maintains a balance of senior professionals and people with an entrepreneurial “independent” approach to business. This ensures that they always have a combination of experienced wisdom and innovative insight. This combination of stability and agility is something which every investment bank strives for. But few others have really been able to accomplish it in the way that Laidlaw have.

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May 10

US Money Reserve: A New Site For Gold, Silver, and Platinum Lovers

The web has opened the door to a vast number of options in regards to gold and silver coins and bullions. But out of all those choices, there are a few sites that stand above the rest, like the US Money Reserve. The team behind the US Money Reserve continues to look forward, which is the reason they reintroduced a new and exciting site.

Understanding US Money Reserve

As of right now, US Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors in the nation of several precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. All of these precious metals are US government-issued, which was a costly promise, yet it paid off in the long run. But every business has a beginning, and this company is no different. It was founded in 2001 and tried to provide coins and bullions that yielded the highest profit.

This was something that the company was able to do by hiring a team of experts in coins and bullions from the beginning. It was this commitment to excellence that attracted precious metal collectors and what contributed to the success of US Money Reserve.

A Redefined Introduction of the US Money Reserve Site

CBS 19 reported exciting news regarding the US Money Reserve site. Apparently, the team behind the company wanted to change the way visitors interacted with the website. What the team wanted was to give customers, and potential customers, a catalog that was highly interactive, user-friendly, intuitive, and very informative.

The idea behind redesigning the website comes from the spirit that made US Money Reserve special. The redesigned introduced a new way of understanding the crucial differences between precious metals. The information within the site also educates customers (and potential customers) about the benefits of owning US government-issued precious metals. Read more: US Money Reserve Austin TX, 78730

One can learn about the importance of diversification, especially in an economy that is still quite fragile. The information on the site also highlights that US government-issued coins and bullions maintain their value better than currency, especially if the country is dealing with some political turmoil. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The news section of the website is more accessible as well. It is here where customers and potential customers can learn about current price changes. The gallery has also been updated with more coins and bullions that showcase the kind of quality that can be expected. Another feature that US Money Reserve was proud to present is the client-to-team communication tool. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

This is a tool that allows customers to get their questions answered directly from experts in the industry. There really is a lot to be explored in the new website that should make the experience of purchasing US government-issued precious metals a more rewarding experience.

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Apr 26

Handy Gives You a Real Handy for Spring Cleaning

The spring is here, and this is always a gift and a curse. I love the spring because the weather changes. There are so many different flowers that are in bloom. The downside to spring is that there is pollen that messes up your car and a lot of people with allergies – like myself – find it impossible to go outside at times. The bad thing is that the dust inside the house can be just as bad when you want to do some spring cleaning inside the home. That is why I choose to let companies like Handy come out and get my house in tip top shape.

I use the services of Handy cleaners somewhat sporadically throughout the rest of the year. It is when the spring rolls around that I use this company on a very regular basis. The work that they do is amazing. I can say that I have always been a fan of the quality cleaning that done with the bathrooms and the kitchen areas. I can clean the rest of the house myself, but I make sure that I book Handy for these areas because this is where the guests will spend time where there are dinner parties. I like to make sure that the house is spotless during these special occasions. I am thrilled to know that I can book services and usually get someone to come within a 24 hour period. That is what made me realize that this was the company for me.

At one time in my life I was trying to juggle tons of different responsibilities at all once. I used to get cleaning helping from a local company. They put me off once and said that they were unable to book a cleaning for a couple of days. I didn’t sweat this though. I calmly looked for another company and stumbled upon Handy Cleaning Services. I have been using this company ever since. That is why my home stays in good condition. I can get Handy to come on short notice, and there is never a problem.

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Apr 26

Man of Strategic Vision

George Soros is a corporate industrialist, financier, contributor, and writer. Soros has citizenship in both the United States and Hungary. He is the chairman for Soros Fund Management and a constant supporter for political matters. His positive achievements on throughout the years has contributed to him being one of the richest men in the world. 

George Soros is paving way for a comprehensive strategy that will decrease the chaos recently in the asylum. The high increase of refugees is gradually turning into a problem. Soros is truly dedicated to eliminate this political crisis occurring. Soros understands how trivial a comprehensive plan is that will extend beyond European borders and allow the asylum on to begin to be innocuous, methodical, and at a speed that Europe can keep in control. Soros also needs to make aware that global responses are heard and understood in order to set standards for better flow of migration. 

George Soros has been coming up with a strategic plan that has several components in order to help with the asylum chaos. First the European Union must take responsibility. The European Union must be able to take in asylum-seekers yearly. In order for this to happen the European Union must be able to finance adequately to keep up with asylum-seekers. George Soros suggest in order for finance to be adequate the European Union needs to provide at least $16,800 for these types of seekers during the 2 years. This will help to provide shelter, health coverage, and educational cost.

The second part of his comprehensive and strategic plan is to have the European Union be able to provide Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan funding. This will help refugees to be supported in these areas so the chaos can decrease. Currently there are around 4 million residing in these areas. While trying to provide global effort another notion in the plan is to have the European Union start to create zones for trading. This will help to entice investment and produce occupations for the refugees as well as the locals. 

George Soros has also mentioned that it would be very beneficial for the European Union to think about building its own asylum and an agency for migration. Currently there are around 28 asylum protocols set up. This is not working and only causing chaos. Soros strongly believes the system needs to be changed and fixed strategically in order for change to happen. Soros’ vision for the new agency is for procedures to be simplified, basic guidelines set up for employment and/or entrepreneurship, benefits consistently, and develop an effective way for migrants to still qualify for rights regardless if not granted at the asylum. The European Union must be able to mobilize a sector in order to effectively keep up with the migrants and asylum-seekers which are more than 1 million yearly. Soros’ comprehensive plan and the need for European Union to have one is published on Marketwatch which discusses in great detail the strategic thinking behind overcoming the uprising chaos. 

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Apr 21

Compliance Officers Have Been In The Corporate World For Years But The Role Has Change

Some financial experts say that if Bernie Madoff’s company had an effective compliance officer, the Ponzi scheme he created would have never happened. A Chief Compliance Officer would have detected the scheme and would have taken steps to stop it, according to the Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director of Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco, Helane Morrison. Morrison is also the General Consul for that investment firm.

Morrison said that compliance officer back n the 1990s didn’t have the same role in corporations they have today. The 21st century is a new era, and every corporation has a compliance division and a Chief Compliance Officer. The COO role has existed in government, the financial industry and healthcare for years, but companies that operate businesses in other areas have added compliance officers as well. Chief Compliance Officers now play a bigger part in the corporate structure because of new regulations. COOs have the knowledge to steer companies in the right direction when it comes to following new procedures and regulations that will be but are not, in effect yet.

Helane Morrison has been successful as a compliance officer because of the years she spent working as a regional director for the Security and Exchange Commission.Morrison’s region was the five states in the Northwest area of the United States. Morrison worked out of the San Francisco office of the Security and Exchange Commission, and she traveled around her region making sure financial corporations were following SEC regulations. Helane is also a partner in the San Francisco law firm, Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin.

The effectiveness of compliance officers in the past was not up to par, according to Morrison. Funding issues and internal support hinder COOs from doing their job. But the regulatory framework has become more complicated and the government, as well as other companies, are taking a more aggressive approach when it comes to identifying compliance violations. In the old days, COOs didn’t really control the compliance department. They acted as individuals and didn’t have the responsibility of training employees to adhere to the regulations that were important to follow in their industry.

In today’s business world compliance officers play an important role in the corporate structure. In fact, in some companies, they are as important as the Chief Executive Officer, according to Ms. Morrison. Helane Morrison acts as the Director and the COO of her company.

Connect with Morrison on LinkedIn.


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Apr 20

QNET Gives Water Filtration Systems To Schools In Exchange For Positive Thoughts

QNET in conjunction with the RYTHM Foundation has organized a program designed to help children with learning disabilities get clean, safe water. The program is called the Positive Thoughts Project and it was created to provide the Rashid Centre in UAE and Taarana, two institutions which provide educational services to intellectually challenged children, with clean drinking water. The program is simple. People visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and leave positive thoughts. When over 500 positive thoughts have been posted, QNET will give a 7-stage HomePure RED water filtration system to the schools.

The Positive Thoughts Project is actually a two phase program. In the first two week phase, people are encouraged to visit the FaceBook page and leave a positive post. If 500 or more positive thoughts ae posted to the FaceBook page, a HomePure RED water filtration system with 7 stages will be donated to the Taarana school. Over the course of the next two weeks, if 500 more positive posts are collected, QNET will then donate one of the HomePure RED water filtration systems to the Rashid Centre. What makes this project unique is visitors are not asked for a donation or anything other than positive posts.

QNET has long been known for offering quality products at prices anyone can afford. Plus the company is beloved in many parts of the world because of the jobs and business opportunities it creates. The Positive Thoughts Project is just another example of what QNET and its charitable arm RYTHM Foundation is willing to do for the people in the regions that it serves. Clean water is hard to find in many underdeveloped parts of the world. Educational opportunities for special needs children in those regions are also few and far between. QNET is attempting to improve the situation.

Supporting the Positive Thoughts Project is simple. All one has to do is take a few minutes to visit the QNET/RYTHM Foundation FaceBook page and leave a positive post. If you want to be of more help, then tell as many people as possible about the Positive Thoughts Project. QNET and RYTHM Foundation will do the rest. The result is countless children at the Rashid Centre and Taarana will be able to have easier access to safe, clean, drinking water. This can help to dramatically improve their quality of life and make their learning experience a lot more productive.

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